How to Reach The Pole of Cold From Moscow?

Have you ever met the coldest place on earth? It’s nothing but a pole of cold. , but the coldest place on earth is the pole of cold. In the northern hemisphere, two places are being considered as the pole of cold. Verkhoyansk is located at 67°33′N 133°23′E, and Oymyakon is located at 63°15′N 143°9′E. Let’s see detail about how to reach this place from Moscow.

Start from Moscow Airport 

  • Oymyakon valley is the coldest place on earth because the temperature is -50°C to -71.2°C. Anyone can reach this place by taking a flight from Moscow to Yakutsk. Then you have to make a two-day drive to go TyoplyKluch, and you can stay there for a night. That’s all now you reach your destination and start to enjoy the freezing temperature. The main fact of this place is nature will never allow anything to melt.
  • Here, you can experiment with the hot water, and it will get cool within 60 seconds. If you spray the water in an open space, it will convert into a liquid crystal immediately. Before visiting this place, you should prepare yourself to manage the cold, and if you are having any health issues like cold-related diseases, it is better to avoid this place. It is fully covered with snow and mist.

Mistry of nature in the pole of cold  

There are no possibilities of growing anything here, but you can enjoy the deer meat, horse meat, and Fish. This place will give extreme peace with a massive cold. Most youngsters and newly married couples wish to this place to start their married life with adventure. The pole of cold locals are using the white-nosed reindeer’s milk, and it is also the secret for their fitness. 


  • Deer Meat, 
  • Horse Meat 
  • Fish
  • Rein Deer Milk

It is quite risky to drive around Oymyakon because if you stop anywhere to enjoy the mist, it will freeze your engine in a few minutes. So it is better to continue driving and not stop your car anywhere except the destination place. The locals will take three days to bury the one who passed away. They generate the heat in the grave with the coal, and then they will bury the dead one.

Safety methods and precautions 

It is better to keep your kids with better cold protection than they will keep away from high risk. You should not touch any metal items outside of your residence because it might call for an emergency. More than 500 people live in this place, and they are leading a completely different lifestyle, and they are ready to help the visitors know about this place.

On this journey, you can enjoy the places like, 

  • The Kingdom of permafrost, 
  • Lena pillars,
  • Museum of Tomtor, etc.

These are all the main reasons this place becomes the adventure one, and here you can enjoy the chillness and adventures. Most people have a dream to visit this place because they want to test themselves about how much they will face the massive cold climate. The pole of cold remains the mysterious place in the world, and that’s why it becomes the top-ranked adventures places ever.


Every year the number of the visitor of Verkhoyansk and Oymyakon is increased. It denotes the idealness of this pace. If you visit this place in December, it is the perfect time to experience the extreme cold. You will never forget this place, and surely you will like to visit pole of cold again.