How To Dye The Underlayer Of Your Hair

Hair dye is the most popular option because it is an incredibly fashionable and impressive hairstyle today.  Without a doubt, most people also welcome it.  With the gorgeous hair dye, it is simple to create many stunning hairstyles. For this reason, people love to dye the underneath of their hair, but it is not too strange to young people; now, it is simple to dye the underlayer of your hair at home with ease.

Dyeing also brings uniqueness also allows you to express your personality, style, and creativity. Significantly this will also add new glam to the look. In particular, you can do it yourself without others’ help at home, and this can be helpful to save money and time.

Are you interested in dyeing your hair at your house? You are in the right place. Here are some of the tips that can be helpful to know how to initiate the process. By following the process, you will get beautifully dyed hair like in the salon.

What are the things you need to do before dying?

Buy Enough Dye

First of all, it is essential to focus on buying high-quality dye in enough quantity. When you wonder how to dye the underneath of your hair, you must follow the proper instructions. Dyeing is funny, but trust me, this will bring magical effects, even this is also happening in reality. If your hair is long or you have thick hair, it is essential to pay attention to the amount of dye you need to prepare.

Conducting a Skin Patch Test to Check for Allergies

Skin patch tests are done in order to detect delayed allergic reactions. It is recommended to get it done at a dermatology clinic. The patches are placed on skin and taped in place along with different substances (allergens) to check if your skin undergoes any hypersensitive reaction. If there are such reactions, you are allergic to the particular substances which you’ll also get to know about. Take notes of allergens that may be present in the dye. One of the most common ones is Paraphenylenediamine (PPD).

Make Your Hairline Clean

 You need to apply a small amount of lip balm to the roots, which will help to prevent direct contact of the dye with the scalp.

 Most importantly, do not leave the hair dirty  or tangled before dyeing

 You should ensure that your hair is dyed permanently also keep your hair clean. It should be free of tangle before dyeing.  At the same time, you need to brush your hair smoothly also moisten the hair before dyeing. One of the most important things you need to take care of is to dry your hair before dying. Why, you may ask? Well, wet hair is not preferred by even stylists since dry hair makes the color diluted. This way, the texture and the look is not too flashy; in other words, it looks more natural.

Compare The Ingredients Of The Dye

After choosing the dye, it is essential to check whether the ingredients will cause allergies or not. You need to apply it to the neck or back, and it can be necessary to check for any allergies before dyeing.

How To Dye The Underneath Of Your Hair?

Decide On The Dye Color

We know that dye color play an essential role, so you must choose a dye color that must match the color of your hair. You need to consider your skin color when it comes to choosing dye. If you have warm skin, you may go with dark brown, chocolate, caramel, red, honey color, mahogany color, orange-red, or other choices.

 If you have a cold skin tone, it is better to choose from platinum color, yellow-brown, light brown, red wine, red booze, silver ash, dark cardboard, cream color, golden sand color, etc.

Sectioning and Protecting the Hair

Sectioning the hair properly is really important to protect the rest of the hair to catch the same color. The procedure is discussed below:

How to Section the Hair to Isolate the Underlayer

In order to section the hair to properly, follow the steps mentioned:

  • Part of your hair from the middle of the forehead is all the way back to your spine area. This will help create two proper distinctive portions to begin with.
  • Use a comb to detangle all your hair, if there are any.
  • Comb from middle to above the ear, twirl it, and clip it in place
  • The lower section which is underneath the ear area is to be sectioned the same way. After having done that, the same process has to be repeated for the other half of the hair

Use Hair Clips or Elastics to Avoid Contact with the Underlayer of Hair

While sectioning, using hair clips or elastics in order to not get the dye mixed with the underlayer of your hair is what one should do

Tips to Protect Upper Layers of Hair from Accidental Dye Application

  • Coat the layers of hair with conditioner first, before dyeing. It will work as a shield to avoid unwanted hair colors on portions of hair you didn’t intend to have colored.
  • Using a layer of emollient gel like Vaseline and so on works the same way and when the dye rinses itself out, the color won’t stay even if it was applied in unintended places, by mistake.

What Are The Things To Do Before Dyeing

You need to mix dye according to the instructions. Also, wrap the towel around your shoulders which will be essential for avoiding stains sticking to your clothing or skin.

It is essential to divide the hair into sections because this allows avoiding mixing between the dyed and non-dyed parts. For this time, try to use a hair clip to clamp the hair.


You need to apply the mixed color to the bottom also, use a comb to brush the dye; also, brush gently until you feel your hair is adequately dyed.

If you bought the spray, you must spray each layer gently on the bottom and throughout the entire hair layer below, and you need to hold it for 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the directions.


You need to wash the hair and also check whether the water is clean or not.  You should tilt your head forward as shampooing if your hair dye comes with a conditioner.


Blow-dry the dyed section. You must make sure that your bottom layer is dehydrated before removing the hair clips; these are the most critical steps that you must follow to dye the underlayer of your hair.

How To Keep The Dye Layer For A Long Time?

Wash Your Hair With Cool Water

If you want to make your dyed hair fresh, you must wash your hair with cool water because warm water can make your hair dye less shiny and fade away quickly.

Use Specialized Shampoo For Dyed Hair

Choose shampoos that are specifically for dyed hair because they contain the correct formulas. Also, it protects the hair from drying and splitting for a long time.

Blow-Dry When Necessary

 Avoid high-temperature treatment because this will make the dye easy to fade, so avoid the hairdryer and dry naturally.

Consider fresh lemon

Use fresh lemon juice because it is a natural cleanser that helps smooth hair and can bleach hair dye.

Use Vinegar

Vinegar also has excellent effects on color-dyed hair, and even it is very effective and safe. You must mix three tablespoons of vinegar with shampoo, and then you need to rub it all over your scalp until the soap bubbles spread.

Finally, try to wash your hair with clean water.

Vitamin C

If your hair color is too dark, you must intake vitamin c to reduce the intensity.

Use Coconut Oil Or Use Olive Oil:

Try to use coconut oil or olive oil regularly. First, take one spoon of coconut or olive oil and add it to the microwave; heat up also use shampoo to reduce the hair color. You can use a steamer to heat the oil, and after that, you need to shampoo your hair. Overall you must follow the tips to dye the underlayer of your hair correctly, and this will allow you to get silk and shiny hair.

Potential Challenges and Solutions

Color Bleeding

There are many cases where your color might bleed onto lighter hair when it’s wet. Regardless of whether the water is hot or cold, if you rinse your hair, you must be worried about color bleeding but there are proper solutions that will help you avoid it.


Using a color-safe shampoo is going to prove beneficial in the long run to avoid colors to transfer onto lighter hair, which is not the ideal scenario. It is also recommended to not wash your hair in the first 48 hours after dyeing it. Do not worry too much since it’s absolutely normal for color bleeding to happen in the first 2-3 washes after dyeing your hair. Using color-locking products right after the process is also an option people like to take.

While showering, you can take care of a few things such as covering the dyed sections with foil which will help you avoid putting water on the recently dyed portions of hair. Moreover, it will also help to break contact between dyed hair from other lighter hair, so it’s definitely a good option.

Unwanted Color Transfer

Another problem that may occur after getting your hair dyed is the unwanted transfer of the color onto different objects your hair touches. It is both a problem for the dyed hair as well as the piece of clothing or anything the color is transferred to.


Avoid friction with clothing or pillowcases, which sounds possible but isn’t quite convenient. In that case, even if you manage to transfer color onto pillowcases and so on, try soaking the piece of cloth in a solution of water and oxygen bleach. It is better to keep the water hot while putting the bleach in and cool it up later. Soaking for about 30 minutes must be more than enough.


There are plenty of unique techniques available for dyeing the underlayer of your hair perfectly. The tricks mentioned above allow you to get evenly dyed hair and enable you to get a perfect look. Before going to start any process, you must learn and apply. Hopefully, the above points will help you and allow you to get beautifully dyed hair.