How to Increase Online Sales in 2022? | 5 Sales Strategies

2022 puts many companies and startups to the test. Above all, it puts businesses that survived 2020 dying in a difficult situation. In this sense, sales strategies become a primary need for all companies.

Therefore, as the main effort to achieve this goal, sales strategies are the hope for your business. However, it is important to clarify that today, the need is not just any sales strategies but also innovative and aligned to customer requirements. 

The objective of any electronic commerce is to increase online sales and, for this, it is necessary to use strategies that help to increase online sales. The positioning of the products in search engines can be good, but users leave the website without buying, even if the product offered by the online store is of quality.

These are the five strategies to increase sales.

Functional strategy (Marketing Mix):

The Medium web portal offers us a brief outline of the four fundamental points discussed in this section: the famous 4 P’s.

If you have basic marketing knowledge, this expression probably sounds familiar to you. And if not, nothing happens that you already define with hairs and signs. The 4 P’s of marketing are:


what the company will sell, taking into consideration elements such as the product guarantee, packaging, brand, or customer service.


the cost of the products/services that you present. Here you cover elements such as the variation in prices or the form of payment.

Placement or distribution:

how will the products reach customers? Or defining the most accessible points of sale for the public are some of the considerations to consider.


communication with your potential clients, showing them that they are the best option in the market. At this point, they cover the branding or advertising of your products.

Improve the quality of your content:

Therefore, you should consider that in the world of E-commerce, love does apply at first sight! You can have very good products, but if your E-commerce content is not attractive and does not generate an experience, perhaps sales are not going very well.

Here are some aspects that you should not overlook:

  • Take care of the images that they are of quality, relevant, and a suitable color balance.
  • Create descriptions and short phrases that summarize the main features of your product.
  • Continually test new keywords and combinations.
  • Make your testimonials credible and, if possible, accompany them with photographs.

Add a short video of a few seconds. You can explain your product more clearly and get more impact on other channels and social networks.

Use your product features to build interest.

It is one of the effective increase online sales strategies to follow. Sell ​​the benefits. Most executives and companies sell their items and services by focusing on their characteristics. 

Start by highlighting the strongest competitive advantages of your product, those that reassure your customers, transmit serenity to them, and alleviate their worries.

Update your website

If your business has a website, use it! If you don’t have it, create it now. And above all, do not do what many companies invest their money in creating one and then stop updating it, which gives a bad image.

Like social networks, web pages are a great showcase for potential clients. That is why they must convey everything that your brand wants to say—the business’s personality, products, offers, etc as they boost online sales with the help of website updating. And if you have discounts in your physical store, share them on your website with an attractive banner.

Sell online

If you already have a website, another way to increase sales is by turning it into an online store. This, in addition to helping you sell more, will also allow you to increase your market.

Due to the pandemic situation in which you find yourselves, many people are reluctant to buy in physical stores, so it is good to launch an online store that allows them to continue shopping from home.

Keep in mind that the store has to be safe. It must offer the same guarantees as to any physical store in terms of exchanges and returns. This will give your customers satisfaction.


Selling is not as difficult as people think, but you need to change the traditional way of selling. In addition, you need to create a good habit: use these principles, tested by sales experts and designed from the Inbound Sales methodology. And to increase online sales you need to follow the above strategies.