How To Perform The Tahajjud Prayer or Tahajjud Namaz?

According to beloved Prescient Muhammad (SAW), the Salah is the 2nd pillar of Islam, and Salah is compulsory for every Muslim to offer Salah five times per day. Along with that, Salah is considered a significant part of every Muslim’s life.

However, it gets divided into two, such as the first and foremost compulsory Namaz, it wants to perform five times in a day only at a specific time. Muslims should not avoid doing it under normal circumstances all because it is necessary. On the other hand, the second is the Nafl which is an excessive prayer. 

This prayer is not compulsory to do. You choose to skip it, and one doesn’t have to feel worried if they fail to perform it. Alongside Tahajjud Prayer is also coming under the prayer, which is not compulsory to complete. However, if you choose to do it, then performing it at night is a must. In specific it wants to perform in between nights after you get some sleep. 

While doing that prayer at night, one should pray with it as additional [worship]. It is believed that your Lord will revive you to a praised station. (Quran, 17: 79). So, one thing is evident by the above-provided detail: Tahajjud namaz wants to perform during nighttime. If you do it at night will result in finding a blessed rank on the Day of Judgment. 

In specific one should perform it during the late part of the night. To know more about Tahajjud namaz, look at the below article. 

Time to do Tahajjud Prayer

Tahajjud prayer is one of the non-compulsory prayers which wants to carry out in the late part of the night. In specific, one should do it at midnight after getting some sleep. Most importantly, Tahajjud Prayer wants to perform after the required Isha prayer. One thing about Tahajjud prayer is it can be carried out whenever at night.

But it must be close to the sleeping time. The right time to do this prayer is 1/3 of the night after waking up from sleep. Honestly, this is what is considered the best time to do Tahajjud prayer. It refers to Isha up until dawn (all night) after getting up from sleep. 

Prophet Muhammad mentioned his fans, once Abu Muslim asked Abu Zhar, which time is considered the right time to do Tahajjud prayer? The answer is one who does it throughout the middle of the night that is late part of the time and doing it twice is called the best practice. 

Suppose if you can’t do it instantly after doing Isha, then there is a simple and effective way to rest and do it when the time is close to Fajr.

Manners to do Tahajjud prayer

Here are the steps you should do if you are going to perform Tahajjud prayer. Never skip even a step mentioned below. 

When it’s time to sleep, one should have to aim to do Tahajjud prayer. Abu Ad-Darda’ Prophet, who believes in peace and blessings, says, one who decides to sleep by aiming to get up from the bed to do Tahajjud prayer. But still, if one can’t come out of sleep and skip to do Tahajjud prayer, then he will have recorded for him what he has intended, and his sleep will be reckoned as a charity.

It will come under the mercy, and his lord won’t do anything for this act. But once waking up from sleep, one should wipe the face, use a toothbrush, look to the sky, and make the petition stated from the Prophet (PBUH). The reason is whenever the Prophet chooses to sleep, and he will declaim: “With Your name, O Allah, I die, and I live.”

Also, when he wakes up from the bed, he says: “All the Praises are for Allah Who has made us alive after He made us die (sleep) and unto Him is the Resurrection.” (Al-Bukhari). Also, one should start with two quick rak`ahs. After that, one may pray anything they wish. 

A’ishah stated, if the Prophet prayed at night, then he would initiate with two quick rak`ahs. One should wake up one’s family. So then, Allah blesses the man who gets up during the night to pray. Also, if he wakes up his wife and supposes she avoids getting up from the sleep who spray water on her face. 

Especially Allah blesses the woman who gets up during the night to pray and wakes up her husband and who, if he refuses, sprinkles water on his face. Most importantly, the one who gets up from sleep but still feels sleepy while performing Tahajjud prayer should sleep.

According to hadith described by Aisha, if one gets up from the bed in the late part of the night to do Tahajjud prayer, his Quranic recital gets mixed up to the extent that he does not know what he says he should go to sleep certainly. 

Conditions of offering Tahajjud Prayer

Here comes the proper method to do Tahajjud prayer. One should follow the below points religiously to perform this prayer.

One should aim to do Tahajjud Prayer rightly. For that, you need to reorder to wake up finally a piece of the night.

Also, never forget to do the Wudu all because one should perform before every Tahajjud namaz.

Most importantly, one should choose a clean and quiet place in the house where you never get any disturbance at any point. 

Offer a minimum of two Raka`ts up to 12, and it entirely depends on one`s willpower.

Notably, one should not forget to bed to Allah SWT for one`s just and reasonable requests. The request also points to getting help from this exceedingly rewarding hour of darkness.


Undoubtedly, Tahajjud prayer is one of the best among prayers which is not compulsory. Also, this player will help to cause of getting Allah`s great Blessings and Mercy. It is detailed in Hadith. The truth is “the Messenger of Allah well-arranged us to pray in the night, even a little or a lot, and to make the last of the Prayer the Wistar Prayer.” [At-Tabarani]

The reason why one should perform Tahajjud prayer will bring you close to Almighty Allah. Thus, practice it every single day and try to do more.