How to Make Marvel Crafts: 10 Amazing Ideas for Kids

When we hear the word “Marvel”, what is the first thing that comes to our mind? What’s in your mind? Obviously the names of the various superheroes.

Every kid is quite familiar with the names Ironman, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and many more. Kids love watching Marvel and if you want them to make something creative, you have to make it something that they are interested in. No kid will say that they don’t love marvel unless they are not a fan of the DC Universe. There is a constant conflict between DC Universe and Marvel Cinematic Universe. But surveys show that Marvel is more popular amongst kids.

Marvel Crafts are quite easy and interesting to make. Since kids love the various Marvel characters, making DIY Marvel Props becomes all the more fascinating for them and is something that they will love to make. Every kid wants to become like their favorite superhero. Some like Ironman, while some others like the Hulk. Some kids have Captain America as their favorite whereas some like Thor. There are numerous ideas for marvel crafts.

Here in this article, we are going to list a few basic yet wonderful ideas for you.

10 Wonderful Avengers Craft Idea

There are many varieties of marvel crafts that you can make just by using a pen and few a colorful papers and glue. These will be super-duper quick to make and kids will enjoy crafting their favorite superhero.

Avenger Corner Bookmarks

Avenger Corner Bookmarks | Marvel Crafts
*Source- Easy Crafts For kids

All you need in this process is some colorful paper representing your favorite superhero and a pair of kid’s safety scissors. Select a proper square-shaped origami paper. Make a fold on the paper diagonally which will divide the paper into half and make a triangle out of it. Again fold it from the top corner and bring the corner to the center of the triangle’s base. Now fold both the left and right corners downwards towards the middle which will create a square diamond shape. Then bring all the corners and put them in the pocket. Use the marker pen to add some details of your choice and you will be good to go.

Thor’s Hammer

Thor’s Hammer | Marvel Crafts
*Source- C’mon Get Crafty

Thor is now the King of Asgard and also one of the most powerful avengers right now. To make a DIY Mjolnir (Hammer of Thor), you are going to need a few things. A 15-inch to 20-inch PVC pipe, foam, grey fabric, brown paint, twill tape, gold cord, and glue. First, paint the PVC pipe with brown paint. Do a double coating if required. Then using glue, attach the cord along the body of the pipe. Paint the twill tape and attach it to the bottom end of the pipe. Cut the foam and stack them together for the head of the hammer. Wrap it up with grey fabric and stick it with glue. Make a hole and insert the handle and you will be good to go with a hammer. “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he is worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”

DIY Captain America Shield

DIY Captain America Shield | Marvel Crafts
*Source- Mlive

A Captain America Costume is incomplete with the shield. Children always love to wear shields, and masks to protect them while playing. You will need some cardboard, red, white and blue paint and some paintbrushes. First, cut out the circular shield from the cardboard. Then draw the concentric circles for painting the shield. Paint the shield with red and white, and the innermost circle with blue. Draw a star in the innermost circle with white paint and your marvel craft is ready.

Captain America Pencil Holder

Captain America Pencil Holder | Marvel Crafts
*Source- Rural Mom

If you are looking for a pencil holder that features Captain America, then you have come to the right place. This is an adorable Captain America Pencil Holder which is made using a vintage milk bottle. All you need to do is sketch out the drawing of Captain America and, then color it using the proper color paint pens. Just help the kids with the outline of Captain America and let them enjoy filling it with the color. This can be further used in schools or at home as a decorative pencil holder.

Iron Man Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Iron Man Toilet Paper Roll Craft
*Source- PartyPop Diy

Yes, you have read it right. You can use your toilet paper as well. There is no better use for toilet paper rolls other than using it in art and craft. This avenger craft is a wonderful decorative item and is very easy to make. This would take approx. 15 minutes of your day. With the help of some red and yellow paint and an of course a toilet paper roll, you can create a mini Iron Man. Just glued the toilet paper completely around the tube and make demi-sized circles for eyes and power core and you are done.

Hulk Paper Plate Mask

Hulk Paper Plate Mask
*Source- Repinned

This budget-friendly marvel craft is super easy to make. You just need some green paint, a paper plate, some black markers and a pair of scissors. Cut out the eyes and mouth of Hulk. Then with the help of the markers, paint the hair. Then fill the rest of the remaining area with the green paint. This mask is very useful in some school plays or mask parties. This piece of craft is super thrifty too. This could be a great playdate activity for your kids. So, just start making it.

DIY Infinity Gauntlet Craft

DIY Infinity Gauntlet Craft
*Source- Instructables

We all know about the powerful INFINITY STONES. Do you want to make something on your own? Then here it is. This craft DIY Infinity Gauntlet can easily be made using a snack cup or popcorn tub. You just need to paint it gold and then sketch out the places of the Infinity Stones. Paint the Infinity Stones with their respective colors and then you can use them to become the strongest villain in Marvel Universe – Thanos.

Infinity Stone Slime

Infinity Stone Slime
*Source- As the bunny hops

Slime has been in the market for decades. Kids have been using this for their science projects, and arts and crafts. In this fun craft, you just need some colorless slime and the respective colors of the Infinity Stones. Paint the slime with the proper color and you will be ready with some slimy infinity stones which are perfect for time pass.

Avengers Paper Bags

Avengers Paper Bags
*Source- Crafts By Amanda

These beautiful paper bags can be easily made using a paper bag of the desired color and a marker pen. Take the paper bag in the color of your favorite superhero and use the pen to provide proper detailing. If this is the first time that you are headed to movie theaters to watch Marvel, then Avenger Paper Bag is something that you would love to take along to theaters.

Superhero Puppet Craft

Superhero Puppet Craft
*Source- Red Ted Art

This Superhero Puppet craft will allow your children to make any of their favorite characters. With some free printed cartoons of the superhero or templates, you can easily make these superhero crafts. All you need to do is to cut them out and attach them with some string and they will be perfect for some superhero drama. This would be a huge hit for your kids.


If you and your kid are a fan of the Marvel Characters, then you will surely enjoy making these crafts. These are very easy to make and the things that you need are easily available at a low price. I am sure that these ideas will keep the little superheroes engaged in some wonderful and creative marvel crafts.