How to Lace Dress Shoes: 3 best way to Lace Your Dress Shoes

Shoes play an important role in your attire. Though few of us don’t pay more attention to it, shoes are vital to be selected well as per the clothing we wear. There are different types of men’s shoes available in the market. They are sneakers, boots, lace dress shoes, loafers, sandals, and slips. To reduce our effort, we sometimes prefer shoes without lace, but shoes with lace give a professional look and match to the occasion appropriate. Shoelaces are a menswear detail that is frequently overlooked and taken for granted. Even well-dressed gentlemen frequently ignore them until they rip.  So there should be a proper way to Lace Dress the shoes. Apart from the look and the fitting, laced shoes have other benefits as well.


In Lace Dress Shoes, tightening the laces and tying knots in the shoelaces prevent the shoes from falling off your feet. It’s used to illustrate the stresses of ordinary living. On the one hand, though, picking a pair of shoelaces is a personal decision. On the other hand, the narrower and rounder or finer the shoelaces, the more stylish it looks.

3 best ways to Lace Your Dress Shoes / how to choose the lace

The best way to lace your dress shoes depends on the types of shoes you wear, the attire, and the occasion.

For different occasions, we can select different lace to make the dressing elegant and graceful.If you want to plan for evening shoes, whether they’re patent leather capless or cap toe, you can add evening laces that match your bow tie. You can choose satin laces for a satin bow tie or velvet laces for a velvet bow tie. All we need for a better dressing up with lace dress shoes is to select a matching look to your attire.

It’s all about the subtle touches in classic menswear, as you may know. If you prefer boots, you will usually have more eyelets. As a result, you’ll need longer shoelaces or, better yet, boot laces. The length of most conventional dress shoelaces is between 75 and 80 centimeters or 29 to 31 inches. A typical traditional shoe has five or ten rows of eyelets, and Boots, on the other hand, have five or ten rows of eyelets.

Contrasting shoelaces draw attention to the lacing systems, and because they don’t match the leather, they stand out, even more, giving the appearance of a whole other shoe. If a splash of colour isn’t enough for you, try modifying the form.

Ideally, you should match the colour of your shoelaces to a different colour in your attire so that you can pick up that colour and the overall look is more cohesive and well-put-together. If you wear coloured socks, for example, you can match the shoelace colour to anything in your socks. You might also pair it with a colour from your pocket square, tie, or bow tie.

Advantages  and Disadvantages

The advantages of Lace Dress Shoes are

  1. It is very affordable;
  2. Available in different shapes and sizes like round laces, flat laces, boot laces, and colourful laces also.
  3. Two, shoelaces are reversible, which means you can put them in one pair of shoes and then either put the old ones back in or put them in a new pair of shoes if you don’t like them.

The only drawback is that changing your shoelaces takes a few minutes, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze.

When building a wardrobe, adaptability is crucial because each item must complement the others. You’ll be able to create the most combinations with the fewest pieces in your closet, saving you money. Of course, the same can be said regarding footwear. Add a sense of ritual to your morning routine with these classic styles of lace dress shoes that require an extra meditative moment to tighten everything to the top and tie the perfect knot.