How to Shift a Path of Learning and Growing in 2022? | Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

Two brothers walk into their backyard the day after a major storm. They look in shock at their fort, which strong winds have destroyed. Now it’s just a stack of tables. A brother begins to complain: “This is horrible! “The other brother grabs the board and begins stacking. He tells his brother, “This is great! Now you can build a big fire and roast marshmallows. “

Can you understand the difference between the two children’s reactions to their situation? For a brother, the situation represents a failure. But for others, it represents a chance. Their different reactions demonstrate the difference between a ‘fixed mindset’ and a ‘growth mindset’.Below you can read about growth mindset vs fixed mindset.

what is a fixed mindset?

In the discipline of the social sciences of psychology, a fixed mindset is known as the belief that change cannot and does not appear in the brain; a person’s intelligence level cannot change. In different words, you either have a high level of intelligence, or you don’t.

What is a growth mindset?

In contrast, the concept of a growth mindset considers the option that intelligence can change by learning new things and the various experiences that a person has throughout their life. A growth mindset flourishes challenges and does not see failure as fatal but rather as a chance to see the whole world from a new and different perspective.

What does this distinction mean?

 The difference between these two types of mentalities is the person’s attitude towards fixed mindset vs growth mindset. But it goes step by step further: it is also the will to improve, the desire to grow continuous learning. In this sense, it is most important to understand that the intelligence of individuals is not given genetically but is built steadily over time. On the contrary, it is moldable. It transforms and feeds on the openness and ambition that each person is willing to give to achieve a goal.

Towards a growth mindset

the best mindset is the growth mindset. It helps the individual overcome their daily challenges and contributes to achieving better results both professionally and personally. This type of mentality or mindset comes from the point of view that each person has about their abilities. People who think that their abilities are innate believe they have a fixed intelligence (fixed mindset). Others believe that the fruit of their talents and abilities is related to learning, training, and resilience, understanding the former as an “increase” in intelligence (growth mindset).

A psychologist has done groundbreaking research in this area. Some psychologists write that people develop these mindsets at a very young age in some books of mindset. Developing a fixed mindset or growth mindset influences how they behave, the quality of your relationships, and even your happiness throughout life.

It is most important to understand fixed mindset and growth mindset concepts because the concept of a fixed mindset is potentially harmful. One cannot achieve the idea because the brain does not change can be a harmful line of reasoning and could jeopardize a person’s level of achievement and even happiness. However, adhering to the growth mindset allows you, as a person, to see obstacles in your life as a means to an end.

Hurdles will make you a stronger person and eager to learn the lessons that life is teaching you. Another different way of looking at it is this: In a fixed mindset, failure tends to understand and define who you are and what you can accomplish. In a growth mindset, failures are temporary setbacks and in no way define who you are.


In this lesson, you explore the difference between a growth mindset vs fixed mindset. You learned that a fixed mindset is known as the belief that change can not occur in the brain; your level of intelligence cannot change. Rather, a growth mindset considers the option that intelligence can change.

The development of these mindsets, which occurs at a very young age, can profoundly affect a person’s life. A fixed mindset can be detrimental and negatively affect an individual’s level of achievement and happiness. However, people with a growth mindset flourish on challenges and see failure not as fatal but as an opportunity to see the world and life from a new perspective.