How to Become a Notary in California? | Step by Step Full Guide

Notaries or notaries public act as observed to the signing of oaths, affirmations, and official documents such as contracts, deeds, affidavits, and declarations, and many more. To become a notary certify your document. The government can be sure that the person signing the document is the correct person, competent, and aware of the procedures and signs of their own free will and need to give California notary exam to qualify for a notary. A notary must carry out his work in the physical presence of the signer to verify all of the above.

What is the fee for a notary public?

Each state establishes the maximum that a notary can charge for each signature, depending on the type of case. Generally, it ranges from free to $ 20, charging more in mobile notaries that travel to the client.

A notable exception is mortgage-related notarial acts, in which the fee can be approximately $ 100.

Where to find a notary in the USA?

It is common to find at least one notary public in the branches of banks, credit unions, or courier stores such as UPS or office supplies. Notaries are also frequently present at sheriff’s offices, municipalities, or county offices.

The American Association of Notaries database provides the possibility of finding a notary close to the place of residence or work.

It is also possible to use online notary services, such as Notarize or Notarycam.

Notaries Public outside the United States

A US citizen or even a foreign person may need the services of a notary public to attest to a signature or identity that must be effective in the United States. For these cases, the options are several.

An appointment can be made at a United States Embassy or consulate where they provide this service and a US military bases in other countries since the officers are also notaries.

How to become a notary

If you wanted to know how to become a notary, this is the place that best describes it. There are six different steps that you must complete if you want to venture down this path which includes;

  • Meet state requirements
  • Complete the application fee
  • Get training from an approved education provider
  • Complete a background check
  • Get the recommended engagement tools
  • Take an oath

1 meets state requirements

Each step has different requirements in addition to the general requirements they listed in the previous section.

The basic requirements to become a rotary include age restriction, residency stipulations, valid driver’s license.

In addition, you must also demonstrate the ability to speak and understand the official language.

2 completes the application fee

Once you meet the criteria, you can go ahead and apply. Be sure to use your official name to complete the California notary application.

3 gets training from an approved education provider

Before becoming a notary, there are certain skills and laws that you must master. The only way to develop this knowledge would be to enroll with an approved education provider. 

4 completes a background check

A very important part of this profession implies that you do not have a criminal record. Therefore, you must have a clean registry to back up your application.

Also, most states require you to complete a fingerprint and background check. This is to determine your credibility.

5 gets the recommended engagement tools

The two important components required to function as a notary include a notebook and a public seal. The notebook provides you to record all the work you do while the stamp is required for stamping.

6 takes an oath

When you decide to venture down this path, know that you will be asked to take the oath in person. This is done at the local county clerk’s office. 


It’s usually not a bad idea to serve your community and get rewarded for it. Indeed, it is splendid, and everyone concerned can contribute in many amazing ways. As become a notary, you help people fulfill their valid dreams in each and everything they do.