Enhance and Organize Your Doorway With Hat Racks

The front hall is like an introduction to the rest of your house. Let’s make that introduction intriguing with vintage décor. This is where the hat rack comes into play. Being one of the most important parts of a Victorian household, hat racks are practical and works as a beautiful decorative piece to place in the empty corner of your front door.

You can keep your daily necessary things organized and give your entryway a different look. And I am here to help you take advantage of your hat racks to their maximum utility.

How to use hat racks that will complement your need?

Instead of making your hat rack a dumping site with your accessible stuff, make sure to organize your clutter according to your need so that it looks clean and categorized. Here are some things to look out for when choosing a hat rack:


If you plan on hanging stuff other than just hats on your rack, make sure it has enough space and shelves to keep such. If you want to alternatively use your hat rack for hanging coats too then make sure to go for deep hooks that will be strong enough to hold your coats.

But if you need a design that will accommodate small accessories too, then go for racks that have hooks at varying levels to complete an interesting appearance. Hat racks complemented with storage shelves will also be useful if you wish to incorporate your shoe shelf with your hat rack.


Keeping in mind the space available is the most important aspect of avoiding a crowded unorganized appearance in your doorway. This is where you should consider a hat rack for the wall which will take up less space yet bring that creative flair to your entryway. But if you are reluctant about drilling holes into your walls, freestanding simple hat racks are the best option for you.

Now let’s take a detailed look into freestanding and wall-mounted hat rack options to help you make the best suitable choice for you.

Freestanding hat rack

Freestanding hat rack
*Source- Walmart

The classic way of hanging hats or coats passing down as tradition from the Victorian age is a very intriguing way of implementing vintage décor into your household. 

  • With a sturdy base, it is perfect for hat racks that you wish to alternatively use for hanging coats or other things.
  • Wooden texture gives a beautiful chic finish, perfect to keep as décor.
  • Also available with customizable variants, where you can flap the hooks flush with the wooden rack.
  • If you have space, you can always incorporate storage shelves with racks to give it a creative look and also keep your necessities accessible.

Hat rack for wall

Hat rack for wall
*Source- Craftsy Hacks

The best way of adding elegance to your doorway without making it crowded is using the wall-mounted hat rack.

  • Who said hat racks are only for doorways? Hand it in your bedroom, living room, or any empty wall to bring life to it.
  • Functional and affordable, use your rack to hand your handbags, tote bags, and baskets and create a beautiful decoration anywhere you like.
  • And the best part is you can customize your racks according to your style! Paint it your favorite color or attach showpieces and give it a creative touch.
  • One interesting variant is the cowboy hat rack. If you lack space to horizontally place a hat rack, then go vertical! Inspired by cowboys storing their hats, it is a very innovative way of hanging a hat rack.

So, now that we have gone through various hat rack ideas to implement in your house, it’s time we learn how to make a DIY hat rack for yourself.

How to make a DIY hat rack

Hat racks are very easy to build as it just takes 4 materials to get the job done. It can be easily built by a beginner with just a few steps.

Materials Required:

  1. Plywood, preferably reclaimed/ or a rod (steel or wood)
  2. A few coat hooks
  3. Wood glue
  4. Screws, nails, drill

Step 1: Cut the wood according to the size of the space.

Step 2: Drill holes for the hooks.

Step 3: Paint or sandpaper the wood with your favorite color or complement the color of your walls.

Step 4: Attach the hooks and secure them with wood glue.

Step 5: Straighten the freestanding hat rack or hang the wall-mounted rack you just completed!


Now you know everything about hat rack! Go ahead and build or buy your own and liven up your doorway! Hopefully, you have already finalized a décor style for the door in your mind.