Easy Guide To Clean a Blackstone Griddle 

You probably already know how flexible a Blackstone griddle can be if you’ve used one or bought one. Blackstone griddles have the added advantage of cooking complete meals that would otherwise require your stove and a pan.

They are fantastic for serving up just about any meal you can cook on a standard grill. You may cook on a flattop grill or griddle, giving you a stable cooking surface ideal for stir-fries, fried rice, pancakes, eggs, and other dishes. Keep your Blackstone Griddle cleaning correctly seasoned and clean if you want to appreciate every cooking session you have on it.

Following a few basic guidelines, cleaning your Blackstone griddle will be straightforward. If correctly done, cleaning your grill after use should only take a few minutes and provide you with a flawless nonstick cooking surface for your next meal. Below, we’ll review some of the best maintenance advice for your Blackstone griddle.

Basics Blackstone Griddle

No matter what size or type of Blackstone griddle, maintaining and cleaning it will involve the same tasks. The cleaning process will be the same whether you have a vast Blackstone grill-style appliance or a smaller 17-inch griddle. Since you are only cleaning the flattop griddle portion of the device, you may clean the propane and electric models similarly.

You must follow the seasoning instructions if you just bought a Blackstone griddle and are using it for the first time. Below is further information about seasoning your griddle.

Seasoning your Griddle

If you recently purchased it, you must season your Blackstone before using it, are performing a deep clean, resurfacing, or both. Here are some simple instructions for fully seasoning your griddle.

The grill’s seasoning takes up the most time during preparation. But all that is needed for this is some paper towel, cooking oil, and time. Here’s a pro tip: Don’t skip past this section. A well-seasoned skillet will determine your cooking experience.

These simple procedures will help you season your skillet:

The first step is clean a Blackstone Griddle. To add 2-3 teaspoons of oil to your skillet and spread a thin layer of oil across the entire surface using a dish towel or a large number of paper towels (sides and back too)

Elevate the temperature on each burner. Maintain a high temperature until the oil begins to smoke. The skillet’s color will change. That indicates that the oil and metal are bonding, which is good.

Wait until the oil stops smoking before doing the next step, and then repeat. Apply a thin layer of oil to the entire surface and let it smoke after adding two to three tablespoons.

Types of equipment and materials need to clean a Griddle

  • Scraper.
  • Scouring pad (optional).
  • Lemon Juice or Vinegar.
  • Paper Towels.
  • Grill stone (for heavy burnt areas).
  • Oil.

Guide for cleaning Blackstone Griddle :

Cleaning Blackstone Griddle :

Cleaning Blackstone Griddle before cooking :

Depending on how dirty it is, you may need to use several cleaning techniques for cleaning Blackstone griddle. The standard cleaning method will be used 99 percent of the time. However, you might decide to perform a deep Blackstone grill cleaning, which entails getting rid of tough buildup. Finally, you might need to resurface a grill if it has been neglected or has become rusty. Let’s examine how to clean my Blackstone griddle:

1. Clearing the Griddle’s Packaging

Before seasoning it, you must quickly clean the new Blackstone griddle to eliminate any leftover oils, manufacturing debris, or residue. This is simple to do with a kettle of warm, soapy water. Use only a sprinkle of dish soap; don’t go overboard. Then, using a towel (microfiber cloths are ideal) dampened with soapy water, wipe away any manufacturing grime from the grill’s cooking surface in circular motions. 

2. Simple cleaning

Each time you use the grill, you should clean it according to the standard Blackstone procedure. It shouldn’t take more than five minutes to complete this process; after doing it a few times, it will come naturally to you. When cleaning your grill, it’s crucial to remember that your primary objectives should be to get rid of any cooking residue, make a smooth cooking surface, and prepare it for subsequent use.

How to clean your Blackstone Griddle after cooking

Step 1: Eliminators –

The best step to clean a Blackstone Griddle. Push any leftover food waste or particles to the back of the skillet and into the grease trough (opening) at the back of the grill with your metal scraper, slipper, or even some paper towels. Remove the leftover food from your most recent cook as your goal for this phase. Remove any extra grease that may have accumulated on the grill’s surface.

Step 2: Scape your Griddle –

Utilizing even pressure and starting at the front of the skillet, scrape off any food that may have burned onto the griddle surface while the grill is still warm. Avoid creating grooves that cut into the seasoning surface by exercising caution while applying pressure. However, the burned residue you want to eliminate should be visible.

Step:3 Steam and water(Optional)-

Clean Blackstone Griddle depending on what you are cooking. With a scraper, you can have tough build-up and residue that is difficult to remove. Using water and Steam to help remove a burned griddle area is a straightforward fix. First, when a hot griddle has a stubborn spot, throw some water immediately on it. 

 Step 4: Use a scrabber-

Although it’s not always necessary, I’ve found that the Blackstone scouring pads help eliminate any small bits of residue that the scraper couldn’t remove. Utilize tiny, concentric circles across the whole griddle top with the Blackstone scouring pad. You can use more force to eliminate any remaining accumulation by pressing down harder in certain spots. After each usage, the scour pad aids in leaving a lovely, even, and smooth surface.

Step 5: Clean off your grill-

Take a damp paper towel and clean the grill now of that it is clear of accumulation and food debris. As edges and corners can act as a trap for the waste you just scraped away, you’ll want to ensure you wipe them thoroughly. The griddle surface should be a good, dark brown uniform throughout this time.

Cleaning a rusty Blackstone Griddle

Blackstone Griddle after cooking
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1. Warm up the Griddle

A heated griddle makes cleaning rust from it simpler. Therefore, it is essential to wear heat-resistant gloves and clothing before starting work.

Before you start working, turn the grill to high heat and give it time to get hot. 

2. More Scraping is necessary:

Use a metal scraper to remove the rust while working on the hot grill. Work methodically to avoid missing any areas of the rusted surface. Make sure to maintain the skillet’s consistency dry and avoid adding water.

3. Cool and Remove

Remove all loose rust from the skillet’s surface with a scraper or a piece of paper towel after letting the grill cool completely.

4. Get the Griddle surface ready.

Season the grill with new oil after the rust has been removed. You won’t have to repeat the cleaning process if you store it in a cold, dry location.

WARNING! Don’t use this to clean your Blackstone Griddle :

To apply the oil evenly, cover the top with a paper towel. Make careful to empty the grease trap thoroughly; if you desire, line it with foil. Don’t forget to wash the skillet’s shelves and ledges with warm, soapy water. Just avoid washing the grill with soapy. A Blackstone Griddle’s shelf and ledge have been cleaned.


1. how do you get sticky and reduce the black stone Griddle?

Ans. Dish soap can also be added in minimal amounts. The accumulated, black, sticky residue can be removed effectively with hot, soapy water.

2. Can I use dawn in my black stone?

Ans. You can use dish soap that isn’t harsh. Dish soaps like Dawn or Palmolive work well. Yes, it is an excellent product for cleaning black stones.

3. Why do eggs stick to my black stone griddle?

Ans. When your grill is unclean or has accumulated too much oil, food and effs stick readily. Always clean your flattop grill after each use, and deep-clean it occasionally to avoid sticking. 

4. How often do I need to season my black stone griddle?

Ans. Before usage, a Blackstone Griddle needs to be thoroughly seasoned with many coats. Then, to assist in maintaining the nonstick surface, you should strengthen the pan lightly once after every cook.


The best approach to keep a grill’s surface smooth and nonstick is to clean it often. If you don’t take care of your grill, issues will arise. Your grill will last longer if you wash it immediately after each usage. To keep it up, season it briefly after each cook.