How to Get Silk Touch in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a favorite for all gamers as it assists players in developing their playing skills. Loaded with various tools and weapons, Minecraft always roars. One thing is that the power of the tools will get enhanced by using multiple enchantments. Enchantments play a vital role in Minecraft. It will improve the performance of your tools and make your game ease. 

The Silk Touch is one of the enchantments in Minecraft. It helps a lot on the occasion of mining. To get silk touch in Minecraft players to want to enchant and trade. None should avoid getting silk touch as it is valuable and worth it. It will improve an item’s ability or give the object some additional abilities.

If you want to unlock the way to get silk touch in Minecraft, check the below article that will give you detailed info. 

Advantages of silk touch in Minecraft 

Mainly having silk touch enables the players to get the same block with no break. Also, it helps to vanish it completely. Along with that, players obtain even more features through this. It includes

  • Helps to move items to a new place.
  • Change the place of the pane 
  • Block the glass without breaking it
  • Move the bee nest with the best inside.
  • Create a wall out of diamond ore.
  • Making a Minecraft museum
  • Lit lights with glowstone.
  • Move the Ender Chest.

How To Get Silk Touch in Minecraft?

When it comes to getting silk touch in Minecraft, a lot more ways are available. Through this attractive look, even it can bring delicate things like glass. However, silk touch has no level of progression. It shows only a level 1 silk touch is there for the whole game. One thing is that getting silk touch in Minecraft isn’t an easy job. Players should put in some effort. 

At first, players must find a new villager. The option “Fresh” defines a villager who still has not locked their vocation. That’s why you must look at the villager’s trade inventory to confirm whether they have locked or not. Suppose if they have unlocked level 2, they never change their profession or update their trade inventory.

Most of the villagers come under this if you haven’t traded with them. Thus, looking at some other job websites certainly helps you. However, it would help if you had a lectern. Also, one can create it using any wooden slab. Once you have prepared the lectern should look for a villager to keep that. Already mine is surrounded by fences. 

Now check the librarian’s trade inventory to understand the things he should offer. For this, one needs a level 1 trade. Suppose if the librarian does not have the book you search for, then you can replace the lectern to restock the librarian’s inventory. Later the storm clouds will surround the villager to make them angry as they lose their work. Thus, when they move to their occupation will reset everything. 

When you reinstall the lectern result in refilling the librarian’s inventory; subsequently, stop getting tempted by the enchanted books they provide in level 2 transactions. However, if you trade with this villager, their occupation gets locked. Thus, no way to refill their inventory. That’s why it is necessary to keep on break and move lectern until you find the book you need. 

Through frequent inventory refreshes, the librarian will provide you silk touch. Once you get this, will offer you endless collections of books. Suppose if there is no way for trading, then one can start trading for other goods or sometimes wait for the librarian’s stock to refill. In case if you fail to get enough emeralds that suit your requirements.

One should look for neighboring villages and attempt to exchange essential items for emeralds. You alone look for the right villager trade that gives you huge benefits. When you obtain enough emeralds, start to build a book using three sheets of paper and a piece of leather. If you prepare a book and collect emeralds, you can exchange them with the librarian for your enchanted book.

Once you get the book, then the player can use an anvil to enchant any tool accordingly. An anvil needs 31 iron ingots. For that one, much create three iron blocks via 27 iron ingots. Later you should arrange three iron blocks in a row at the top of your crafting table and four iron ingots in an upside-down “T” shape design. 

Eventually, place the anvil down and tool on the left side of the slot. Also, the enchanted book wants to get placed in the anvil’s rightmost slot to enchant the tool. So, finally, you can witness silk touch in Minecraft overall. 


Therefore, you have come to know how to get Silk Touch in Minecraft right. Follow this procedure and play wisely.