How to use Scrive E-Signature Software?

Digital Signature is a cryptographic method that associates a person’s identity or a computer to the message or document.

The Electronic Signature can be linked to a document to identify the author, to indicate conformity (or disagreement) with the content. Through e sign, the author suggests that it has been read or, depending on the type of signature, guarantees that its content cannot be modified.

The Digital Signature

One of the most pursued objectives within companies is to improve the efficiency of all the tasks carried out. It is not surprising that this has been achieved thanks to technological advances. Without a doubt, there is a lot of technology (and very varied) that can be applied to companies to achieve this goal, but today, we want to focus on one: digital signature software.

Digital signature software: reasons to have one

The digital signature has gone from being something very new used by few companies to becoming a short time reality that marks the day-to-day lives of many workers. But why operating with the digital signature is a reality? We need Scrive to help us achieve it, and, therefore, there are a large number of options for digital signature systems on the market.

Benefits of Scrive e sign

While it is true that more and more companies are investing in getting software that allows them to operate correctly with the digital signature, there are still some who see this investment as an unnecessary expense or that cannot be recovered.

  • Validity of the digital certificate of the signer,      
  • Revocation of the digital certificate of the signer (maybe for OCSP or CRL)      
  • Inclusion of timestamp.      

With Scrive paperless signatures to streamline your workflows across channels. Sign with ease Offer your customers a first-class user experience wherever they are. Build your trust and loyalty while saving everyone time and hassle.

  • The best signing experience on the market. Increase your signature conversion rates with our simple and intuitive Scrive user experience.
  • Create Scrive directly in your application. API makes it easy—Blank-label your entire experience with your brand for a seamless customer experience.
  • Reach your customers anywhere. Please send your documents using SMS or email and let your clients sign wherever life takes them, right from their phone.

Scrive is a leading provider of digital signatures in the Nordic countries, with clients in more than 30 countries. Scrive provides an omnichannel solution for digitally signing contracts, forms, and documents. This solution can be used with any device. Digitally signed copies are digitally signed using blockchain technology.

 Scrive is a fast and secure way to legally binding signatures without printers, paper, scanning, or mailing. Scan without integration.

How does it work?

  • Open the document (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint)
  • On the ribbon, open the Scrive plugin and click Start.
  • Log in to the Scrive e-Sign Online portal and upload your document.
  • Add sign
  • Enter the contact information of the person who will need to receive and sign the contract.
  • The document will be sent to the signer, informing them that the signed contract will be securely stored in a file.
  • Enter the email address or mobile phone number of each signer.
  • Click Start Signing.

What happens next?

Signers receive an email or SMS invitation to sign a document on the Scrive Signing Portal digitally. You can log in to any device, including phones, tablets, and laptops, without the need for a Scrive account. As soon as they sign electronically, the documents are stored in the Scrive electronic file with a legally binding signature. Alternatively, automatically archive the signed document to your favorite cloud storage.

Track, monitor, and manage every step in the process. Reduces travel time, reduces management, and increases document conversion rates.

Conclusion: The Scrive Office add-in is also available as a managed service with data mining and advanced business logic for signature workflows.