How to Apply For Abroad Jobs From India? Best Ways to Work Abroad

It’s not news to anyone that Indian people from different fields of work experience and knowledge are looking for job opportunities abroad. After knowing how a few years of work experience abroad can shape the future, people start making it their goal to work in some developed foreign country.

Abroad jobs from India allow you to build successful relationships with individuals from different nations. While working overseas, you may discover a better method of doing things that may alter your career, but at the very least, you will get new experiences and a greater perspective.

Hence, it doesn’t matter what work field you are in; you can be an engineer, graphic designer, filmmaker, or an employee of any other field. If you want to work abroad, a few ways and steps can help you. That’s why this article about the 5 best ways to apply for jobs overseas is here as a guide.

Researching Abroad Job Opportunities

Abroad Job Opportunities
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Global job markets and industries in demand

Perhaps the most difficult stage in applying for employment abroad is scanning international job boards and identifying a position in the country or countries where you want to work abroad.

Try to look for a job abroad through magazines, company portals, etc., in IT, healthcare, business, finance, education, renewable energy, biotechnology, etc. These are the fields where Abroad jobs from India are always in demand. Foreign companies look for proficient people to come up with their expectations and become an asset to the company.

Online job portals and websites for targeted searches

In almost every case, networking is a necessary skill set for getting a job. Nowadays, communication is done in an old-fashioned manner online. Abroad jobs from IndiaThrough groups on social networking platforms like LinkedIn, you can frequently locate networks of digital marketers and foreign job searchers, as well as firms eager to recruit them.

Then to apply for abroad Government jobs, go to Job postings, enter in the type of job you are qualified for and the nation where you want to work, and a list of open opportunities will appear. You can submit your application straight through the portal.

Understanding Visa Requirement

Researching visa types and eligibility criteria

After getting selected for a job abroad, the most important requirement is to get your work visa. Without a Visa, a person cannot go abroad and work there. There are many types of Visas available; the most common ones are,

  • Tourist Visa: This visa is used for a short time of 30 to 180 days for traveling.
  • Business Visa: people of India used as a visa to do trading or any sort of business in any foreign country.
  • Work/ employment visa: this visa is for people who move to a foreign country for job placement and work based on salary.
  • Student visa: this visa is for students who move abroad to study at a particular University or college.

Therefore, to work in a country abroad from India, it’s important to have a work visa. And, If you visit the nation on a tourist visa, you will most likely need to leave the country while you arrange work permits and visas. Otherwise, working abroad with an improper visa would be illegal, and it would affect your career.

Necessary documentation for the visa application process

Getting a visa can be a little hectic; it can take months to receive a work visa. Hence, applying for it 3 to 4 months prior will be better. So, to apply for a Visa, the documents required are,

  • Two passport size photograph
  • Filled Indian government visa application form
  • Original passport with three blank pages and at least six months of validity
  • Two photocopies of the passport data page
  • Original employment contract with a minimum salary of 16.25 lakh per annum.
  • Income tax payment documents
  • Applicants CV
  • Health insurance documents

These are the major documents required to apply for employee visas in India. However, if anything else is required, then employees for the Indian Visa department or other professionals will guide you.

Building an International Resume

Adapting the resume to international standards

If you plan to apply for Abroad Jobs from India, you should create a resume that is up to international standards. So, to create a resume for abroad jobs,

  • First, research the resume style of that country; in some countries, the resume is one page long; in others, it can be 3 to 5 pages longer.
  • At the top of the resume, mention your name and personal details, including your phone number, email address, gender, date of birth, nationality, etc.
  • The skills you have, the languages you can speak, your work experience throughout your career, etc.
  • Maintain a confident and clear tone on the resume.


Many other things need to be perfect on the resume, but that depends on the resume style of the country. Also, if you find it difficult to create a proper resume to international standards, you can get professional help.

Highlighting relevant skills, experiences, and qualifications

Whether it’s an online or offline resume, it must have all the relevant and essential information required. Create an account that stands out by emphasizing your interests, experiences, and objectives. You cannot know who will discover you once your information is public.

Don’t hide any of your work experience, and provide all your skills and experiences. And mention the qualifications and the schools and universities you have studied from. But don’t forget the skills matter more than the qualifications you have.

Leveraging Recruitment Agencies

Researching reputable international recruitment agencies

If you are determined to get a job abroad as soon as possible, it would be better to search for reputed international recruitment agencies. While staying in India, knowing about all worthwhile jobs abroad can be difficult. That’s why international recruitment agencies can look for jobs abroad on your behalf. To learn about these agencies, you can ask any professional working abroad; you can search online or visit any international work fair to get a proper idea about them.

If you are looking for government jobs, you must look through the job portals provided by the country’s government or state. But if it’s a reputed international recruitment agency, they will also inform you about the available government jobs.

Registering with agencies that specialize in placing candidates abroad

If you successfully contact a reputed international recruitment agency, it would be better to register your profile as soon as possible. But you should do some background checks as plenty of fake and useless agencies are available that only hoax people who are desperate for a job.

Hence, take your time, find yourself a specialized agency for international job recruitment, do some background checks afterward, register your profile, and discuss what kind of job and salary structure you are looking for.

Networking and Building Professional Connections (optional, as it goes beyond the requested 5 ways)

Joining professional groups and associations

To apply for a job abroad you should always start from the basics. Always maintain your presence in these LinkedIn and Facebook groups and interact with people who post stuff of interest to you. Use your clubs and organizations to make connections if you graduate college. Graduates’ events may also be a great way to expand your strong relationship. Attend as many events as you can for individuals in your field and it will help you gain connection with other professionals and employees.

Then you can also go to international job fairs. A fast Google search for “foreign countries workplace fair” or “living overseas employment agencies” followed by the name of your nearest city will most likely provide at least one possibility.

 Establishing connections with professionals in the desired industry and location

It’s very important to build connections with professionals and Indian people who are doing jobs abroad. So, connect with people employed by prospective firms in other countries. Send them a message asking for advice. See what your other alums are up to, and reach out to those who live in countries where you’d like to work.

Go to job events and fairs and communicate with international Company professionals and NRI. Also, get their card and email or contact them abroad for job opportunities. Only by sitting and observing things won’t happen on its own. You need to show the company that you are willing to reach high and have the potential to do so.