7 Best Seiko Watches to Elevate Your Style in 2022

Watches are an excellent way to make your fashion more elegant and satisfying. Watches are frequently used to create a fashion statement or reflect one’s style. A watch allows you to communicate without saying anything. That’s a powerful statement. Some people use timepieces as a fashion statement, which also reflects your style and personality. Gold and diamond watches, for example, are trendy in some cultures.

If a watch can represent your chosen style, why not upgrade it? You can upgrade by choosing Seiko presage or any of Seiko’s beautiful timepieces. There are many Seiko collections that you will love and will help elevate your style! This list will help you to know what those are. Here are seven Seiko watches to elevate your style.

1. Seiko Credor Eichi II

Seiko Credor Eichi II
Seiko Credor Eichi II

Credor, a sub-brand of Seiko, was established in 1974 to produce precious metal watches. Thanks to its highly decorated Spring-Drive mechanism, this time-only watch appears to be ridiculously simple, yet it’s one of the most technically complex mechanical watches available. The platinum variant, released in 2020, contains deep blue porcelain designed to suggest lapis lazuli. 39mm x 10.3mm case dimensions Platinum is used for the case. Spring-driven Credor 7R14 movement with a 60-hour power reserve. 30 meters of water resistance

2. Grand Seiko SBGN019

Grand Seiko SBGN019
Grand Seiko SBGN019

Grand Seiko Sports watches have quality and performance comparable to Rolex Professional models but at a lower price. These are genuine tool watches, from large, complicated chronographs to traditional divers and GMTs.

The GMT is one of the few exceptions to the rule that almost all Seiko and Grand Seiko timepieces cling to functional parity with few complications. The GMT hand and fixed 24-hour bezel include a second-time zone guide, while Zaratsu’s hands slash along a deep-black dial to reveal local time.

3. Grand Seiko Spring Drive SBGZ007

Grand Seiko Spring Drive SBGZ007
Grand Seiko Spring Drive SBGZ007

With Grand Seiko code criteria now in place, the Masterpiece series is for the brand’s most remarkable and expensive timepieces. It is comparable to Credor in terms of artistic quality and price. There are precious metals, jeweled watches, and exquisitely hand-finished mechanics.

With a hand-engraved platinum case, a deep blue dial with a glittering effect, and the 9R02 movement completed to Haute Horlogerie standards, this model embodies the exceptional essence of the line.

4. Seiko Prospex SRPE05

Seiko Prospex SRPE05

Their Prospex divers span between massive quartz and solar-charging devices to vintage mechanical divers that draw elements from Seiko’s legendary back catalog, with alternatives for every budget.

“King Turtle” is a title given to a person who has the ability

Seiko manufactured the 6309 Turtle from 1976 to 1988, as well as the current edition is a fantastic re-issue. The “King Turtle” gets its moniker from the addition of luxury features, including sapphire crystal and a ceramic bezel, and a few cosmetic adjustments to set it apart – all for a fraction of the price.

5. Seiko Presage SRPF51

Seiko Presage SRPF51
Seiko Presage SRPF51

Of course, a presage one! Presage is the suit watch equivalent of Prospex, with models ranging from sophisticated and stylish to traditional and nostalgic. Limited-edition Presage models with pieces made in the Grand Seiko studios are also available.

Looking at its sand-colored dial is like staring at a tranquil Japanese garden, per the Seiko. Its price-to-quality ratio is incredible, and it’s a fantastic alternative to the more expensive Grand Seikos’ everyday wearability and unique dial textures.

6. Seiko Recraft SNKP23

Seiko Recraft SNKP23
Seiko Recraft SNKP23

The Recraft Series timepieces rummage into Seiko’s closet for some stylish Mid-Century ensembles. They’re also mechanically superb, as well as being inexpensive, fun, and fashionable. You can choose from a variety of throwback models and hues.

The movement of this mechanically operated watch is visible through a sapphire case back window, but the real action takes place in front. There are a few unique dial choices. It has a stainless steel casing of 9.5mm x 11.8mm. It sports a 7S26 automatic mechanical movement with day/date and is water-resistant to 50 meters.

7. Seiko Astron 5X SSH063

Seiko Astron 5X SSH063
Seiko Astron 5X SSH063

Seiko shattered the Swiss watch business in 1969 with the Astron, a timepiece that included an innovative quartz movement. Today’s Astron line watches are 100 percent solar-powered, GPS-connected for near-atomic-clock accuracy, and highly recommended.

It’s 5X not just to switch time zones with you, but it also lets you switch between the main and sub-dials at a button called Time Transfer. Dual time and world time features, an AM/PM indicator, a perpetual calendar, and signals for power level and GSP-sync are all included in the movement. Have we mentioned how accurate it is?

Concluding Thoughts

Watches provide great features for your preferred styles. It allows you to explore various types, from vintage to modern watches. Indeed, it elevates your fashion sense and creativity. Don’t hesitate to try these watches and be amazed by the results. What are you waiting for? Happy shopping!

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