How to Become a Data Scientist After 12th

Nowadays, the necessity for a data management system has increased a lot. This system helps you to save, retrieve, and update data without any issues. Data scientists hold multiple skills to make and protect their data and every management requires more updated data scientists.

Anyone can become a data scientist, but knowledge and interest are more essential. Let’s see in detail how to become a data scientist after the 12th.

1. Education:-

The premier thing is education as it is a must-essential thing for every data scientist. Only then they can easily find out the essential things to upgrade the data management process. Proper education would help a lot if you are highly ranked in the computer science department, so it is better to choose the right place to start the right education.

Every data scientist should complete more than a post-graduate degree. Only then you can easily improve your knowledge about managing the data. If you find something that attracts you to data managing, then you are in the right way. Mathematics plays a great role in this field, so you should not avoid it for any cause. 

  • Data science 
  • Mathematics 
  • Astrophysics
  • Data security 

2. R-Programing:-  

R-Programing is one of the widely chosen programming tools, which are used to solve problems in data science. The data scientist should not make this programming language optional because more than 43% of data scientists wish to use it.

If you choose the certified data scientist course for R-Programing, you can get the perfect clarification about how to handle the statistical problem in data. It is not only a programing language used to become a data scientist but empowers you to be an expert in it.  

  • Statistical computing 
  • Graphics supported  
  • Data mining 

3. Python Coding:-

When compared to the other programming languages, Python is giving great support for data science. Most of the database management sectors wish to use Python because the syntax of Python is very simple, but it will provide excellent support for data science.

O’Reilly uses this language as their major one, requiring people who have advanced knowledge in Python. Using this, you can perform multiple tasks in the data mining process, and you can implement the SQL codes in it.

Scientific Libraries in Python:

  • NumPy
  • SciPy
  • Matplotlib 
  • Pandas           

4. Hadoop:-

It is an open-source framework software framework used for storage and running applications in commodity hardware. It provides great storage space for any data. Also, it gives a massive processing speed.

By using this, you can handle the data or a current task. It is the second most required skill to become a data scientist. It is widely used for the cloud tools of Amazon S3. Also, at some point, your storage will exceed because of the massive data in that situation. It will give the perfect solution.


  • Scalable
  • Cost effective
  • Fast
  • Flexible 
  • Failure Resistance  

5. SQL Database:-

SQL is one of the commonly used programming languages, and it helps to handle the Relational Database Management System. It is highly required to execute the complex queries also used for add, delete and extract the data from a database. It is more helpful for carryout the transform data structure and analytical function.

It is specially designed for access, communication, and work on data. It will save your time for analyzing the data condition and analyzing the difficult queries. It will boost up your database, and you can easily understand the concepts of a relational database.

6. Apache Spark:-

It is the most popular big data technology, and it is similarly looking like Hadoop. The main thing is that Spark is much faster than Hadoop. Spark holds its communication in memory, but the Hadoop read and write to the disk.

It is specially designed to improve the speed of complicated algorithms. In every data scientist course, the session providers give more preference to it. It will eliminate unwanted data processing when you are dealing with big data.


  • Speed
  • Ease of Use 
  • A Unified Engine   


These are all the main things you have to focus on to become a data scientist, and it will give the wide knowledge about data science. If you do not succeed the first time, you should not stop learning more about it. Try to make a perfect schedule to understand it, and then it will make you a Data Scientist.