How to Clean Laminate Floors? 4 Easy Steps to Clean

You are wondering how to keep your laminate floor looking good for years? Although your laminate flooring may look as good as hardwood flooring, that doesn’t mean you should clean it the same way. The best way to clean laminate flooring isn’t the same method to make oak planks shine. The laminate floors require special care. This is because the surface cannot be repainted in case of stains or damage, unlike hardwood to avoid expensive replacement. It’s essential to take care of your floors and treat them with care whether you have new laminate flooring or want your existing surface to look as good as the day it was installed. Here you will know how to clean laminate floors like a pro.

What are the four easy steps to clean the laminate floors?

The four easy steps to clean the laminate floors are given by,

Step 1:

First, you need to clean the dust from the floor. You can do this by removing as much dirt and sand particles from the laminate as possible. This is because sandy dirt can scratch the floor when using a damp mop. You can do this with a dry mop or a vacuum with a hard floor setting.

Step 2:

Before starting to mop, you can also prepare a cleaning solution for mopping. For the laminated floor, you need to use specially designed laminate floor cleaners or make your solution using household items.

Step 3:

Mopping the floor like a champion! You use a cleaning solution and spray in small portions. Then you can start mopping the floor immediately to prevent the liquid from seeping into the laminate. After mopping the floors should dry within a minute or two; otherwise, you are using too much liquid.

Step 4:

Finally, you can wipe dry properly. This is very important to take your cleaning to the next level. You need to dry the laminate floor to make it shine. You can do this with a moisture-absorbent cloth or a microfiber mop head. Just scrub the floor, working it in circular motions until it’s dry and shiny.

Do’s and don’ts while cleaning the laminate floors:

For laminate floor cleaning you need to read the instructions:

Before you clean, please read the manufacturer’s instructions for your floor because the brands may have specific recommendations based on the materials used.

Do mop your laminate every two months:

To keep your laminate flooring fresh, you have to mop the floor every two months gently to use on laminate floors. 

Protect the laminate surface from future damage:

To avoid future scratches, add a piece of furniture under the legs of chairs and tables, especially if they are frequently moving. You can place the mats and rugs, especially at entryways will help prevent wear and tear.

Trim your pet’s nails:

True, this is not a trick. “How will you clean the laminate floors,” but it’s a trick. Your cat or dog’s nails can scratch your laminate flooring. You need to clip your pet’s nails to prevent your floor damage while roaming.

Don’t leave stains on the floor:

Sometimes the tackle liquids are split on your floor. The best way to avoid stains is to wipe the spill off immediately. The liquids can damage laminate floors. So it is necessary to minimize exposure.

Do not use abrasive tools:  

Laminate floors can get scratched by abrasive tools. So avoid abrasive objects (such as steel wool). You will need a soft broom or mop to sweep up the debris. If you are vacuuming, be careful to use the attachment without a beater stick or a rotating brush, which can scratch the surface.

Don’t use too much water:

If you are mopping regularly, it is a bad idea for laminate floors because water can seep into the seams and cause damage (such as swelling or foamy floors), pools can also stain or fade.

Don’t forget to spread the welcome mat:

The dirt creeping in from the outside doesn’t just dirty your floors. For example, gravel from dirty shoe soles can be one of the biggest enemies of your laminate flooring faces. Because it’s dirty, dull, and can still be scratched. You can stop dirt on the tracks with the help of a welcome mat that allows visitors to wipe off their shoes.