How To Remove Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara is one of the most popular choices among girls who are conscious about their makeup. Of course, it allows them to achieve long-lasting fluttery lashes in a short time. It gives more volume and instant beauty to the lashes. Manufacturers utilize some high-quality ingredients to produce quality waterproof mascara that withstands sweat and water. Sometimes, this also makes it difficult to remove waterproof mascara.

In general, scrubbing the mascara will damage your lashes simultaneously, leaving the skin around them bruised.  So it is essential to follow a few clever hacks to remove waterproof mascara without problems to your delicate lashes.

Here are some tips that allow you to learn how to remove waterproof mascara.  Everyone knows that wearing waterproof mascara is a hundred percentages safe. Even the experts recommend wearing waterproof formulas, but sometimes the removal can be irritating to the skin. Now it is simple with the below tips, –

Use A Cotton Pad And Makeup Remover:

It is one of the standard techniques; you must soak a cotton pad with eye makeup remover to remove mascara. After that, you need to press the eye gently.  It should be gentle and choose soft pads based on your needs. The makeup remover removes makeup easily and reduces inflammation around the eyes. Of course, it is better to use natural, patented products; to get rid of difficulties, and you must use high-quality makeup remover.

Then wait for a few seconds. After that, swipe downward and away.  The makeup remover dissolves the mascara; by the way, this also protects lashes gently yet effectively removes minimal tugging, so you no need to worry about any factors.

Use A Q-Tip:

Q tip is one of the ideal ways to remove waterproof mascara. The makeup remover removes the waterproof mascara, and this will be especially useful to gently clean mascara between lashes; this also helps avoid streaks the following day. You must do everything gently, don’t rub or scrub because this will irritate you.  We know that the skin around our eyes is thinner than other parts, so try to do everything gently.

Use Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is a magical product, and it does a great job of breaking down your mascara even; this also leaves the delicate skin around your eyes and keeps your skin hydrated. So try to use coconut oil. You just put a dab of coconut oil on a cotton ball. After that, you need to sweep it over your eyes gently. Finally, clean, dry cloth to wipe away the oil; this will remove mascara properly.

Use Baby Shampoo:

Everyone knows that Baby shampoo can be effective and safe in the removal of waterproof mascara.  Usually, Baby shampoos somewhat contain natural ingredients and are safe to use around the sensitive area. Now, most brands are available in the market with some color and fragrance-free products, so try to use these kinds of hypoallergenic products.

Using a wet cotton ball, you need to use a small amount of baby shampoo after applying it to your eyelashes.  It is better to avoid getting any baby shampoo directly in sensitive areas around the eyes. You must avoid using regular shampoo because this will irritate your eyes.

To wipe it away, try to Use wet cloths or pads. You must use the baby shampoo carefully and never leave any shampoo behind.

Avoid Using Petroleum Jelly:

Most people commonly use petroleum jelly to remove waterproof mascara. Still, it is wrong, as petroleum jelly is gasoline, and it is not the ideal substance to use around our sensitive eye area. So you must avoid using it directly in your eyes.

The thick formulation and active ingredient will create some issues on the sensitive area, so try to use a hundred percentages natural and safe products on your eye area.


All we know is that Waterproof mascara can dry out your lashes quickly so that it requires a bit more effort and time to remove. The tips mentioned above can work better also allow you to protect your original lashes from damages. Removing waterproof formulas can harm your delicate lashes. At the same time, this also makes them prone to falling out, so try to use the above-mentioned natural steps for removing it properly.