How To Get Eyelash Glue Off?

Fake eyelashes are perfect enough to give a long-lasting luminous look that everyone wishes for, and fake eyelashes win when it comes to enhancing the beauty of your eyes. However, its benefits could easily backfire if you attempt to remove them carelessly. During this situation, you could harm your natural eyelashes, and lashes take time to recover and grow back again.

False eyelashes serve as an ideal way to make your eyes look bigger and more dramatic. While applying the eyelash glue, taking them off might become hard enough, especially in situations when you are not aware of how to get eyelash glue off your eyelids. Moreover, glue residue sometimes sticks to the lash lining after cleaning.

Applying too much eyelash glue is a very common mistake. Due to this reason, the glue gets clumpy and it becomes difficult to clean it, and the lashes look fake. Furthermore, hard rubbing might destroy lashes and cause harm to the eyelids. No worries, here are some easy tricks to help you to prevent these situations and various eyelash glue removers make the task easy.

Ways to get rid of eyelash glue

Not every trick is perfect for everyone, so ensure to try them once before regular usage. How to get rid of the eyelash glue entirely depends on whether the glue gets stuck to your lashes or skin. To remove eyelash glue is struggling, here are some tricks to remove the glue. Have a look into simple and easy methods that serve as lash glue remover methods.

Baby oil

Baby oil works as a great method to remove eyelash glue as it will not destroy or hurt your sensitive skin. Moreover, it acts as the most convenient method that causes no pain.

  • Firstly, dab cotton balls along with some quantity of baby oil.
  • Next, wipe off the area around your eyes where you apply the glue.
  • Now, rub a cotton ball swab gently along your lash band and lashes.
  • Make sure to permit the oil to sit for some minutes over your eyelid.
  • Don’t make use of too much oil.
  • Next, pull off the eyelashes from the outer corner.
  • Reapply the oil with the help of your fingers along with your lashes to remove residue glue.
  • Now, wipe off the excess oil from your skin and eyelids, and then wash your face.

Olive oil

Olive oil includes various benefits, and using it over your eyelids to get rid of eyelash glue is the best option.

  • Pour a few drops of olive oil over a cotton swab.
  • Now, dab off this cotton swab over your eyelid, especially along the lash lining.
  • Take off the false eyelash by holding its outer corner and peel off the strip away from the natural lash.
  • Wipe off the excess oil and wash the area with cool water.

Eyelash glue remover

Lash glue removers are the best products that allow you to remove eyelash glue from your eyes. The remover is affordable and is available at any drugstore.

  • Dab cotton ball with some glue remover.
  • Now, press gently the cotton ball over your lash line and eyelashes. Let the remover sit for some time.
  • Grip off the false lashes with your fingers and gently peel them off away from the brow.
  • Dip off another cotton ball in eyelash glue remover and rub it over your eyelid to loosen the remaining glue.
  • Make use of a makeup wipe to get rid of excess products and cleanse your skin properly.

Using oil-based cleanser

It is considered that if you have eyelash set extension on, you cannot make use of oil-based cleansers. They reduce extension lifetime and cause them to fall sooner due to adhesive failure. But, this failure might be good, and oil cleansers could be a better item for your makeup kit.

You could make use of it as cleanse for your face, and could move it in round motions on your lashes just to dissolve the glue. And, if you desire to use eyelashes again, ensure to peel off the leftover glue that you could find near the base of the eyelash. Then, clean the eyelashes properly with the help of water.

Face steam

Take face steam as it melts the glue and loosens it. But for that, you need to remove your entire makeup, that includes eye makeup, leaving fake eyelashes. Then, pour some hot water into a large bowl and lean your face towards the bowl so that steam evaporates to your eyes.

By doing this, you could soften eyelash glue, and could easily get rid of stubborn dirt particles that don’t come off during your makeup removal. But, make sure not to open your eyes during face steam, and keep your eyes closed for almost 15 minutes. Now, gently wipe off the glue without harming natural lashes.

Take hot shower

A hot shower works greatly in loosening eyelash glue. During a shower, don’t try to pluck, pull, or rub the eyelash extensions. Resist this temptation to prevent damage to your eyes and natural eyelashes. After the shower, you can make use of tweezers just for removing eyelashes.

Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is an ideal way to get rid of eyelash glue easily and quickly. Moreover, the product is easily available in every grocery store.

  • Firstly, soak the tip of the cotton swab in rubbing alcohol.
  • Then, rub it on your eyelashes till the glue entirely comes off.
  • Now, wash the area with the help of cold water.

Nail polish remover

Nail polish remover is the best answer to how to get eyelash glue off, as it almost works like a rubbing alcohol trick.

  • Firstly, soak a cotton swab in nail polish remover.
  • Then, apply it carefully and gently over your lashes. Avoid direct contact with skin as it could lead to sensitivity and irritation.
  • Now, peel off the glue without rubbing.
  • After that, immediately rinse off your eyes with cold water.

Eye makeup remover wipes

Gently rubbing off your eyelashes with the best quality makeup remover wipes for a few minutes could lower the traces of lash glue. However, ensure to continue the process softly and use less pressure as possible.

Eye drop application

Removing false eyelashes and lash glue becomes daunting and frustrating, but eye drops can make the procedure hassle-free and simple enough. Ensure to apply the eye drops over your lashes and massage with gentle hands until the entire lash glue comes off. After that, rinse off your eyes with cold water.

Tips to make lash glue remover easy

Here are some mind-blowing tips that make the removal of glue easy and safe without causing any harm to the skin and eyes.

  • Resist the urge of plucking or pulling the extension or the glue. If done so, you can lose your natural eyelashes or can irritate them.
  • Always wipe in a downward motion while removing the glue, as this causes less stress on natural eyelashes.
  • Leftover glue in lashes might harbor bacteria, so ensure to wipe off the entire glue thoroughly.
  • If the eyelash glue remover gets into your eyes, make use of eye drops to clear it.
  • When you are done with the removal of lash glue, treat your eyes with cold water, and apply a layer of eyelash serum or eye cream.

Does lash glue come off easily?

Fake eyelashes make your eyes attractive and charming, but removing lash glue is not an easy task and it doesn’t come out easily. Moreover, they need correct application techniques and proper care that avoid damage to the eyes. Moreover, the above-mentioned tricks are less harmful and remove the glue with patience and care.

Removing lash glue is cumbersome, but using appropriate methods for dissolving the glue makes it easy to get rid of. Whether you want to use a natural oil, eye makeup remover, or steam, you could easily remove lash glue in just a few minutes without causing any damage to your eyes.

Eyelash glue could damage your eyes if not taken off carefully, if glue goes into your eyes it can scratch your cornea and result in scarring. Furthermore, vapors of some glue can cause itching and burning in your eyes along with allergic reactions in and around the eye’s corner.

Several ways to prevent lash glue from destroying your beautiful eyes. The most major thing to do is to keep your eyes closed during the application of lash glue. This activity lowers the chance of glue getting into your eyes and protects the eyes from glue’s vapor as well.


The application of eyelash extension makes it attractive and bigger, and is easy to apply, but difficult to remove. All these above-mentioned methods might help you to know how to remove lash glue without any sort of damage to the natural eyelash. Ensure to follow these tips that are safe for the skin and leave no glue residue after cleaning. Moreover, if the eyelash glue remover gets into your eyes, you should rinse your eyes as quickly as possible with warm water to get rid of it.