How To Apply Window Tint?

You keep your car in its top condition but never thought of applying window tint? Not sure what the benefits of tinting your window will give you? Well, don’t worry anymore! I’m here to explain and help you get a 5-star window tint to you.

Window tint does more than just make your car appealingly pleasing. And talking about aesthetics,window tint makes your car look sleek and mysterious. But in addition to that, you get long-lasting benefits to reap.

What is a 5 percent window tint?

Before we understand the kinds of window tint, we need to know what window tints are:

  • Modern car users prefer applying a thin film to the interior surface of a vehicle’s windows to keep out harmful UV rays. This is known as a window tint. The material is designed to darken a car’s windows and reduce glare from headlights.
  • The percentage of light transmission is dependent on the percentage of the tint which affects how well the driver can see. They are available with different shades starting from 5% to 70% dependent on the darkness of the glass.

There are 5 major types of window tint:

  • dyed
  • metalized
  • hybrid
  • carbon
  • silicon

And among these options, the best recommended would be the carbon and ceramic varieties as they are the most widely used and positively reviewed options.

Now, let’s look into the reasons why you should get a window tint and the advantages of getting one.

Which kind of window tint to get?

Now that you understand what window tints are, it’s time to know where and what to get.

  • The first thing to consider is what type of tint you want. It’s available from the most reclusive 5 window tint to the least reclusive 70%. If you want the best UV protection for your car, go for 5% window tint.
  • The most important concern is the clarity of the tint and glass. Therefore you should choose the best brand that ensures you optical clarity. Lexen window tint not only provides this but also guarantees scratch-proof and heat shrink ability.

I have skimmed through the options of window tint available at Lexen and they have both ceramic and carbon varieties. Laxen window tint reviews have more than 90% 5-star reviews and customers are happy with the product, so let’s hope it will also benefit you.

How to apply window tint

It’s finally time to learn how to apply a window tint on your car and give it the new “sunglasses” they deserve.

1. Dry Clean the windows

Any kind of moisture or foreign particles can mix with the tint and prevent a smooth finish. You can do it indoors in a dust-free space or outside under the sun, just make sure there aren’t many dust particles around. Remove stickers and other accessories from the glass

2. Clean the windows with soapy water and a razor blade

Mix a few drops of dish wash with lukewarm water and spray over the window, and use the blade to scrape away all the dirt. Do not use any cleaner with ammonia and make sure to reach every side and corner.

3. Dry the window

Wipe away excess water on the window and make it dry. Make sure to clean underneath the seal and sides of the windows.

4. Keep your car on and roll your windows up

You will need the rolling function to stick the tint on the window.

5. Place tinting over the outside of the window

Spray the window with soapy water to make sure the surface is slippery enough to move the tint around in its place. Unroll the Tint to cover the window and cut away the excess.

6. Spray the Tint with soapy water

This step is important so the tint sticks to the window and now size the edges of the tint with a knife.

7. Cut the edges of the tint

Cut along the bottom and left edges according to the mark made in the previous step and leave the rest of the tint in a square. Now move the tint 1 inch toward the end to make sure there is enough tint to cover every edge of the window. Now cut the right edge and pull back by half an inch so there is enough extra tint on both edges.

8. Lower the window to get the final precision

Cut the excess on the top and bring the tint to perfect shape. Clean the corners of the excess film while keeping half-inch of film extra on every side.

9. Use a heat gun to stick the tint

Eliminate all the bubbles in the tint by using a heat gun and get a smooth finish. Use a flat piece of card to push out all the air.

10. Adhere the tint

Clean the inside once more with soapy water and coax the removable layer between your fingers and pull it out. Spray with fresh water and line up the tint to the window.

11. Get under the seal

Since the top edge is already stuck, reach with your fingers under the seals and smooth out with the flat card and get move the bubbles to the edge. Repeat this step to get as much water out of the tinting and make it a part of the window.

Ceramic window tint has the best reviews but is also the most expensive option. 5 window tint cost varies from 59.95$ to 225$. Now, you can choose the best according to your budget. Well, I hope this article has helped you clarify all questions related to window tints. Thank you.