How To Tell If a Diamond Is Real?

Nature has gifted several gemstones, among which diamond is the more precious and valuable gemstone. It is known for its hardness, and even it includes sentimental values. It is the earth’s natural hardest substance, carried out to the surface by volcanic activity. Interestingly, diamond is the only gemstone made of one element. It is made of carbon, and the diamond can be scratched or only with another diamond, not by any other material. Fake diamonds are available in the market; hence it is crucial to identify them to ensure their reality. 

Methods to tell if a diamond is natural:

Several simple home tests are available for how to tell if a diamond is real? Such tests assure the reality of the diamond. The tests are as follows.

  • Fog test Method
  • Water Testing Method
  • By using a magnifying glass
  • Using a black light
  • By using a loupe
  • Check the diamond’s mount
  • Scratch test
  • By checking the transparency
  • Testing the diamond with fire
  • By using a diamond scale

These are some of the ways one can perform at home to determine the purity of the diamond. The other way to check the purity of the diamond is by visiting the jewellers, who know the professional way of testing the diamonds. 

Determining The Purity With Naked Eye:

The value of the diamond gets increases with the following 4 Cs, which means

  • Carat
  • Colour
  • Clarity and 
  • Cut

Experts judge the clarity and purity of the diamond by seeing it. It is questionable how to tell a real diamond by eye? It is a fact that diamond grading is a critical part while grading diamonds.

Pure diamond remains flawless; the experts, with their years of experience grading the diamonds, can tell whether the stone is real or fake. They are trained to examine the precious stone with their naked eye—a 10x microscope assists in professionally examining the clarity of diamonds. 

  • Level of visibility
  • Location
  • Nature of inclusions

All these factors determine the diamond clarity grade, as grading plays a major role in determining the value of diamonds. 

Determine The Purity Of Diamond Ring:

The diamond ring is the most adorable accessory for women, and most wedding engagements are gifted with diamond rings. Some might doubt to clarify how to tell if a diamond ring is real? It is simple; the following are the ways that help in clarifying the reality of diamond rings. 

Reflection Test:

Diamonds are known for their shine and shimmer in the sunlight. You can place your diamond in sunlight to see the colour reflection. The real diamond can reflect white and all the rainbow colours, whereas; the fake reflects only the white colour. It is a clear strategy that diamonds can reflect a combination of white light and rainbow colours. 

Test With Temperatures:

Hot or cold test helps determine the value of the precious stone. You hold the diamond of your ring over a flame and then drop it into icy cold water. The test helps identify a fake as a real diamond does not get shattered despite the temperature, but the fake gets shattered. Real diamonds do not get damaged even when exposed to severe heat. 

Floating Test:

Drop your diamond in a glass or bowl of water. Real diamond sinks in water, whereas the fake one floats in water. It is a simple way of testing, and a slight variation is possible based on the make of the material. 

Please Get The Help Of The Jeweller:

When you are not satisfied with the home testing methods, you can visit the jewellers as they have tools and high magnifying glasses to get the job done for you. Their experience, training and education about the diamonds help determine the purity and reality of diamond rings. 

Interesting Facts About Diamond:

Diamond is a most precious stone, and it remains a valuable possession for every individual. Here are some interesting facts about diamonds to better understand their value. The facts are as follows.

  • Diamonds are natural substances.
  • The volcanic activity brings out the diamonds to the earth’s surface
  • It is created of a single component, carbon.
  • People of middle age believe that diamonds have the healing property
  • The United States is the leading and largest diamond market in the world
  • Pure diamond reflects sunlight in white and also in rainbow colour

All these factors are interesting to know and signify how valuable diamonds are right from the earlier days. 

Importance Of Diamond Grading:

Diamond Grading Certificate is crucial, and it is the document that specifies all the unique features of a diamond. How do you tell if a diamond is real? Professional ways are available to tell whether a diamond is real or fake, and the grading certificate adds value to the diamond to satisfy the customer. 

Diamond grading is done to evaluate an individual diamond’s qualities and decide its quality based on how it reflects its rarity. Flawless is the top grade in the clarity grading system, and the graded diamonds increase the value of the diamonds by including visible inclusions under examinations. Clarity assurance is the major factor for the increase in the cost of diamonds. Hence, the clarity test plays a major role in determining the purity of diamonds. 


Fake diamonds are available in the market, and it is crucial to identify them as the cost of the diamond is high. Jewellers include diamond clarity and grading certificate when you buy diamond jewellery, which is authentication for the grade and high quality of the diamonds. Simple home tests help identify pure diamonds, and professional ways are available to check the purity of the diamonds.