How to Use GameCube Controller for Rivals of Aether

About the game

Rivals of Aether is a combat game that is a sequel to the very famous Super Smash Land. It is a remake of the Super Smash Bros made by its fans, where the gaming mechanism is very much like it. Here the players have to knock their opponents from a two-dimensional arena where the players have to use both powers of the characters and tactics. Here, each character represents a specific natural element. Also, the characters can perform attacks (which are their passive abilities) that resemble the part they represent. A list of characters is available for the players where each of the characters corresponds to a specific natural element.

Some of the characters (along with their natural ingredients) are-

•        Absa (thunder/lighting),

•        Etalus (ice),

•        Forsburn (smoke),

•        Kragg (Earth), and so on.

The game is exciting and challenging, which can be seen in how the game is built. Here, the characters can block their opponent’s attack only by performing a timed parry with no option of forming a shield to do so or hanging at the edge of the arena when pushed. Also, there are a variety of modes that the players can choose, like the abyss mode, versus mode, online mode, rank mode, and so on. The most preferred one is the story mode of the rivals of aether GameCube controller, where the players get the chance to pick up their favorite character or the one in which they are interested and cross different stages of the game and learn the background story of each rival that you face in each step.

About the GameCube controller and instructions to operate it.

The game’s controls are based around the Nintendo GameCube controller, which is a very well-known Japanese video game company that was launched in the year 2001. Now, to play this game, you need to have a GameCube controller. The Gamecube controller rivals of aether is a successor of the GameCube, which used discs instead of cartridges for its games. In this guide, we will show you how to use the GameCube controller in Rivals of Aether.

Now to use it properly, you need to have a few things in your arsenal-

  • It would help if you had a flash adapter or a simply usable adapter. The difference between these adapters is that the first one can be used both with a computer and a console, making it easier to configure with the controls. In contrast, the other one can only be used along with the console. Also, it is advisable to download WINRAR or WINZIP to export the file.
  • After downloading all the actual contents, you need to go to the “settings” section of your computer and search bar type “controller.” You will then find a variety of options. Click onto SET UP USB game controllers. After that, click on the possibility of a flash GameCube Controller Adapter, which makes your PC know that it has an adapter connected to it. Also, make sure to refer to the properties section to tell whether the buttons are working correctly or not.
  • Download a controller emulator from a reliable website. A 32-bit is usually advisable while downloading. So, after downloading, make sure you export the downloaded file. And save it in a specific location on your PC.
  • Open the file of rivals of the ether from your pc (remember, you need to open the file). The exported file needs to copy and be pasted on the previous file mentioned.
  • Click the file with the controller emulator logo after copying it to the rivals of arrival file on your pc. Here you can set the controller settings according to your comfort. They may seem pretty technical but don’t worry, as referring to them on the website will help you a lot which will be very similar to that of Super Smash Land for apparent reasons, as discussed above.
  • After setting up everything, click on the Save button. After completing all the processes, cancel all the pages you had opened by clicking the X button and then opening the game.
Following the steps, you have completed all the procedures required for rivals of aether GameCube controller setup. GameCube controllers for rivals of aether can be tricky, but following the steps mentioned will help you play the game efficiently. So, what are you waiting for? Time to put those fingers to the proper use.