How to See Hidden Information on Facebook Marketplace? | 10 Easy Steps

Online peer-to-peer trading, Facebook Inc has launched the Facebook Marketplace to serve users to buy their very favourite things online while surfing the web for commercial purposes. You could not find enough information about the product and the deal. With the help of this article, you will know how to see hidden information on the Facebook marketplace.

Why does Facebook Marketplace hide contact information?

There is no verifiable reason why Facebook Marketplace hides the seller’s contact information. But there are many speculations. Some have suggested that Facebook Marketplace is trying to prevent scams, while others believe they limit how buyers can contact sellers. There hasn’t been any confirmation from the site yet, so everything is still speculation.

10 steps to see confidential information in Facebook Marketplace:

Here, you know some points on how to view hidden information Facebook marketplace. If Smartphone users like Android and iOS notice that the information on the page is insufficient when logging into Facebook.

  1. First, you can go to the page of the product you want.
  2. Next, you can drop-down menu will appear when right-clicked.
  3. Select Copy Link from the menu to copy the link.
  4. Then you need to go to Google Chrome and click on the three dots option.
  5. There are three options in the top right corner of Google.
  6. You can drop-down menu to choose
  7. Now copy the URL in the search box.
  8. The URL appears with the www button.
  9. Replace www button with m button
  10. The information hidden on the Facebook page will be displayed.

Suppose you are not using the Facebook application on your Smartphone. In that case, the above method will allow you to see confidential information on the Facebook Marketplace, which will open the mobile version of the site on your PC. And now you can see all the information about the seller including a mobile phone number you can use to contact them to purchase products.

However, if you are still experiencing problems, you can message the seller directly with the product link. The marketplace has grown efficiently during this pandemic. And now there are different user interfaces, themes, etc.

What are the steps to see hidden information in the Facebook marketplace on your mobile device?

You can see the hidden information facebook marketplace on your mobile device below steps. They are given by,

  • Open your Facebook app: The first thing you need to do is open the Facebook app and log into your account. Suppose you have used the Facebook app before with the same account.
  • Navigate through Facebook Marketplace using the Facebook app: The Facebook Marketplace functionality should be accessible from the menu. The menu is at the top right of the menu bar.You should find the Facebook Marketplace button under the memories section of the menu.
  • Find seller posts that interest you: As you scroll around the market, try to find what interests you the most. Once you have found the post, tap to view more information.You should now see some hidden information in the product description. For mobile device users, hidden information should be visible. Then you can contact the seller with the information.

How will you see the hidden information in the Facebook marketplace on PCs and MAC devices?

Most people are using PCs and MAC devices. They are also interested to know how to see hidden information on the Facebook marketplace. You can follow the below steps to see the hidden information in the Facebook marketplace on your PCs and MAC devices.

  • Sign in to your Facebook account: You can easily log into your account by typing on your address bar. If you have logged into your account before, you will no longer have to enter your login details.
  • Next you can login to Facebook Marketplace: The Facebook Marketplace section should be on the left side of the screen, under the Memories section.
  • Find seller posts that interest you: Next, take the time to scroll through the markets once you have found a post that interests you. You need to click on a post for more information.
  • Check for hidden information: If you follow the steps, you will find that the system will classify the seller’s contact information as confidential information.
  • Change the link structure of the post: The next step is the most important. You will need to copy the link on the post’s address bar and paste it into another tab’s address bar.You will then need to remove the “www” at the beginning of the link and add “m.”After you are done, the impression of the post will change to the impression of the mobile version. The hidden data should be removed.

Using the Facebook Marketplace:

There are more than a billion monthly active users; Facebook is an inviting place to unload unwanted items. In recent years, many people have been using social media networks‘ group’s function to create a small mid-market.

Buying on Facebook Marketplace:

The buying experience seems to be relatively smooth. You found it easy to narrow down the search parameters. And contacting the seller through Messenger is pretty easy. The Craigslist app handles searches pretty well, but the Contact button takes the user to the web version of the listing and lets it search for relevant information.

Sell ​​on Facebook Marketplace:

If you want to sell in the Facebook marketplace then selling is easy; you can list building and importing images takes less than a minute. And your items tab makes it seamless to organize and manage your listings and questions to and from buyers.

Final verdict:

In the latest section on Facebook, people browse and buy tons of articles from sellers and re-sellers on the website. It covers almost everything from clothing, food, vehicles, pet supplies, property, and more. Many people enjoy Marketplace to buy and sell items online on social media platforms quickly. Some people find it difficult to understand certain features such as viewing confidential information on Facebook Marketplace. Here’s all you need to know.