How to get Microsoft Office 2016 for Free | Updated 2022

Microsoft is the leading company to deliver endless software, application, mobile apps, gaming apps, and other eCommerce apps. Microsoft Office delivers word, PowerPoint, excel in a single software, But we will discuss how to get Microsoft office 2016 free. Let us take advantage of getting great experience on using this tool. By the year 2015, Microsoft office 2016 was released. It is added with unique features such as creating, opening and editing, and saving the document in the cloud directly from the desktop. It is available for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other users can simply like online. Hence, it makes it more comfortable and gives the best support and solution. This office is boosted with high-end features for collaboration with team members in various locations in different countries.

Special features:

It has added additional features such as insight, and it allows integration with the help of Bing to obtain the data contextualized by the web. It has a new type of chart, and data loss prevention software is available from power Point, Word, and Excel. But the graphical interface remains the same when you look at the old version of Microsoft 2013. At the same time, then Microsoft graphics language was used as same. This tool is based on the flat graphic interface, so it will be more comfortable installing and getting fresh experience in using it with no trouble. This company staff looks forward to adding additional features to complete the task straightforwardly.

  • User-friendly support to access the OneDrive
  • Improve integration with Microsoft office 365
  • Boosted with new shortcuts
  • Applicable to embed the videos in the PowerPoint
  • Edit the PDF document
  • Tablet friendly support

 Though it has added with a list of fresh features, then Microsoft company work hard to deliver additional features to meet comfort and new experience for the customer to install and use and quickly.

Common requirement:

Before preparing to install such free Microsoft office 2016, you need to have some basic requirement which is necessary to have to complete the install in a successful way

  • 1GHz process
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1280×800 Screen resolution
  • Windows 7 SP1 OS
  • The latest version of the browser
  • 3.5 .NET
  • Microsoft account

How to download Microsoft free of cost?

 Even if you are new and don’t have any ideas, you are suggested to go with the help of the below tips, and it let to install Microsoft for free below.

  • At first, the user has to click over the download button below and complete the downloading file which needs. To complete this action requires a few minutes, so the user has to wait until it is completed?
  • Now extract the downloaded files from the respective device.
  • Then you must ensure that the previous version of the Microsoft office, like 2013 and other versions, is uninstalled.
  • Open by clicking the downloaded software filed with the same device and running “ install .exe”
  • Users have to choose when they need the x86 or x64 version on windows.
  • Then choose the language which you want.
  • Select” install Office” and choose “ OK “
  • Now, wait for office 2016 until it completed
  • Once it is completed, the user has to go with the option of the “ Utilities “
  • Now tab and choose the “ word.”
  • If they ask users, they have to activate by having a click exit and quite out from the Microsoft words.
  • Now make use of the tab and choose Office RETAIL and VL, and once it finishes, you have to choose “ Activate office “
  • The user has to go through the activation process and get a message like finished successfully on the widows.
  • At last, you have the final version of Microsoft office 2016 used without any limitation and installed on the computer.


By following the above steps, you assure to install such Microsoft office 2016 successfully. Even if you meet any other error during the installation, obsessively call the Microsoft helpline, which is open at all times, and clear your doubts by the experienced software developer. Hence the user can use such a tool and meet additional comfort by using the updated feature and completing the different tasks simply and effectively.