How to Get a Junior Web Developer Job Cum Internship: Ultimate Guide 2022

Building and delivering websites can always be challenging for many marketing professionals or web designers. This is why web developers are often hired to build websites using coding and programming. Entry-level Web developers need skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and attention to complete their jobs. Develop your skill and start applying for jobs on the Internet.

How do I get a job in web development with no experience?

Some of the significant steps are getting a job in web development without experience. Your first goal is to become a junior web developer called the front-end developer.

For Junior web developer job usually work under the senior web developer and learns how to create the website. However, if you’re new to the web development field, there are some steps for increasing the chances of applying for the jobs. There are some critical steps to follow for applying for the Job:

  • Build your skill
  • Get a Degree
  • Decide your web development focus
  • Create a focus

Build your skill:

Initially, you need knowledge and skills in the basics. This skill includes Hypertext Markup Language(HTML), Cascading Style Sheets(CSS), and JavaScript (JS) with the basic coding, responsive design, and the browser developer tools.

These languages are the backbone of a web development internship, so take more time to understand how HTML, CSS, and JS work. Understand the basics, then practice the advanced method.

Get a Degree:

Many professionals in web development should have a minor associate degree in computer science or any related subjects. It would be best if you had a bachelor’s degree for career advancement but aim for the associate program to get started.

Decide your web development focus:

After gaining an education regarding web development, you should decide where you have to focus, whether on front-end development, back-end development, or both.

Front-end web developers work on the front side of the websites. The front-end developers usually use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.

Back-end developers work on the back-end of the websites. These professionals usually work behind the scenes with server applications and databases, which ensure to run smoothly on the front-end. The back-end languages are Java, Ruby, PHP, and Python.

Create a Portfolio:

Build a portfolio website to showcase your employers about your skill. Register a domain and understand the web developer job description. Let your web development skills get to work. Your portfolio speaks how much you are skilled in a particular domain.

What to expect of a junior web developer? 

The industry will expect some essential skills from the Junior web developer. So, developing some of the skills to get an entry-level job is essential. There are many roles and responsibilities for the junior web developer job and technologies to work in the industry, and overall skills are listed below:

  • Keen in problem-solving and building 
  • Capable of knowledge of the computer skills
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Good Communication skills
  • Have a creative mindset
  • Better time management school
  • Ability to self-learn
  • Overcome the fallbacks
  • More capable of explaining the technical concepts to others
  • More curious and eager interest in technology

Gain valuable experience while sitting at home:

People at various stages of their learning experience and professional career for enrolling in these courses. With the development of the Internet, courses are being offered online. Again, many learners are looking for specific and very narrowed-down areas of learning. It has become a recent trend to provide such courses online, with competition mounting in this area, with many learning platforms and course providers at best offers.

  • Udemy
  • Java point
  • Khan Academy
  • Code Academy
  • W3Schools

Where to search for a junior web development job?

Applying for the jobs is a number game, especially for the Juniors developer without work experience. Always be creative with where you can search for the Junior web developer Job. You can find a success where no one else is looking. Develop the skill in your particular domain and start applying for the Job through different sites available on the Internet. There are ten diverse and active places to find junior web developer jobs. Use this list to broaden your search and sidestep the competition:

  • LinkedIn Jobs
  • Glass Door
  • Google Jobs
  • Hack Job
  • Remote OK
  • Arc
  • AngelList
  • Hacker News
  • Telegram
  • Job Career Site

What salary to expect in junior web developing jobs

Web development is usually classified into two different roles:

  • Junior Front-end web development
  • Junior Back-end web development

Junior Front-end web developer Salary:

Front-end developers are responsible for creating a website and web applications. This includes that the user can see and interact with the web browser.

According to recent research, the average annual salary for the junior front-end developer is $64,241.You could expect salary variance when applying for an initial junior front-end developer job. The final salary level factor usually includes a geographical location, the potential employer, and your skill level. You can start applying for the Junior front end web developer internship when you feel confident in the following three languages:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery

Remote Junior back-end web developer Salary:

The back-end developer usually creates the logic and functions of the web project. They are also responsible for storing, managing, and retrieving user data on web servers and databases.

According to recent research, the national average salary for a junior back-end web developer job is $68,388 per year. The average junior-level salary for the back-end developer is slightly higher than that of front-end web developers. Some popular back-end developer languages include PHP, Python, and Ruby.


Junior web developer job is spread widely throughout the world’ Learning all the skills relevant to becoming a junior developer is easy. You can learn much about everything through various online courses available on the Internet. First, start researching the difference between the front and back-end developers, then decide which one you are interested in and start learning. Enroll in the online course, practice your code and practice writing the program and start building the website. Once you have a working knowledge of some language, apply for the jobs and internships.