About Us

As the popular saying goes – “Necessity is the mother of invention”. HowToHub was born with the same thing in mind. What are we you say? Well, you’re gonna find them out in just a bit.

HowToHub is your ‘One Point Solution’ to your doubts and queries.

HowToHub is a complete guide to anything and everything, the way you want it to be. We just act as the light to help you walk to your destination through the complete darkness of not knowing what you’re doing. 

We make sure you know just the right amount about the subject without unnecessary balderdash, to get the work done flawlessly.

Why HowToHub? 

Everything you’ll find here on HowToHub was written by us when we had doubts and wanted to help others in the future.

We put our hearts and souls into providing you with the most useful how-to tutorials available on the Internet. The majority of publications rely on a single lone author to churn out an article and call it a day.

We don’t stop there though. We always work to improve what you see on HowToHub. We keep track of the comments readers post on each story. We rewrite articles that are correct but unintelligible. We redo our illustrations and/or graphics if they don’t clarify the complicated topics. Even after readers have praised a piece, we look for ways to improve it. We don’t cease to update them with new and improved content.

Our Goals

Our editorial process was created to fulfill the requirements of readers. We’ve dedicated ourselves to provide the best possible user experience for every how-to topic. We continuously study and keep polishing our guides until they’re the most useful sets of step-by-step guidelines on the web.

The reliability and efficacy of our editorial ideas are paramount. Every new article follows a strict set of editorial guidelines to ensure that the material here on How To Hub is accurate, complete, and accessible to a wide range of people.

Our readers come to us to learn how to do stuff they haven’t ever done before. We serve as a platform that allows the readers to keep up and ahead in the quest for knowledge and practicality. Learning knows no age and classifications. We all can learn new things, and together.