How To Grow An Avocado From Seeds at Home: The Complete Guide

Growing plants at home is a hobby for many people. Indoor plants decorate home interiors to a great extent. Growing plants indoors increases the oxygen supply and homes’ aesthetic appeal. Recently, apart from ornamental plants, fruit plants also occupy space at home. If you have a garden, you can grow these plants there. Apartments and closed homes are the latest trends for living homes, and here are some plants that suit best to grow in homes in simple methods. Try to grow an avocado at home by following the simple steps. 

How to grow an avocado from seeds:

Here are some simple steps that explain how to grow an avocado at home. Follow these simple steps to grow the specific plant. The steps include

Clean the seed: Remove the seed from the fruit and wash it carefully. Do not scrub the seed too much as there are chances for damage to the seeds. The brown outer layer of the seeds should remain for plant growing. It is the first step to growing avocados from seed.

Identify the bottom of the seed: It is a fact that both the top and bottom of the avocado seeds look similar. Hence, it is crucial to locate the bottom part of the seed to grow the plant. The base is flat, and the top part of the seed is slightly pointed. 

Pierce the seeds using a toothpick: Take toothpicks and pierce the seeds carefully and make them get fixed on top of the glass. The toothpicks must support the source and create the seed stand erect in water. Hence, pierce the seed accordingly. 

Prepare the home for your avocado:

  1. Fill the glass with lukewarm water, and then keep your seed on top of the glass.
  2. See that the lower 1/3 of the seed gets submerged in water and assure that the seed gets enough sunlight.
  3. Place the glass in a suitable where there is no direct sunlight s that the plant can consume indirect sunlight.

Try to change the water: Change the water regularly to prevent the seed from fungal and bacterial infection. You can see the seed gets cracked open, and the roots start to come out within 2-4 weeks. If the seed does not crack open, try the process with another seed. The roots start spreading, and the sprout becomes a small stem at the top of the seed. It is clear proof that the avocado plant growing from seed. Now, it is time to shift the plant to another suitable shelter.

Transfer the seed: Now transfer the plant into a pot that contains a drainage hole at the bottom to drain excess water. Fill the pot with manure and soil and carefully shift the plat to the pot.

Place the pot in a warm space: Place the pot in a warm place. If you have outdoor space, you can even keep the plant outside in a warm place. But, it is essential to bring the plant inside during the winter season as the climate can affect plant growth. 

Maintain your plant: Regular maintenance by checking the moisture level and the water level can help in the constant growth of the plant. You can use fertilizers to improve plant growth

Plant avocado:

Some people might doubt how to plant an avocado? There are two ways to grow the avocado plant one is by germination method, and the other is by grafting method. Both ways give good results in increasing the plant.

Find a place with good exposure to sunlight and air. Dig the ground well and carefully place the germinated plant inside the soil; cover it and water it regularly. Add fertilizers to initiate plant growth. 

Another way of growing the specific plant is by obtaining the graft from the existing avocado plant and placing it for growth. Proper caring of the plant benefits once when the plant gets mature enough to yield fruits. Water the plant regularly and monitor the favourable conditions for efficient growth. 

Importance of growing avocado:

Recently, the interest in growing avocado plants has increased among people. It is due to its health benefits. Avocado is a rich source of vitamins and nutrients. It provides several health benefits for the consumers; hence, the fruit has recently attracted more.

Growing such a beneficial plant at home is an organic way of getting food, and the doubt about growing avocado tree from seed is now cleared above. People interested in growing plants at home can follow the guidelines mentioned above. 

Health benefits of avocado:

Avocado includes several health benefits, and some nutritional values are mentioned here for better reference. It is a high source of 

  • Vitamins 
  • Minerals
  • It is high-calorie value fruit
  • It is rich in fibre content

Apart from the mentioned facts, its health benefits are

  • Helps in diabetic management
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • The seed extract helps in cancer prevention
  • Reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome
  • It helps in weight loss

All these benefits made people think of avocado and initiated the aspect of growing avocado plants at home. The steps described above help raise the plant, and there are different sizes of avocado based on the size of the seeds.


How long does it take to grow an avocado from a seed?

Growing an avocado plant starts with the initial step of cleaning the seed. Then it comes to finding a shelter for the preserved seed. Once the seed is kept in a water container, it becomes essential to clean the water regularly to prevent the seed. It takes around 2-4 weeks to see the seed germinating. The sprouts start to come out in six weeks. It takes six weeks and even more for the seed to complete the germinating process and come out as a sapling from the placed seed. Then you can shift your plant into the pot for further growth. 

Can you grow an avocado straight out of a fruit seed?

Yes! It is possible to grow an avocado straight out of a fruit seed. The process is referred to as germination. Germinating a plant is a simple process by which a plant can be grown using a seed. Water and indirect sunlight are the sources that help in germination, and the plant grows well under favourable conditions. Water is the medium where the plant grows in this specific process, and changing the water saves the plant from any microbial infection. It is crucial to ensure that the plant must be submerged in the water rather than sinking in it. Proper temperature and water help in the healthy growth of a plant from a seed. 

Should you peel avocado seed to grow?

No! The brown outer layer of the seed is vital for germination. You should not peel off the outer layer as it is the preventive and protective layer for the inner components. Hence, it is recommendable that you must clean the seed in a way that it should not get damaged at any cost. A damaged seed might not give the expected result, and the entire process goes in vain. Do not use the knife while removing the seed from the fruit. Gently remove the seed by using a spoon or similar object so that the seed and the outer layer do not get disturbed. 

How do you grow avocado in a Ziplock bag?

The following are the steps that explain growing avocado plants in ziplock bags. The steps include
1. Clean your avocado seed and then peel it off
2. Take a wet paper towel and cover the avocado seeds
3. Place the wrapped paper towel in a ziplock bag
4. Store the ziplock bag away from humidity
5. Please wait a few weeks to see the changes and monitor them regularly.
6. You can change the damp paper towel if it is necessary
7. You can see some of the roots growing out of the seeds and wait for some more time to let the roots grow
8. Now it is time to shift the seed to a water medium or to a pot to grow

Will a potted avocado tree bear fruit?

Potted plants are for decorative purposes. It takes decades for an avocado plant to produce fruits. Plants grown in an open space grow faster by being exposed to all the natural factors stimulating their growth. But, potted plants get limited energy sources, so the plants that come out of seed do not produce fruits. Even if there are chances of fruits, the indoor or potted fruit quality differs with the taste, flavour and size. You can grow the plant indoors as an ornamental plant to decorate your home interiors. It generates a positive vibration when you grow indoor plants. 

When should I put my avocado seed in the soil?

Growing a plant from a seed is a step-by-step process, requiring time to complete each growing phase. It takes around 2-4 weeks for a seed to crack out. When it is six weeks, you can see tiny roots and small sprouts from the seeds. You can still wait for the hearts to strengthen, and after six weeks, you can transfer the seed to a pot or soil. Soil is the perfect medium for the seed to grow. It absorbs all the necessary nutrients from the soil and gets exposed to sunlight. Water the plant regularly and check its moisture level for its healthy growth.

Will a crack avocado seed grow?

Cracking is the symbolic representation that seed is going to sprout. You can see a tiny tap root that emerges out of the cracked bottom. The particular taproot grows more extended, and a tiny sprout emerges from the top of the avocado pit in the expected time frame. The shoot remains tender, and you can even wait for some more time for the seedling to sprout fully. The tap root helps in the firm fixation of the plant to the soil, giving rigidity to the plant when it grows as a tree. Cracking the seed is a natural process from which the sprout comes out. 


Grow avocado plants in gardens if you have space, as the tree can grow taller. It is also possible to grow the plant indoors by providing the necessary facilities. Plant growing is an exciting aspect that everybody can try to develop a plant indoors to enjoy all the health benefits.