How To Straighten Men’s Hair?

Gone are the days styling was only for women. Men should also care about themselves. When it comes to managing your look, hair always gets the first place. How long will you have the same hairstyle? Changing your looks timely will make you fresh and give you the next level of confidence. If your hair looks dull, consider doing straightening.

Of course, straightening your hair will wake up the hair follicles. Having the same hairstyle for years will increase hair fall and breakage. However, straightening men’s hair involves some steps. One should follow it properly so then you can avoid hair damage. Yes, straightening involves a huge heat level. In such a case, following the procedure always matters the most. Here are the steps men should follow loyally to straighten hair. There should be no shortcuts at any cost. 

Determine your hair type

Before you start to straighten your hair, you should know the type of hair. Of course, not every one’s hair is the same. Thus straightening the hair without understanding your hair type will result in hair breakage and hair fall. Notably, only when you determine it, one can easily pick the right tool. Yes, there are different tools available for various hair types. 

Using the right tool alone gives you the expected result. It will provide the perfect straight look and appearance. However, you should make sure whether you are going to straighten the hair permanently or temporarily. If you are a man who wants to change the look for a short time, then look for tools that will give a quick straight look. 

The moment you figure out the type of your hair. It would be best if you were looking for the tools that suit hair. The tools include straightening creams, hair relaxers as well as a straightening iron accessible to choose from. 

Wash your hair properly

Washing your hair is the essential step in straightening men’s hair. Only when you wash your hair, one can obtain the expected look. No matter what, straightening men’s hair is easy to do. However, you must make sure that you have the required tools. When it comes to hair products for men, you should confirm whether they will satisfy your need.

As mentioned before, temporary or permanent hair straightening depends on an individual’s desirability. The reason to wash hair means you can get rid of greasy and smelly hair. While washing hair, always go with deep cleansing shampoo and conditioner. You can even choose the products that you use daily. 

Also, never fail to scrub the scalp to remove product build-up. Undoubtedly dirt and product built will clog your scalp. It will cause dandruff and make your scalp dry. That’s why you should use your fingertips to scrub and leave the shampoo for at least 30 seconds. According to your hair type and issue, wash your hair correctly. 

You start washing hair with warm hair; never fail to rinse the conditioner with cold water at the end. So then your hair follicles will retain back. 

Air dry

Once you have done washing your hair, one must adequately dry the hair. You don’t have to use the dryer and all. One should leave the hair to get dry naturally. If you are the one who uses serum or product after washing hair to control frizz, then go with that. Notably, while using serum, avoid it near the hair root and scalp. It would be best if you always concentrated on the hair ends and mid of hair. 

Straightening hair

Before straightening hair, make sure that your hair isn’t wet. Suppose if your hair is wet, then you end up burning yourself. Therefore, make sure there is no wetness in your hair. Before you straighten the hair, make sure to apply hair products or serum on the hair. Only a little bit of product is enough. One should use it on the whole strand. 

Later you must divide your hair into different sections. Of course, diving men’s hair is stiff; thus, make use of clips so then you can straighten every hair strand. Honestly, it is the right way to straighten men’s hair as it will prevent your hair from extreme damage. 

Get the section of hair you want to straighten and hold it. Start to straighten it in the opposite direction. Once you have done with the right side of the hair, continue to do the same on the left side. Vice versa. Later place the straightener around the base of your head. Make sure that the tool doesn’t touch the root. Pulling the straightener through the hair up to the end will give an equal look. 

That’s all about straightening men’s hair. As mentioned before, it is pretty easy if you do it procedurally.