How To Keep Warm Yourself With Ugg Blankets?

Imagine Snuggling up to a warm and fuzzy Ugg blanket with a cup of hot chocolate coffee in your hand at the window seat. Seems like a dreamy storybook event, right? Well, this beautiful experience is not hard to achieve. All you need is a fluffy Ugg blanket by your side!

These blankets have different types of shapes depending on the purpose of use. And from this article you will learn everything there is to know about Ugg blankets; starting from Ugg blanket sales to tips on washing Ugg blankets.

To start with, let’s take a look at some varieties of Ugg blankets you can choose according to your needs.

Ugg throw blanket

Throw blankets are as they sound. You throw them on whenever you need them; not only on beds or couches. When you feel too lazy to get up and wear a sweater, a soft Ugg throw blanket is perfect to cover yourself with.

Versatility: For the above purpose, throw blankets are smaller than regular blankets, making them more versatile.

Uses: Throw blankets aren’t just for your sofa or bed, they are also to accessorize for your room, and keep you warm wherever in your room and you can take this also for camping in the hills.

From faux fur throws to knit throws, there are several varieties of Ugg throw blankets that you can pick according to the aesthetics or requirements of your room.

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Ugg sherpa blanket

Made from sherpa fabric, this 100% cruelty-free synthetic material is designed to look and feel like wool. Sherpa blankets are generally lighter and warmer than fleece fabrics making them perfect to carry in places without worry!

Maintenance: One of the most practical features of the Ugg sherpa blanket is the ease of maintenance. Not only does it dry fast, but sherpa fleeces also have long-lasting fluffiness!

Weight: Sherpa fleece is very lightweight that you can wrap around yourself whenever you want without feeling weighed down by it. Be it while doing office work or for the use of a child, Ugg sherpa blankets will definitely become your new favorite!

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Ugg weighted blanket

A perfect alternative to therapeutic massages, the extra pressure from weighted blankets mimics pressure therapy and gives a comfortable night of sleep. Relax your nervous system while working from home, and relieve your symptoms of anxiety with fluffy Ugg weighted blankets.

From bath and beyond, the Ugg Serene Reversible Weighted Throw Blanket is the ideal example of a weighted throw blanket. The comfortable softness and evenly distributed weight, give you a snug feeling whether you are sleeping or working.

Keep your nerves at bay with Ugg weighted blankets, that is sure to comfort your gloomy mind in these work from home situations.

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How to wash Ugg blanket?

Now that you know all the types of Ugg blankets, it’s time to learn how to keep them long lastingly clean and fluffy.

The best feature of Ugg blankets from Bed bath and beyond is that they are washable! And to keep them long-lasting, here are some tips and procedures on how to wash Ugg blankets:

  • If you have more than one blanket, then separate them concerning colors and material type.
  • Since Ugg blankets can be washed by hand and by machine, setting the right temperature is important. The temperature should be low and the setting should be on a gentle wash. This will strengthen the fiber of the Ugg blanket and keep the fluffy texture.
  • It is suggested not to use fabric conditioners and detergents. Also, bleach is not recommended, as they make the fiber stiff and dry.
  • Air drying is suggested for drying Ugg blankets, to remove the moisture from the fiber. But if you want to dry them faster, then drying on a spinner or a dryer would suffice.
  • Over-washing is important to avoid, as it will compromise the quality of the blanket

A final word

So, now you know everything there is to know about Ugg blankets. Now rush to your nearest store or order it online and sit back and wait for your own Ugg blanket to come to you!