Beat The Summer Heat With Portable Neck Fans

Summer is approaching and with that comes heat and extreme humidity of unpleasant weather. The scorching heat makes us tired and lethargic making everybody have the desire of staying as cool as possible.

Avoid the sticky summer months with a portable neck fan! Hands-free and hanging around your neck, this device will rid you of dripping sweat on your chin and heat fluxes. Carry it anywhere and everywhere around you and keep yourself cool and your spirits high.

Why you should get a portable neck fan?

There are several ways to beat the heat in summer. Drinking lots of water, spending time under the ceiling fan, ACs, taking showers often. But unfortunately, we cannot spend our summer days chilling. Work and homework from school pile up and we need to find ways to work even in the suffocating heat.

  • Daily chores like cleaning, going to work and especially cooking in front of the stove become such hassles in summer. Portable neck fans are here to help you feel energized. Dripping with sweat all day makes you feel tired but that will not happen anymore!
  • When every movement in the sultry summer season feels like a chore and makes us so tired and drenched with sweat, a portable neck fan hangs from your neck and cools you down assisting you in doing your daily chores.
  • Ideal for cooling, camping outdoors on vacation, while cooking, you won’t have to deal with dripping sweat and hot faces anymore. Diligently complete your tasks even under the blaring sun above your head.
  • Since the fans are hanging around your neck, you don’t have to use your hands to hold an electric fan in front of your face. Just adjust the angle of your personal neck fan and get cooled down by the wind.
  • Being wireless and rechargeable you can move around while doing your chores and won’t have to be stuck under the ceiling fan wishing to do nothing.
  • You can even use this as a desk fan just by bending the fans in the desirable direction and placing them on your desk!
  • They are available such that they move in a 360-degree direction so it will help to cool down your face without lowing air directly on it.
  • The fans are not loud due to the quality copper brushless motor but powerful enough to cool you down and not distract you from your work.
  • It’s lightweight and does not obstruct you from anything you are doing. You can even play sports outside wearing this fan!

Now that you have decided to get yourself a portable neck fan let’s look over the options and varieties, they come in to find you the best kind of around the neck fan to match your needs.

Different types of portable neck fans

Here are some various neck fans you should know about if you are thinking about purchasing one

Rechargeable neck fan

USB rechargeable neck fan with a built-in battery feature makes it even more convenient. The personal neck fan is generally compatible with most computers, laptops, and portable chargers. The device does not heat up regardless of how long it is used.

Soft band neck fans

The soft silicone neckband variety will not irritate the back of your neck and is soft letting you wear it for a long time.

Bladeless neck fan

There is a bladeless neck fan variety that ensures your hair does not get stuck in it. No exposed fan blades are making it safe for children as well if they want to use it while playing games outside the house.

Speed regulator based

You can choose from three different fan speeds. Feeling too much air? Lower the speed. Feeling hot? Increase speed by matching your individual need.

From where you can get it?

  • Easily available on offline platforms such as neck fan Walmart you can find the best neck fan that will suit you.
  • Available as a neck fan, amazon shoppers will get various sizes and colors of this convenient device.


Now you know everything about portable neck fans. Head on to amazon neck fan websites or walk to your nearest Walmart and grab your own. Don’t worry about suffering from doing chores this summer anymore and complete your job in peace!