How to Move to The UK from The US to Get a UK Citizenship?

Presently, many individuals are looking to get citizenship in the UK from the US. If you wonder why and what the fundamental reason behind this factor is, then it has numerous factors; every individual does not have the same reasons; it differs for everyone. Some people look to get citizenship because of work reasons; some look to shift their place due to cherishing the UK. Likewise, everyone has their circumstance and reasons, but the complex thing here is plenty of people do not know how to become UK citizens from us.

What are the routes available for UK citizenship?

There are many ways available to turn as a UK citizen; when you are not familiar with it, it is time to know about it in the impending article. You will turn as a UK citizen faster than you prefer for a longer period from knowing the possibilities. You can pass the details to the individuals who are not having sufficient knowledge about it.

Experts are calling the UK citizenship also British citizenship, and for making it conceivable, numerous routes are open for you. Have you ever heard live for a long year in the UK allows you to be eligible for citizenship? Yes, it is true whether you have lived in the UK for a certain year, and then you are eligible for British citizenship for sure. 

Different routes to know for turning as UK citizen:

More than this route of UK citizenship, you can also be eligible when you are born in the UK by descent or can be citizenship through a grandparent. These are the similar terms and aspects for obtaining citizenship in most countries. More than this way of British citizenship, if you are seeking some other routes for how to become a UK citizen from the US, then let’s know what they are in the given below article.

Another way of turning into a UK citizen from the US is if you marry a person who is a citizen of the UK, you also have the opportunity to turn into a UK citizen. It is the final way many US individuals follow to make the United Kingdom their home. Suppose you turn into a British citizen from the UK. In that case, you should know that you also have the right to equality which other individuals have in the country, such as working eligibility, a living plus study in the UK for sure. Many of you might have a query in mind, does the UK provides citizenship to babies born in their airspace like the United States? No, UK’s law does not grant citizenship to the babies who born in their airspace, there are very few chances this could happen.

What are the eligibility criteria for naturalized UK citizens?

Many people are questioning how many years Americans have to live in the United Kingdom for citizenship, and then it should be at least for six years. As per the terms of law and conditions, when you complete six years, you will naturally turn into a UK citizen. This type of British citizenship is called the naturalized UK citizen.

For the naturalized citizen, you should also know about the eligibility criteria for it, which is 

  • As a person, you should be at the age of 18 or above it.
  • While in the residency period, you should not spend your days more than 450 in the outer country of the UK, and then only you will qualify for the UK citizen.
  • For British citizenship, you must qualify in the life of the UK examination. It contains many series queries based on the UK’s customs, history, and culture.
  • As a person, you should contain all the good characteristics, and you should not file in any of the criminal and law cases for the residency.
  • While in the residency period, you should not break any of the immigration rules and aspects.

The next fundamental thing is that many Americans question that marrying a British citizen is not calling a naturalized citizen. Professionals are naming this citizenship as the technical form of naturalization.

How to obtain UK citizenship by marriage?

Americans can apply for UK citizenship by marriage as a civil partner or spouse of British citizenship; you will be only eligible if you have at least three years of living in the United Kingdom. When you are eligible for all these criteria, you should get ready to enter the UK by leaving the US.

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Bottom line:

From the earlier article, you can understand the aspects you have to follow to get eligible and get a Visa and residence permit in the UK. It is very simple when you know all these criteria well, and when someone is seeking, like in the internet platform for a residence permit, you can pass all these details to them.