How to Dress for Your Body Type? Male and Female

In the fashion world, nothing is greater than fashion and looks. People want to see them as the most attractive person in the world and want to gain the attention of everyone. Having a proper outfit makes the person look gentle and attractive. Fashion sense should be known to every person; otherwise, wearing an inappropriate dress at not unsuitable place can make the person ashamed. There are many new designs and styles for the dress which are coming for every age group. Mostly the young generation loves to wear western dresses than the ethical ones. People should choose to dress for body type according to their body structure.

Beauty does not come only from skin tone but the dress the person has to wear. It should be perfect for his or her body, and it should give a bold and smart look to the person. There are different types of body structures for every man and woman. If the trending dress does not suit you, then don’t go for that. Spending money on a useless item will let you lose only and nothing else. Becoming more active in fashion will give you a good opportunity to serve in many places. Try to get your shape and then choose the dress for your body type.  The dress in which you are comfortable will make you more confident for doing any work.

Female body types dress.

Generally, females have many curves in their bodies, and their dress varieties are more than men. Every female has her’s own asset, which is legs, arms, and waist. If the girl has a proper balance in these shapes, she can wear anything she wants and look awesome on her.  Girls always do have a great shape of their body to help them attract men.  Wearing a dress that does not suit the skin makes the person depressed. If any new trends come up and you want to try them, check whether the dress for body type is good.

  • Hourglass body shape: This body shape means the female is having a body of equal measurement hip and bust size with a narrow waist. Hourglass body shape is one of the most difficult body balancing proportions where females fail to stay in it. Having this type of body shape gives you so many curves and define a slim waist.
  • Pear-shaped body: This body shape is defined as having a large hip size that is wider than the bust. Pear-shaped bodies have a small bust and narrow shoulder that gives a different look from other body shapes. The weight gain in the body is first seen around the hips and thighs.
  • Inverted triangle body shape: This shape concentrate on the broad shoulders with narrow down hips. It gives an inverted triangle shape. It is one of shape in which a female can wear any dress, and that will give her a perfect look. The shape defines the hip line wider than the shoulder. The bust can be small or big. It varies for different body shapes. Perfect dress for body typecan be observed in this inverted triangle body type. Inverted triangle body shapeis commonly found in many young girls.

Male body types dress.

Males’ dress varieties are very less in number in comparison to females. If the male has a perfect shape of his body, then every dress will suit him. If he wears the fitting dress, then cuts of his body can be clearly visible through the body. Most of the males do not know what to wear at which place, so it creates great confusion. There are two different types of wear a) formal dress and b) informal dress. Mostly formal dress is seen in the office and colleges. And informal at casual places.

  • Rhomboid body shape: This shape is mostly found in every man in which the upper torso is solid, with narrow hips with a thin body shape. The chest and shoulder parts are wider, and it defines a proper shape for your body.  The lower body parts are narrow. Wearing stitched jeans that do not require any belt will give the person an outstanding view. Men wish to have a Rhomboid body shape so that every dress will attract them.
  • Heavy Lifter body shape: It is one of the shapes which every gym guy do want to have, and some guys, after regular practising in the gym, comes across through it. Heavy Lifter body shapeis one of the shapes in which people get an extraordinary look than the normal men. Having this type of body shape will help you to attract many girls easily.
  • Skinny body types: Their body structure is the totally skinny type, and people have more bone than fat. They have a soft round body which people does not love to remain like this. No one prefers skinny body types, but men do have this type due to some issues. Males prefer to wear a full shirt than half sleeves. 

Remain healthy and fit

  • Always take your food and water at the proper time.
  • Sleep at early night so that you can rise in the early morning.
  • Taking rest after working hard.
  • Having chill out and fun once a week.
  • Stay positive in nature.
  • Have a proper diet for yourself and maintain it regularly.

Body shape is most important in everyone’s life, and people wish to stay healthy. Having great physics will always going to help in increasing confidence. If dress for body type does not match your personality, then the money is totally wasted. If your favorite colour dress does not suit you, then don’t go for it. It will give you a bad look, and others will have a bad impression of you. So have a healthy diet and take care of your body; it will help you win many hearts and create self-respect. It is one of the most important things in everyone’s life to take care of their body shape. In some interviews, people get rejected due to somebody’s shape, and it demotivates a lot. Many elders always advise you to take proper food at a time so that you will remain young and fit.