How to Cook Hubbard Squash? | Hubbard squash recipes

Hubbard squash is one of the tastiest squashes and is preferred by many. The flavor of the Hubbard squash is a mixed combination of sweet potatoes and pumpkins. This sizzling taste makes it perfect for pies and soups, and other such items. The squash has a high quantity of sugar and is best pureed when it tastes a little mealy. The best thing about the squash is that it is highly nutritious and is filled with vitamins like A and C. it has almost no fat if cooked properly and has plenty of dietary fiber that keeps an eye on the digestion routine of the body. This is a winter squash and is fine-grained in texture. The color of the squash is orangish and brownish when roasted.

Choosing the right one!

The weight of these Hubbard squash lies between five to fifteen pounds. The one with a bigger size and matte skin is best for the making of the squash. They are often sold after being cut into pieces. The cooking of the squash then becomes easy. The availability of these is through the mid-winter every year. The hard skin of the squash can sometimes make it a little tough to work with. The best way to open the hard skin is to whack it with a heavy-duty meat cleaver. Choosing the right Hubbard squash plays a great role in the end result of your cooking.

Requirements to cook the Hubbard squash:

  1. A chef knife that is of 8-inch minimum.
  2. Baking sheets that are heavy enough to hold the squash.
  3. Parchment paper sheets to make use of them while curling.

Cooking the delicious squash:

  1. If the skin of the squash is very hard, you can cook it with its skin. The piece of the squash can be then kept in the oven. After it gets baked, you can scoop the cooked flesh from the skin and then mash it.
  2. The Hubbard squash can then be put into mashed potatoes. The blend of the potatoes and Hubbard squash gives an extra creamy side to the gravy.
  3. You can add cinnamon and brown sugar to it. This gives a sweet and yummy mashed acorn squash and is best for the kids at your home. 

Turn your squash to various dishes:

The Hubbard squash stands at best because of many other reasons as well. This amazing squash flavor can make various other Hubbard squash recipes. 

 One of the Hubbard squash recipes is the lasagna rolls can be made, which are delicious and good for health. Roasting the squash can bring the exact sweetness that it has naturally, and then it can be bled into a tasty dessert. The squash can be made up for the stuffing into it and can give a gorgeous look to your plate. The filling can be made in various ways, and it does not take much time as the filling is prepared during the roasting time of the squash.

If you love the tint of non-veg in your dishes, you can try the combination of Hubbard squash diced in onions, garlic, and rosemary with eggs, poultry, or pork. It not only provides a good amount of protein to the body but also fills your hungry stomach with goodness.

The soup out of the squash can taste amazing as well. It is one of the best replacements of the butternut squash in the soup recipes. The spicy mash of it can also make it taste better. You can use spices like coriander, fennel, and curry powder.

Pure roasted Hubbard squash can also be made into your favorite pie with a tint of the sweet flavor. The addition of nuts to it can make it even creamier.

Lastly, this wonderful ingredient can be tossed into small pieces and can be served as a salad with goat cheese and pine nuts.


The yummy and easy Hubbard squash recipes and ways of cooking it must have already watered your mouth! The winters can never be lazy with these mouth-watering Hubbard squash and its amazing recipes. In addition to taste, it also gives numerous other benefits for the health of both younger and older. The kids especially would love this healthy and tasty treat and would take up the nutrients as well.