How To Make Soul Sand Elevator?

Each of the teenagers or maybe a young lad would have grown up vibing on the games which seemed eternal at that time and provided ultimate pleasure, satisfaction and last but not the least, it made one forget day and night. With the growing popularity of the gaming industry, many new games and applications are being developed. But back in those times, there were few games; one was crazy about like Mine Craft. Preparing for the adventure with limitless possibilities and fighting with the help of resources and many more experiences.

About Minecraft:-

Minecraft was developed on November 18, 2011, to explore and build and to kill time in a good and interesting way. There are various hacks and tricks to earn winning points and ease the game. With time passing by, new features are being added to the game, and therefore, new hacks are being developed for the easy playing of the game. There are hacks about how a ladder can be positioned. Vines can be twisted. Blocks can be made, faster bubble columns, Soul Sand elevator etc.

What is Soul Sand?

Soul Sand Elwvator is a natural block in the Nether filled with lava, magma, volcano etc. It is generally used to construct a Wither and grow Nether Wart which is a fungus that grows in Nether and is useful for potions. The soul sand slows any kind of movement of the player and the mob who walk on it. Soul Sand is formed in nether wastes, nether wart rooms of the nether fortresses, in the hoglin stables, and the soul sand valleys in the form of blobs usually in 0-31 altitude of the valley. Soul sands can be best-mined with shovels though they can be mined with any other tool. Soul sand slows the walking of the mob or the player almost by 50%, and thus they sink into the block. The most common one is placing the Soul sand underwater blocks creating a bubble column known as the Soul sand elevator.

Process of making soul sand elevator:-

Soul sand elevator is extremely useful as it helps the player inside rising to the surface and helps restore breathing on entering the soul sand block.

 Therefore the required ingredients for building a soul sand elevator are:-

  • Iron Bucket
  • Blocks- to build sidewall to prevent falling of
  • Soul sand block- helps to move upwards in the elevator
  • Magma blocks- to move downwards in the elevator
  • Two signs- to be put on the side of blocks, for water to not flow outside the track.

And the steps of building the Soul sand elevator are:-

  1. The first step is to construct a single-block column using the chosen block covering sideways and backwards and leaving a single space pointing upward.
  2. The next step is to dig the area occupied by one block into the surface, and then the soul sand block needs to be placed within, at the bottom-most position being considered the floor.
  3. The third step suggests building an entrance or making way for an entrance by clearing the last two blocks of the adjacent sides and substituting them with a glass pane, fence etc. Thus, a diagonal entrance is ready to serve the purpose of the entrance. After creating the walkway, the two sign needs to be put.
  4. After completing all these steps, the next step suggests filling as many buckets with water as possible and placing the blocks.
  5. In this step, the source water blocks need to be placed starting from the bottom above the soul sand block and continue the process until the top is reached. The bubble should not flow away.
  6. At last, step onto the diagonal entrance and to the water block and then it will shoot to the top. Alternatively, the water blocks can be placed first for survival as it would be difficult to swim through the bubble. All precautions should be taken to prevent drowning. 

Ways to fix the soul sand elevator if not working: –

If the Soul sand elevator does not work, then there are 2 solutions to it: –

  • One can move to an older realm system
  • One can make sure that all the blocks are source blocks.


Every Minecraft lover is completely aware of the role that transportation plays in the game. There are two different types of transportation followed in it, namely, horizontal and vertical. The horizontal transport can take place through horses or Minecraft systems. A soul sand elevator that is vertical transport is a little complex to build, will serve you numerous advantages. The elevator can be as long as you want it to be. A properly built elevator will help you travel all the way long from your Mineshaft, at the bottom, to your secret base in the sky.