Unpacking the Myth: Why Do Travelers Get Away with Everything?

Throughout the year, millions of people roam around the world. While traveling, travelers have both bad memories, but as they are constantly moving from one place to another, that’s why things are different for them. The experience does not only happen from the traveler’s side. There are many situations caused by the travelers that awestruck the natives as well.  

No matter how much the travelers deny it, it’s pretty evident to every local text how effortlessly they get out of any complicated situation they have created or were a part of. Well, people are not complaining about it; they are simply curious to know, ‘How?’

 So the main reason the travelers get away with anything is,

Playing The Tourist Card

The primary reason people don’t say much to the tourists is because they behave like the victim. When there is something wrong, or the travelers have done something that can offend others, even then, they behave like they are not at fault and they didn’t do it willingly, as it’s a mistake. Even though it’s not a genuine mistake, people can’t have proper arguments or conversations or hold them accountable for the issues; it’s because other tourists are new to the place and don’t understand things about the place. Also, the travelers coming in take advantage of the situation and make the situation in their favor. If it’s still not working, then they have the chance to disappear from that situation in no time.

Economic Importance

people can’t deny how important tourism is for the countries. There are many countries and states available all over the world that only survive because of tourism. Now, because of that, the people from the place don’t want to disappoint, annoy, or cause any situation for the tourist. also, nowadays, most travelers are into vlogging, and one bad review from a famous vlogger can affect the reputation of a place severely. That’s why even if the tourists do something wrong or cause any mess up, they can get away from it easily. Or maybe the authorities provide a warning, and that’s it; the consequences are not that serious. 

Impulsive Attitude 

Young tourists have a bad habit of messing things around and handling them with a bad attitude. While visiting different places, the tourist doesn’t think about the consequences that can happen because of their behavior and impressive decisions. Just for fun, they get into prohibited areas, try illegal substances, and many times end up hurting the cultural beliefs of others. Also, if other people try to tell something to the tourist, they will act like nothing has happened and continue a don’t care attitude. As there is not much that the people can do against the tourists to avoid conflict, the natives or authorities end up accepting it.

Social connectivity

 The tourists roam around from one place to another. Even though travelers stay in one place for a while, they don’t care about creating a social connection. They like to live independently, and what society thinks doesn’t matter to them.  Therefore, they do whatever they please and do not like getting involved with other people. Whenever travelers do communicate with others, they have their unique technique to avoid as much conversation as possible. During the small conversation, they gather exactly what they want to know; besides that, the travelers don’t get into much discussion. So if anything happens, then the travelers understand what exactly they must do to get out of it. 

Damage Properties 

Naturally, the identity of the guests or travelers is not known or remembered by anyone. Taking advantage of this, many people damage the property of others. They mess around and break things, leave dirt, and many other things before leaving the place. Now, if something happens in a hotel, then the management can take a few steps against it.  However, most of the time, if the damage is caused in public or Private property by the Tourists, then people can’t do much to prevent it. Also, often it’s too late to take any action. It’s essential to enjoy the journey but not by forgetting about other people and causing them problems.

Negative influence 

 many times, when travelers visit a new place, they look for open local alcohol, smoking, or other substances. It’s not a great idea for tourists to get involved with unnecessary and illegal substages. Also, naturally, travelers don’t have much information about the native people; therefore, if they try to get into these harmful activities, then it can be dangerous as well. Ultimately, to keep foreign tourists safe, the police have to be involved.

Criminal Activity 

Generally, criminals are severely involved in traveling. It’s an excellent method where behaving like a tourist, the criminal can get away with anything. Because of tourism, criminals or people with criminal activities don’t have to settle in one place. They know how to deal with people and what will keep them safe. Therefore, being travelers, they can easily settle in any location for some time and then start to move again when they feel like it’s time. However, no matter how cunning and expert in traveling, sooner or later, the criminals get caught by the police. And the escape method only works for a temporary time.

Unlike the locals, travelers, especially foreign travelers, can get away with anything as they are guests. People naturally avoid causing any kind of situation. However, even travelers face many different types of issues and obstacles while traveling. Which makes it difficult for them to do things freely like the locals,

Excessive Price

There are many countries and states where the government charge extra money to foreign tourist. Therefore, to visit a specific place or to do some particular activities, travelers have to pay additional charges than the locals. This way, the travelers are losing extra money instead of saving as much as possible. 


The scammers always target the tourists as they are easy to brainwash. The tourist won’t know how open the scammers work at that location. Also, because of the language barrier, travelers face severe issues in understanding and communicating with others. Therefore, if the scammers are overpricing for any service or convincing the travelers to purchase something, it’s very difficult for them to understand the scam behind it. That’s why it’s always better to appoint a tour guide or travel in a group to avoid scammers.

Cultural Barrier

Not every traveler messes with the cultural aspects intentionally. Because of the language barrier, it’s not easy for the tourists to understand and experience things independently. Without proper understanding and help, tourist tries to do things their way, which ultimately leads to complicated and awkward situations. For this reason, in many places, locals don’t let foreigners participate in cultural events.

Getting robbed

It might sound awful, but it is a harsh truth about tourism. Sometimes, while traveling, tourists are not attendees cautious enough, and because of that, their belongings can get robbed by thieves. Standing in a different country or state, it becomes challenging to manage everything while keeping calm. After that, it’s too much work to complain to the police and wait for everything to improve.


In the end, it’s not that difficult to understand that travelers have their way of getting out of complicated situations. The travelers are the ones who spend years roaming around the countries and the most off-beat areas of it. They are not afraid of adventures, and by roaming around worldwide, they have pretty good ideas about controlling and understanding situations. Therefore, because of the experience, it’s easier for them to get away with anything.

But it’s also important to acknowledge that travelers also face a lot of tricky situations, especially if they don’t have any idea about how difficult traveling can be. So, besides thinking about the advantages the travelers experience, people should think about the disadvantages as well.