How To Get Microsoft Office 365 For Free

Microsoft is providing a lot of tools and a working platform for students, office goers, and other businessmen. So it is much special for the students of various ages to learn something related to Microsoft office. This is possible only when the school or the home is having the Microsoft office platform. It is always better for getting Microsoft office 365 for free as they can save money and also they make use of the full version.

Use the online website

The online website for Microsoft office 365 is the most welcomed one. This is the best version for the students and the workers to use all the necessary tools that is available in the software. This will be a unique experience and also will provide almost all the tools and options to be used. This will be the best option when you want to use the office for a few months that too only the limited work. When you open the Microsoft office website then you will have ht option to log in with the Microsoft account. Thus it is much comfortable to access all the tools like word, excel, PowerPoint, and others.

Use the trial version

The trial version is the most welcomed one by the users as this will help them to use the office software for free. You do not need to make the payment and also this will contain all the features that are present in the real Microsoft Office 365. You can simply get the trial version from the website of Microsoft. This is the trusted and the secured one when you are picking the software from the official website. The trial version will help you to complete any of the small projects that you need. This is the best option for the customers to enjoy to the core. But for the trial version also you have to sign up to utilize the software.

Microsoft office 365 apps for free

The free version of Microsoft office 365 is available in the application store. The apps are more secure and safe to be used as this is provided by the Microsoft Company. You will also have the option to work on the go or do any of the products. The students can also learn the use of the tools and software more conveniently from their mobile itself. A subscription to the app is required when your smartphone is having less size that is above 10.1 inches. Suppose if your mobile is containing a less screen size that is below 10.1 then you no need to subscribe. Thus these kinds of apps are the good ones to be used in both operating systems like IOS and Android.

Students can get the free version

This is the most beneficial one for the school kids and even the college students to learn many things in the Microsoft office 365 software. The students who are studying in the school or the colleges can get the free version that is supporting their OS of the computer. This is possible when your school or college is having an education license. It is also the comfortable one for the students to check about their qualifications. For that, they have to provide the email id for searching. Once you have found that you are eligible then you can simply get the free version. This will contain all the apps that are present in the original version of the software.

Get the extra free version

The free version of office 365 is only for one month. But when you are a business person then you will have the chance to get the option to install the office 365 pro plus software. This will give advanced tools and options. In order to get this software as the trial version, you have to signup into the Microsoft evaluation center.

Join a shared home plan

The sharing of the plans is the most expected and the best way for making the payment in less and also utilizing all the apps that are present in the suite. Microsoft Office 365 is the most wanted one in recent times for business persons and also for the students and other personals.  Instead of paying ht full amount and using it for your own purpose you can simply form a group with the neighbors or friends and share the price. Thus the same account will be accessed by everyone for the less price subscription. They will also get the benefit of accessing all the functions and the tools that are present.