How To Get an Idea To Choose Round Coffee Table With Storage

Do you want your house to look clean but are unable to do so due to the mess of tiny things piling up in your living room? things looking mismatched on top of your coffee table? Well, it’s time to get coffee tables with storage options to put away this mess!

And if you are having a guest over then a classic modern round coffee table will make a substantial look around your living space.

Coffee tables in living rooms not only keep tabletops and couch space clear, but they also help you be organized and keep things in their designated spaces. And the best part is you can choose from a variety of attractive options to select your own coffee table with storage to match your room décor!

Things to consider before buying a coffee table:

  • Size:

The coffee table has to be bought regarding the size of your couch or sofa. Too big or too small will look mismatched with the sofa. Ideally, a coffee table must be 2/3 of your sofa or couch.

  • Colour:

Colour exposure and contrast is the key factor in choosing a coffee table. The color must go with the theme of your space and with the sofa or couch color. For example, an ottoman coffee table goes well with leather sofa sets.

  • Purpose:

Getting a coffee table is both for décor and also for its serviceability as a table. So, choose a coffee table that will match your daily needs.

Top 7 Round coffee table varieties with good storage options:

Choosing the perfect type of coffee table is very much depends on your space and your need. With regarding your space and need there are various types of round coffee tables as followed.

1. Small round coffee table

If you lack space in your living room but want to make the most use of your coffee table to store things, a small round coffee table is the best option for you.

It’s affordable, elegant, and able to store a lot of things inside it. The faux leather variety will be perfect to clean often if you have kids around. If you have a more refined taste or farmhouse décor, then wooden round coffee tables by Vanrohe will suit your need. Vanrohe coffee tables are also easy to assemble.

2. Round marble coffee table

Now the elegance of marble top coffee tables comes with handy storage. Perfect for a house with neutral walls or any household with elegant couches at the front. Marble coffee tables light up the place where they are placed. If you want your coffee table to last for a long time, then a round marble coffee table is the best choice for you. It can withstand a lot of weight on top of it and is also scratch-proof.

Several combinations can be used to make a beautiful marble coffee table. Wood legs with storage shelf underneath are very attractive for example marble coffee tables of AZL1 life concept are best in this category, and for an elegant classy look, you can go with walker Edison blain mid-century coffee tables.

3. Modern round coffee table

Want to achieve a more contemporary look with a subtly chic elegance? Here are some modern coffee table ideas to choose from.

Think creatively with pop-up workspaces, snack quarters, or even hidden cabinets. Go for tempered glass tops or designer chrome legs to add to the charm! When you think creatively, you also get various ways to implement storage into your coffee tables. Be it a heightened shelf or a maze of various drawers or open countertops, modern coffee tables give you a vast variety of options to choose from but if want to be very specific about one then modern coffee tables of Lamerge are best for home and office use Semici stands best.

4. Round drum coffee table

If you are looking for something simple yet bold that will make a statement in your living room, go for round drum coffee tables. This coffee table falls under the category of tables that hide your mess from the visitor’s eyes.

If you don’t have time to organize your stuff, these drum tables that come with compartments will help out easily put away your belongings in separate sections. They also come in oval and other interesting shapes and sizes to match the look of your living room sofa. Alisa’s handcrafted tables have a monopoly in this section.

5. Round metal coffee table

Metal coffee tables can give a simple yet organized look. The wood when incorporated with metal gives an elegant and clean look perfect for any house furnishings.

Make sure you get stainless steel coffee tables if you want your table to last long. And for that matter, LANPU makes one of the best tables in this class which will also give you various storage options and many of them are easily foldable.

6. Round glass coffee table

Glass has a very good quality of light blending with its surrounding. Glass coffee tables are affordable and versatile.

When you choose a glass countertop, the base is very important as it ties up the entire look of the table. The wooden base is good, but you can step that up a little with designer colourful legs or asymmetric bases that can be a good alternative for minimalistic art. Glass tables by KIREINAKAWA or JBBCN can be a good option for you.

7. White round coffee table

Don’t want marble but still want the classy look of it? Go for white tabletops that give a beautiful flawless design! If you like a clean and neutral décor, then white round coffee tables are the cherry on the top in your living room.

You can easily display your table essentials and keep your magazines organized under the tabletop or in drawers. White coffee tables of units and walker Edison can also be available laminated so that they are water and stain-resistant and you don’t have to worry about their shine anytime soon.


Now, go ahead and choose the perfect small round coffee table with storage and verities to make your personal space look organized and clean. Wish you all the very best to choose a table to have the perfect sip of coffee on it.