8 Double Curtain Rod Ideas: What They Are and Why You Need Them

The double curtain rod is a timeless interior hack of placing two curtain rods parallel with each other and connecting them at the brackets. Are you thinking about it?

In some areas to this day, double curtain rods are used to place two layers of curtains on the windows and save inhabitants from the freezing cold or scorching sun. In other areas, They filter the harsh air and keep the room cool and fresh.

They cut down on breezes too. But for most people in modern cities, double curtain rods are used to add dimension and tasteful appeal to the get up of a room, and sometimes add an extra pop of color as well.

Why you should buy a double curtain rod for your room?

Double rod curtains have become a very useful alternative to a lot of homeowners in the last few seasons. If a double rod curtain is on your list of options, here’s why you might want to consider going with them:

  • Double curtain rod, since it adds depth to a room, also makes it feel and appear considerably larger.
  • Double curtains allow you to play with contrasting and complementary colors, thus changing the look of a room for the better without making expensive alterations.
  • A double shower curtain rod protects your privacy and doesn’t allow heat to escape. If you have chosen drapes instead of doors for your showers, going for a double set of curtains will definitely be clever.
  • Double curtain rods can be self-made if you have a flair for DIYs, and you can end up with eye-catching curtain rods such that no one will be able to purchase them anywhere.
  • With the added benefits, the cost of the effort of measuring, choosing, and installing double curtain rods is practically the same as that of regular curtain rods.
  • Just like the double shower curtain rod, putting up a double set of curtains as partitions between rooms or the kitchen can add privacy and block heat and noise escape to surprising levels.

Double curtain rod ideas

If at this point you now find yourself quite convinced to try out a beautiful set of the double curtain rod, it is the perfect place for us to now introduce some eye-catching double rod curtain ideas.

Ceiling mounts double curtain rods

Ceiling mounts double curtain rods
*Source- Amazon

If you are going for something ostentatious from the start, a ceiling mount double curtain rod can act as both drapes to very large windows making your room look tall and elegant, as well as privacy curtains.

White double curtain rods

White double curtain rods

Nothing says more 21st century than white furnishing or an all-white interior.  A classic favorite among professional designers, white double curtain rods stand out over both light and dark-toned walls and look more like an accessory than a necessity.

Unique brackets

Unique Double curtain rod brackets
*Source-Deco Window

Another way to go enter into double curtaining with style is to focus on unique brackets. Unique Double curtain rod brackets are available in the market in varied materials and colors to suit all interior styles, in both budget and designer models.

Modern rods with metal end caps

Modern rods with metal end caps

Modern double curtains rods with their clean-cut, sleek end caps manage to introduce minimalism into the whole layering game. They are huge popularity among contemporary and German interior styles.

Antique rods with vintage finials

Antique rods with vintage finials

The rustic ambiance of any place often rightfully resides in its details. Wrought iron rods in vintage styles with the once oh-so-popular finial system are still much preferred by interiors looking for a touch of bygone regality in their appearance.

Double curtain rods with adjustable projections

Double curtain rods with adjustable projections

Some high-duty curtain rods come with a system of adjustable projections. Projection is the distance between the two curtains and is essential for their overall look and effectiveness. Buildings situated in areas of extreme climate can benefit from this added technical remuneration.

Designer curtain rods

*Source-Styles at Life

Double curtain rods are made and encouraged into markets by major brands who understand their potential and usefulness. Designer styles, such as the ones created by Umbra double curtain rod are fashioned every year in a way to suit the growing needs of new homeowners.

Budget curtain rods

Budget curtain rods
*Source-Pretty Providence

On the other end, practical and affordable curtain rods are found to add distinction and value to homes without putting a strain on one’s pockets. Curtain rods like the double curtain rod target are manufactured to cater to most styles of interiors without any trouble.


A household demands attention to its tiniest details. Every modification can reduce or enhance a home’s appearance. A double curtain rod is one of those upgrades that are often found to do the latter.  Choose a variety of double curtain rods for all of your rooms, and follow that up with picking up fun pairs of curtains for every one of them that unthinkably complement each other.