Privacy Policy

HowToHub understands the significance of safeguarding confidential info acquired from users in the course of providing its solutions and will take the best steps to ensure the safety, confidentiality, and anonymity of any data obtained in line with this Privacy Policy. You accept the procedures stated in this policy by providing your data to HowToHub. If you are under the age of 18, you must first obtain your parent’s or guardian’s permission before entering any personal details.

This Privacy Statement explains how HowToHub receives and utilizes the personal details you give. It also explains your options for how we use your details, as well as how you may access and update that data.

How Do We Gather Information?

Personal details about you may be collected in the following ways by HowToHub:

  1. directly or indirectly through your written or verbal input (for example, agreeing to receive commercial emails);
  2. through HowToHub’s cookies (small text files created by websites and stored on your computer), other connected devices, connected devices, integrating data sources, gathering information from a browser or device for use on a separate connected device, or using algorithms to identify a range of sources, such as purchase records.

What Information Do You Provide?

Depending on how you engage with HowToHub, the types of information we gather directly from you or via your usage of our websites and services may include the following:

  • The contact information like name, email address, postal address, username, and phone number.
  • IP addresses
  • Usernames and passwords
  • Academic and career interests
  • Tracking codes such as cookies
  • Payment information, such as the number of a credit or debit card
  • Your comments, feedback, postings, and other materials on HowToHub
  • Communication methods
  • Personal preferences like your likes and dislikes

We may require you to sign up for an account in able to reach specific material and use more features and functions of HowToHub’s websites and services. You will be asked to complete and submit a registration process.

Details We Get From Other Sources

If you use the website we operate or the various services we offer, HowToHub may collect information about you. HowToHub may also receive information about you from related parties like:

  • Business associates and private contractors in technical, transaction, and shipment; 
  • Ad networks
  • Data analytics providers
  • Educational institutes
  • Publication owners, communities, and related institutions
  • Search information providers, and
  • Credit reporting agencies

How Do We Use Your Information?

HowToHub may use your details to execute any agreement or transaction we engage into with you, to comply with legal requirements, or where HowToHub has a proper business objective, based on how you engage with HowToHub. Proper business objectives may include, but are not restricted to:

  • Supplying direct sales and evaluation of the implementation of promotional campaigns;
  • Amending, enhancing, or tailoring our facilities, product lines, and communication systems 
  • Preventing fraud
  • Investigating unusual activities (e.g., infringements of our Terms and Conditions) and 
  • Keeping track of our offerings, commodities, and communication systems

We may also use your information in the following ways with your previous, express agreement (where required):

  • To provide you info about items and services that you have requested
  • To deliver you HowToHub catalogs regularly
  • To improve, analyze, develop, and build HowToHub websites (including use metrics, such as “site traffic” on HowToHub’s domains and the goods therein), offerings, and solutions for internal research and business reasons
  • To keep you informed of changes to our websites, goods, or solutions
  • To allow you to engage in interactive elements of our website and 
  • For any other purpose that we may tell you of from time to time
  • Internal operations, such as debugging, statistical analysis, deep learning, evaluating, data analysis, and surveying;

Personal data will not be stored any further than is required for the purposes for which it was acquired. This implies that when private information is no longer required or, where appropriate, upon a notice from you to remove or delete your details, it will be safely destroyed, placed beyond use, or wiped from HowToHub’s servers unless it becomes necessary for regulatory or archiving purposes.

Revelation and Sharing of Your Details

Except as follows, HowToHub will not reveal or disclosure of personal data with any unauthorized private entity:

  • When you freely give information in response to a third-party advertisement policy.
  • We might share your data with third-party collaborators if you engage in a service in which we collaborate with them.
  • When HowToHub is obliged to reveal individual data in response to legal demands by government authorities and government entities, such as to satisfy public safety or law enforcement necessities; when we care about good faith that revelation is needed to safeguard our liberties, to impose our T&C, or to defend the rights, assets, or wellbeing of others.
  • To safeguard our operations, users, or others’ rights, properties, or security; and to scrutinize deceits or frauds.
  • When HowToHub’s rights to disclose, market, and/or share a particular newsletter or other media outlet are relocated to some other entity, and you have signed up to or demanded to receive electronic notifications about that newsletter or media outlet.
  • Where you have agreed to such release or HowToHub has a genuine impact in establishing the revelation, even if not stated herein.

Security and Privacy

To secure your data, we shall employ suitable physical, technological, and organizational protections. Only those who need to access that data to execute their assigned duties will have access to personal data. Furthermore, we educate our staff on the significance of protecting the privacy and security of your data.


We collect certain data directly, as do most websites. IP addresses, browser version, Internet service provider (“ISP”), referring/exit webpages, files seen on our page (e.g., HTML pages, images, etc. ), os version, date/time stamp, and/or weblog data may be used to collect statistics and operate the site.

Cookies or related technologies are used by HowToHub and its affiliates to identify patterns, manage the page, monitor users’ activities throughout the website, and collect data about our entire readership. You may manage cookies on a browser-by-browser basis, but disabling cookies may limit your ability to access some features or functionalities on our page or services.

Your Data Rights

You have the right to be notified whether or whether we hold or handle any of your details by submitting a formal statement. You may include the following in your formal request:

  • Ask that we can provide you with data about the personal details we analyze about you, including the intent for which it is handled, the beneficiaries of that data, the presence of any automated decision-making affecting your data, and the transition protections we observe.
  • Request to amend any inaccuracies in your private details.
  • If our ongoing handling of your private details is not legitimate, you may demand that we remove it.
  • Request that your private details be transferred to a private entity.
  • Oppose to an autonomous judgment and segmentation depending on legal requirements or the execution of duty in the interest of the public (in which case processing will stop unless there are strong valid reasons, such as where the treatment is required to fulfill an agreement between us).
  • Resist direct advertisement from us, as well as a collection for analytical, informational, and statistical objectives.

Payment terms and policy

Purchased any of our sponsored or advertising services the kindly follow our payment terms policy. Any kind of policy violation may pay extra amount as late fee and loss the services.

Updating of Privacy Policy

Please be aware that HowToHub’s Privacy Policy is updated regularly. HowToHub maintains the right to make changes to its Privacy Policy at any time and without prior notification. Any modifications to the Privacy Policy will be published here and will take effect on the Effective Date listed above. We urge you to revisit this page from time to time for the most up-to-date details on our privacy standards.