How To Get Dreads With Short Hair

Dreadlock is one of the most popular and fashionable hairstyles, and most people love to have this kind of hairstyle because various cultures across the globe still sport it. Dreadlock is the latest hairstyle now; many people think about growing dreadlocks with short hair, but it is simple. A dread short or curly hair look is perfect for any hair type. In general, Dreadlock will help your hair grow more comfortably. However, this will look natural. If you need to know how to get dreads with short hair, read this article further. Here are some fantastic techniques that allow you to get excellent locks with the right products & tools.

What will you need?

The soft bristle brush is one of the essential items because this will be necessary for all methods.

The dread sponge is made explicitly for dreading coarse hair, and it is one of the ideal tools if you would like an easy method to dread. With the help of a sponge brush, you can quickly achieve this hairstyle.

Dread loc cream is one of the essential things for locking successfully.  In general, this will keep hair knotted.

Rattail comb is also ideal for the twisting method. Even you will use this comb through, part, twist as well as pull hair.

Techniques to create short hair dreadlocks

Brushing method

 If you still wonder how to grow dreadlocks afro hair, it is the ideal choice for you to achieve the dreads with short hair,. In general, it is the perfect technique, and it can also help you get dreads with a hair length of less in 3 inches.  For this, you need to have a dread sponge or a soft bristle hairbrush.

First, you need to brush your hair into smaller sections or separate your hair into small balls. In time, the sponge holes will help gather hairs and help create partings. After taking units, you need to make short locks with the help of dread wax or gels, and it is important to lock them in place.

 It is also better to utilize Jamaican mango & lime locking gel because it can be a perfect choice that helps to hold dreads.  After having the small sections, lock it using elastic bands, but the areas should not be too tight. Try to avoid discomfort.

Let it rest and dry naturally for at least 3 hours, or you may go with blow-dry. After the process, you will notice short dreads simultaneously, and your hair will continue to get clumped.

Locking from the plats:

It is one of the easiest ways and works best with highly textured hair. Even the plates or braids allow you to hold the hair securely, even suitable for active lifestyles.

Twisting method

The twisting method is one of the widely utilized techniques. Even it is pretty similar to the brushing method, at the same time, it is simple and more manageable.  In this method, you need to take some part of your hair, and you must do it with the help of a comb, try to avoid clumping the hair together by using a brush.

It is better to take a small section of hair using a comb, especially if you need to make one-inch-sized squares. After that, you need to secure enclosures with elastic bands or use hair clips. Finally, you need to apply some dread locking cream or gel to lock the sections. Try to insert a rat tail comb also pull the hair by twisting the comb. While twisting, you should make sure you keep the hair in the teeth of the comp.

Most people love to follow the twisting technique because it is most effective for short hair.  So try to make the dreads with short hair across the head horizontally with some spacing between the dreads. Also, it would help if you continued doing so until your hair gets dreaded. Finally, allow it to dry naturally for about 3 hours, or you can also use a hairdryer to remove the moisture.


These are ideal methods to get dreads with short hair that can be highly beneficial and easy to follow. So don’t waste your time. Just follow the above procedures to get dreads with ease. It allows you to stay stylish.