How Long Does It Take to Learn Japanese?

Are you the person who wants to learn Japanese? Then you are at the right place. There are many reasons for learning Japanese. Some of them want their heritage, many are planning the trip to Japan, and some are trying to expand their business goals. Most of them want to expand their knowledge from the world’s perspective, and so on.

Is there no reason for this learning habit, and you wonder how long it will take to learn Japanese. You all might hear the saying that knowing Japanese will take ages, and it is too hard. Do you think it is true?

The answer is different for everyone. Some websites and apps say you can learn Japanese only in few months, but this is not true. The person who studies more will know much more about the techniques to complete it.

The more you study, the faster you will learn. If your native language is related to Japanese, then you can learn easier to learn. If Japanese is not similar to your native language, it will be hard to study.

Japanese is one of the toughest languages for English natives to learn. According to the US department, it will take 88 weeks to learn and to reach fluency.

Tips on how to learn Japanese as comprehensive:

1. Get access to language learning tool:

With this technology, there is no excuse to learn Japanese. If you have this desire, then you can achieve it. There are many books, videos, webinars, and e-learning courses available online, which will help you become fluent in Japanese.

2. Talk to someone who knows Japanese well:

You can sharpen your language by having a conversation with someone who is fluent in Japanese. There are lots of options available where you can find tutors based on a thorough rating system.

3. Learn Japanese in an enjoyable way:

The more you immerse in Japanese you can faster you’re learning. Watch great movies in Japanese and TV series. It will make you the enjoyable learning. Listen to Japanese music and podcasts like news in slow Japanese, etc. and you will easily learn to speak Japanese.

4. Make your purpose of learning strong:  

One of the fastest ways to learn Japanese is to determine your goal for reading or speaking the language. You can make your study time shorter by focusing it very seriously. If you focus on Japanese words and terms normally used in a specific context or situation, you can easily complete this language within the desired time.

A usual learner who studies Japanese for a couple of hours a week will normally improve more slowly than someone dedicated to practicing for a couple of hours a day.

5. Make a schedule for learning:

You should make a complete schedule, and you should make a perfect time to study and learn Japanese. It would be best if you regularly knew every day without any laziness. There are lots of online programs available on the internet where you can learn Japanese easily.

How long it takes to speak and learn Japanese will depend on you. There are so many variables available in Japanese. Japanese is a little bit tough, but it will be the easiest language if you read it regularly. Have regular study habits and time management and learn to speak Japanese.