How to Decide Which Piercing You Want?

Choosing out a piercing is a fun activity but there are so many to choose from. How do you choose a piercing? This blog will help you as a guide through many piercings.


Research is key. Inform yourself of the cons and pros of every piercing and every piercing shop. You might want to get a belly piercing but love wearing high waist jeans, it’s not a good option and you’ll have to choose one of both eventually.

Reviews and portfolios

You’ll have to look for various reviews of people, preferably in the same piercing shop you want to go to, talking about their experience. They might mention the healing process and this can differ from person to person. If every person talks about their piercing getting infected and following the right guidelines, this might be a red flag of the hygiene of the piercing shop you’re looking at. Try looking up experience blogs or threads on Reddit.

Piercing Placement

The placement of your piercing will define what kind or type of piercing you want. If you prefer an ear piercing, you will have to choose between different types of ear piercings, e.g. helix-, conch-, daith piercing, etc. It also depends on how visible you want the piercing to be. A facial piercing will definitely attract more attention than an oral piercing or an ear piercing under long hair. A stretch on the other hand will attract more attention than an average helix piercing.

Not only will placement define the piercing but also define if you can seem to but away other habits. If you opt for a belly piercing you’ll want to reconsider wearing high waist pants for a bit.

Types of Piercing

There are many different sorts of piercings, each with a unique name and location. Tragus, helix, and daith piercings are a few common ear modifications. Lip rings, eyebrow piercings, and other facial piercings provide distinctive methods to express uniqueness. Numerous preferences are catered for by body piercings such belly button, nipple, and surface piercings.

Last but not least, people looking for more private adornments have alternatives with genital piercings as the Prince Albert and clitoral hood piercing. The realm of piercings offers a broad range of options for personal expression, from conventional to avant-garde.

Piercing Jewellery

Depending on the piercing you want, you can opt for a barbell, a ring, a stud, or a special dermal type of piercing. If you want a nose piercing with a ring, it might be pierced lower than a nose piercing with a stud.

Piercing Price

The price range of ear piercing does not differentiate as much as for other body parts. Piercing an earlobe, excl. jewelry and aftercare products can be around 25 euros. A vertical tragus will be more expensive than a normal tragus piercing: from 45 euros to 35 euros. An industrial will be 45 euros meanwhile a helix piercing costs 35 euros.

Piercing Aftercare

The healing process for all ear piercings is quite similar, besides industrial and some other special ones. An industrial needs 2 holes in the ear to put the jewelry through. The healing process is more tuff and will need more time to completely heal. You need to be very careful to prevent any type of piercing infections, causing the piercing to hurt, scar,e or become crooked.


Last but not least, you can pick a style you prefer. For a more daring look, you might want an eyebrow piercing or an industrial piercing. A more subtle, minimalistic look can be achieved by piercing studs or barbells in a more spaced out space for example a conch piercing or a flat helix piercing.