How to Fix Crooked Teeth? | Treatment to Correct Crooked Teeth

Having crooked teeth and causing an aesthetic problem usually causes other problems such as inflammation of the gums or problems with chewing function. Of all dental treatments, orthodontics is the most indicated and most conservative dental treatment to correct crooked teeth.

Orthodontics is the treatment that offers the most positive results and is conservative. It can correct the teeth apart, twisted, crowding and malocclusion. Thanks to this, it can restore the aesthetics of a beautiful smile of patients and improve oral health.

How do you fix your crooked teeth?

Solving crooked teeth is essential to achieve good oral health and correct dental and facial aesthetics. The dental treatment par excellence in treating this problem is orthodontics.

There are multiple types of orthodontic treatments, but today, the most used and innovative orthodontics is invisible orthodontics using dental aligners. Of all the types of invisible orthodontics, the one that offers the best and most predictable results is the Invisalign system.

Types of orthodontics

There is a wide variety of appliances, such as different braces, from metallic to more subtle ones. There are also removable transparent aligners: the one known as invisible orthodontics.

The different orthodontic systems can be classified into:

Metal braces

It is the classic fixed orthodontics, and the great advantage of this treatment is its price and functionality.

Sapphire or ceramic brackets

It is also classic orthodontics but more aesthetic. The brackets are transparent or white.

Lingual orthodontics

 The main drawback compared to invisible, removable orthodontics is the adaptation period. It is long, between 2 to 3 weeks. Also, the treatment is a bit longer than other options and much more expensive than other orthodontic systems. Nowadays, it is a treatment that is not done too much due to the presence of orthodontics through aligners.

Dental aligners (Invisalign)

It is invisible orthodontics. They are removable splints that are changed approximately every ten days. It is the most discreet and comfortable method. In addition to having this important characteristic, the invisible orthodontic treatment stands out for its technology. The patient’s mouth is scanned and reproduced in 3D. This technology allows us to visualize the results before starting the treatment.

Advantages of having your teeth aligned

It should be noted that crooked teeth are an aesthetic problem and a functional one and that it has different negative consequences for dental health.

For this reason, many adults also demand orthodontic treatments to improve the appearance of their smile and regain functionality.

The main advantages are:

Healthy gums

When the teeth are aligned, the gums are more adapted around the teeth, which helps to improve the cleaning of the gums, minimizing the accumulation of bacterial plaque on the teeth and gums, preventing  cavities

and gum problems such as gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Correct chewing.

When you chew, the teeth have to withstand a lot of pressure. If the teeth are poorly positioned, it can cause decompensation of the chewing forces, resulting in dental wear and the temporomandibular joint.

Better pronunciation.

The pronunciation is directly linked to the position of the teeth. That is why problems such as diastemas (spaces between the teeth), crossbites, dental absences, crowding, etc., can affect your way of pronouncing.

Better self-esteem.

When you have healthy and beautiful teeth, you smile more spontaneously and without shame many more times.