How To Wash a Wool Blanket?

Washing and cleaning are very important cause every wool blanket is not anti-dust proof and anti-dirt proof. So here are some ways to wash the wool blankets properly.

  • Using an antiseptic washer is very helpful. It helps to clean the germs and bacteria.
  • After washing with water don’t dry clean the blankets it’s not good for the fabric.
  • After washing keep it in a dry ventilating area and make sure that air flows well in that space. If you keep it in a closeted space then bacteria will grow and a bad smell will cover your place.
  • After washing doesn’t forget to air dry the blanket.
  • Lastly, always make sure that you are following the instructions properly. Every blanket is different from another and their washing instructions are also different so always read that.

The best wool blankets to keep you warm this winter

Not too many things can give comfort in a freezing snow storming night which a wool blanket can. a peaceful cozy sleep after a hectic day is what we all need. But without cutting the cold we can’t even imagine that.

Blankets are that kind of low-maintenance friend of our life who don’t even need single attention but always make a silent warmth which itself creates an invisible string. imagine you and your loved one enclosed in a single blanket with a cup of coffee and binge-watching your favorite shows on repeat. Isn’t it mind-stimulating? Of course, it is. So, don’t underestimate its impact on your daily life.

In this modern arena spending a night in a simple one-color wool blanket is definitely not okay so you should also focus on the style statement. having something different always makes us happy so let’s find out something different which can smoothly go with your needs.

Types of wool blanket

In the 21st century if u want to buy something thousands of alternatives will knock on your door and will make sure to scratch your head. So having clarity of your need will always help you to buy something. As usual, there are thousands of options from which you can pick the best suitable option according to your need.

Wool throw blanket

Want a wool blanket that can easily showcase your personality on it? Then having a wool throw blanket can cure most of it. They are very versatile and very fashionable. One thing which you have to know is that they are smaller than the usual blankets so using them on a sofa or a couch is best. It goes very well with a light-themed sofa and couch. Also, you can bound yourself in it and can use it as a shawl.

Pendleton wool blanket

Nowadays Quality becomes a synonym of Pendleton. Pendleton wool blankets have small pockets inside, which helps to trap the heat. With intense colors and elaborate patterns, it can easily catch your eyes at it. If you want to impress your guests, Pendleton blankets will hold your hand and will give the best comfort to your guest. Even in a freezing snowfall you can easily close your eyes and rely on it. It will never leave you and will always make a magical warmth around you. Pendleton’s are very much categorized in a washable wool blanket. And you can easily get it in different price ranges also.

Merino wool blanket

Materials are the key factor that can decide the quality of a blanket. You can invest millions but if the blanket material is not up to the mark, then it’s a complete mess. Merino wool material is the best in the business. Tell me what you want, this wool blanket has everything in it. It is the softest material which you can get. Merino wool blankets are naturally anti-bacterial, so they never smell bad and you can always use them day after day without any hesitation. These wool blankets are also anti-allergenic. And it doesn’t catch fires also.

Military wool blanket

Whether it’s freezing cold or scorching heat military men and women are always out there protecting us. So, to make us safe, they have to be safe and secure first in the challenging weather. Military wool blankets are very simple but effective. If you want some flamboyancy in your blanket then you can turn over from this style. But if you want effectiveness then it can easily give it. Its style is hidden in its simplicity. Military wool blankets are anti-bacterial and easily washable.


So, you have come a long way and I am sure that you have already finalized a blanket for yourself. Always remember while buying a wool blanket is that the primary task of a blanket is to give warmth. Hope you will get the best blanket for your need.