How to Make Friends in a New City

Whether for professional or personal reasons, moving to a new city can be devastating. Moving to a new city means that exciting new adventures are waiting for you. Moving to a new city uproots you from your social circle that is your colleagues, your neighbors, relatives, friends, etc. though moving to a new city is a bittersweet experience, it is as exciting as discovering new restaurants, parks, museums, playgrounds, markets, etc. Moving to a new city also involves you having to adopt new cultures, new transformational habits, and of course new language.

If you are feeling lonely after your move, you might need some guidance on how to make friends in a new city. Being an adult, it would be more challenging to make friends than the students as they have more opportunities than you.

Why new friends are must in a new city?

Friendship is important because it helps us to share our feelings, thoughts, etc. Friendship helps us to prevent our loneliness or isolation. Whenever we feel depressed we need a good friend who takes care of us and gives us good advice. Whenever we are shifted to a new city, we feel lonely and isolated. Adults’ don’t have many opportunities to build a friendship as in school or college. So, after moving to a new city it would be our first task to make friends as friendship helps you to build the human connection between people and also keep your mental health healthy.

First, you figure out what kind of friends you need?

There is no specific strategy to make friends. Every friend is unique. The most important thing is the Bonding between you. Maybe there is a large number of friends you have but it is advisable as you are starting new things in a new city you can find out some qualities that should have in that person for the long run of the friendship. The qualities are:

A good friend must have these following qualities:

  • A good listener: A good friend must be a good listener. If you can’t be able to express your ideas, thoughts, or problems to your friend then that person has no right to claim himself/herself a friend. 
  • A good inspirer: Everyone needs a person who will inspire them to achieve greater things and fulfill their dreams.
  • Should be Practical: when everyone in your friend circle is flying high and high in dreams then there must be one guy who helps you to be grounded and get you back in the reality.
  • Be Honest: Everyone needs a friend who is honest as he/she will walk with you on a long road.
  • Be Adventurous: If you have an adventurous friend who is always excited to learn new things, travel, exploring new stuff then you can’t know about a dull day in your life.
  • Be polite: this type of person may not be seen at your first glance but he/she will grab your attention with their politeness.
  • Good Adviser: A good friend must be a good adviser as well at the time of your need because probably you are going to execute his/her decision. 

Moreover, friends come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime but they will teach you something.

Try to connect them physically or digitally

It’s never easy to make friends in a new city as you should have considerable effort, planning and a lot of courage too. You can ask your existing friends if they have any friends at your location. You can be more social with your new co-workers. You can organize an informal party at your home and invite your colleagues and neighbors at your home. Nowadays there are so many mobile apps that help you to do just that. These Apps will help you to be connected with more people of common interests.

10 Most Effective Ways to Make New Friends in a New City

Get to know your neighbors

Get to know your neighbors
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 If you move to a new city it will be a good chance to get close by to your neighbors rather than keeping a distance, make a good bond with your neighbors which may be a stepping stone to your new social circle.

Connect with your colleagues

Connect with your colleagues

If you move to a new city it is a great chance to make friends with your new coworkers and know more about them. These members are now a part of your new network, they will help you to settle in a new organization as well as in the city.

Join Yoga or Meditation classes

Get to know your neighbors
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If you will join a nearby Yoga or Meditation class in your neighborhood, surely you will make new connections in some days besides staying fit.

Food, Music, or Art Festivals

Food, Music, or Art Festivals

Most people are passionate about food, music, and art on an individual level. If you attend these festivals in your neighborhood you will find some more people of your taste.

Say “yes” to all plans

Say “yes” to all plans
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When you move to a new city it is important to seize all the opportunities to hang out with the new people. However, once you start to force yourself to say “yes” to all the invitations, parties, dinners, and events your friendship pool will begin to grow.

Dating Apps

Dating Apps

As Dating Apps are a major source for meeting people, there are also solid apps that help you to meet people and form friendships too.

Get a Dog

Get a Dog
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It will be stressful for you to invest too much time and energy to look for a friend right after the hard move to a new city. There is an effortless way to get a new friend is to get a dog. Walk with the dog in your neighborhood and be friends with the other dog owners.

Connect with the local Facebook group

Connect with the local Facebook group
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Now a day’s one of the best way to make friends in a new city is to join the local Facebook group. You will surely find out about your new city people as Facebook has more than a 500million groups.

Spend time in nearby public places

Spend time in nearby public places
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Stop wondering how to make new friends in a new city just try to spend time at the Zoo, Park, Museum, and Aquariums of your locality. There you will get people of the same interest but try to involve with them

Be a Charity Volunteer

Be a Charity Volunteer
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The best way to make friends is to be a volunteer in nonprofit organizations in your area. Volunteering is the best way to give back to the community and is the most satisfying job in our life.


Is it hard to make friends in a new city?

It’s hard but not impossible to find friends in a new city. Before moving to a new city you should start this task by asking your existing friends or colleagues if they know someone you are moving to the new city.

Is there any App to make new friends in a new city?

Of course, there are so many apps that help you in making friends with an ideal person like Meet up, Next door, Bumble BFF, etc. These Apps are framed for people who just moved into a new neighborhood. These private social networks are exclusively for you and for the people who have the same specific interest as you.

How do make trust to make new friends in a new place?

In school, making friends is easier but being an adult even in a new place it is much more difficult in making, maintaining, and developing friendships. Many friendship has been destroyed due to a lack of trust. For this reason, people find it hard to put their trust in someone new. Being an adult you should be aware of this, you can only put 20 minutes a day into your new friend. You should remember how much you trust and how much you will open up. If you struggle with trust then share your personal information slowly. If you find that person may very well become a good friend it will be a good reward.


Adjusting to a new city may be very difficult but you should remember that you are not alone. Be positive, humorous, confident, and open to new social connections. Don’t be afraid to start a new chapter in your life you may like your new story.