Write For Us

It’s certainly easier than it sounds to become a contributor on HowToHub. Simply go to ‘Publish an Article’ and enter in the article’s title you want to write, then write away.

However, writing an essay that will benefit a large number of people requires more effort than most people anticipate. It entails familiarizing oneself with HowToHub’s most fundamental policies, picturing oneself in the position of your audience, gathering data, and structuring the work. You’ll not only make more of an impact if you make the effort to master these abilities, but you’ll also acquire better writing skills that you can use in many other aspects of your life.

But before you start, you’ll need to keep some things in mind.

What topics you can write for us

All the content should start with ‘’How’’ and topics Business, Technology, Money, Fashion, Health, Traveling, Learning, Cooking and all about lifestyle.

What we are looking for when you write for us or submit a guest post to HowToHub

  • Article should be minimum 700+ words, Unique, SEO optimize, Non promotonal, Brand anchor not accepted
  • We allow one external client link in the articles. + Authority external links & internal links.
  • All content and links is subject to approval.

How to Submit a Guest Post to our How To Hub Magazine

  • Please send your article to rajhus24@gmail.com for terms & condition.
  • Our Editorial team will review your submission and update you accordingly
  • You will get an email from an editor within 24-72 hours

Things to Take Note

1. Post about something that isn’t already covered on HowToHub

We prefer one page per topic, and we encourage individuals to collaborate to create the most useful website possible. If you’re going to make a new section, it should be about something original that hasn’t been covered before.

If we currently have an article on the subject you would like to write about, but it’s lacking, incorrect, or untidy, please continue to fully redo it from the ground up.

2. Prepare to put in a lot of effort and write a lot of information

If you write a post without addressing the prior concerns, there is a 99.999 percent probability that your post will not be fully published due to a lack of depth. Unless you’re writing about a subject you previously know a lot about, a new piece will require you around two and five hours to produce. Start by looking at the posts on the main website to get a sense of how long and in-depth a post should be. 

It’s fine if you didn’t know much more about the subject than you did when you began; you can always look it up. Here are a few objectives to shoot for:

  • There should be at least ten steps in each article.
  • There should be at least four sentences in each step of the guide.

3. Assess what you do daily and see whether publishing an article on any of them sounds good. 

Keep an eye on what the others do as well. Everyone is an expert in some area. Inquire about how individuals spend their time, and if it’s something you’re interested in, see whether they’ll be available for questions so you can create a guide about it.

4. Consider some of the most frequent blunders individuals make or the problems they encounter

What are some of the difficulties you see individuals struggling with within your everyday life, large or small? From struggling with technology to healing a sprained ankle, there’s enough to keep you busy.

Is there anything you’ve ever had to accomplish that was tough for you? How did you make the necessary adjustments? Is there any advice you could provide to those who are dealing with anything similar?

5. Spend time researching and updating posts on topics that interest you. 

If you keep an eye out, you’ll soon notice what article HowToHub is missing, and you can create a page for it.

6. Start writing

Open the writing space of your choice. Keep the following points in mind:

  • Who will read the article?
  • What is your reader looking for?
  • How you can provide your reader the knowledge he or she seeks?

Use the beginning to remind the audience that you understand their position by using words that are acceptable for their niche. Describe the issue that the piece is attempting to resolve.

At least one or two sentences of “wrap text” must follow the first sentence of the step. But this text should not simply repeat or reword the initial sentence. Instead, make use of the chance to describe the process in greater depth or to explain why it is essential.

7. Polish the article

The initial few seconds on a page are frequently when readers decide whether or not they want to explore the contents of an article. You need to make sure the introduction, step headers, and the first steps should be clear. Your article should ultimately benefit the readers.

You may also upload photos after the content has been published. To explain guidelines, you may use free photographs or submit your own.

8. Plagiarism and copyright issues

Make sure to not post or publish anything already available somewhere else. Your article should be original, and your own.

Just be yourself and be honest about your opinions and views. 


  • We do not accept low quality content.
  • Below 1000 words content not accepted.
  • Article’s must have H1, H2, H3 and minimum one FAQ.
  • Without internal link and authority link article not accepted.
  • Rewrite content or already exist in Google search result topics not accepted.
  • At the end of the content you should attach the Plagiarism and AI Content report.