How to Tighten a Loose Tooth


Loose teeth are pretty common in the case of children. And this is due to their milk teeth which are usually replaced one by one according to their age and is very normal in the case of kids. But if this is the situation with adults, it is a case taken very seriously. It could be a major sign of health issues that are an underlying problem. And the person going through this problem must be experiencing many signs or symptoms related to teeth, mouth and gums. There could be tooth or gum pain or soreness, swollen gums, redness around the gums, bleeding of the gums, gum recession, and many more. In these cases, the treatment of a good doctor is of utmost importance where they can treat it appropriately and cure the same at the right time. 

Causes of tooth loosening

There could be many reasons behind tooth decay, looseness and major dental problems in adults. And it is both painful and dangerous at the same time of not cured soon. This could be; plague: this is the cause in which the gums pull away from the teeth and ultimately make the gaps prone to infection. If the plague is not cleaned on time, it can make the tissue or bone that supports the teeth break down, making them become loose teeth. This problem comes under the most common ones, which can be cured by little care and medical treatment.

The next reason comes Osteoporosis which is a health issue that makes the bones of the entire body less dense and prone to fracture. And this also includes the bone around the tooth, and when the density is decreased, it eventually causes loose teeth and makes them fall or be detached from the tooth bone and gum. Women are more likely to develop osteoporosis later, mostly due to their decrease in estrogen levels. Another reason could also be an injury or a trauma; the common accidents include dental or face injuries often affecting the tooth or gums, resulting in damage or fracture to the jaws. 

Apart from this person having loose teeth in adults have noticed to have past tooth damage or injury so one should be careful about accidents not only their head but also their face and teeth as we mentioned before that the deposition of plague is also a main cause of loose teeth in adults and poor oral hygiene is also a very major cause of dental problems. Carelessness in dental care results in weak gums, increasing bacteria, ruptures the teeth enamel and makes the loose tooth.

Some people have been noticed to chew food very vigorously with high pressure, or even some in a night of deep sleep may tear down the tooth and cause tooth loosening, and it can be the main issue to be taken care of. Besides this, several gum diseases are contributing to weak tooth that may make them fall. Which is Periodontists is the inflammation of the gums and is the topmost reason for the loose tooth. And this is a very serious infection damaging a tooth and eventually making them loose. And many tooth problems have been seen due to some hormonal changes, mainly in the case of pregnant women in which high progesterone and estrogen level at that time make every bone of ligaments and loose teeth in adults.

How to fix loose teeth

Science has developed greatly in the medical and dental sectors as it is one of the important branches. Here, loose teeth in adults is a very common problem nowadays, caused by some external and internal reasons. And as this is an underlying problem and is a permanent one too, it jas medical operations, costly treatments, meditations, and very easy, simple, and safe home remedies. And if we talk about solving this problem, all three of these come into the picture. First of all, a nutritious diet is an important component in maintaining any health issues, which can gradually strengthen your gums, teeth and overall dental health. This whole diet includes green leafy vegetables, lean meat, dairy products, eggs and fish, rich in vitamin D and calcium. And if we talk about some medical procedures and treatments, we first need to take medicines that will combat bacterial infections in the mouth.

 Apart from this scaling and root planning, the go-to option is to clean your oral area very deeply and is very helpful if the teeth are lost due to gum diseases. There also comes in very serious cases where the patient can not be cured without surgery, and it is due to their carelessness about their oral health. This process works with the concept where the dentists remove the bone and the inflammation of the gum. Grafts are also a great help to the gum and bone in which gum graft and tissue graft is used to support the affected area and damaged teeth and helps to prevent further tooth catches gum damage with these problems. Apart from this, the home remedies are always helpful, like mustard and table salt, amla or the Indian gooseberries are of great use. A saltwater gargle in a scheduled way can eventually help you strengthen your tooth day by day. 

How long do loose teeth take to heal

If we go to dentist’s stabilizer and splints to connect to nearby the strong, and fixed tooth to be attached to that throughout. And if we go for the home remedies or more of a natural way salt gargle, and some solutions with homemade substances are of help like salt gargle and mustard oil and salt which can help to a great extent but ultimately if the problem is worse one may mostly have to visit the dentist. And in medical cases, it has been noticed that the minimum period to heal a loose tooth is over a week. And this applies to some conditions such as avoiding chewing and eating soft foods and mostly following the instructions of your doctor as they suggest you eat and it is advised to do not chew, touch or bite that area. Apart from this, it can be completely fine within 15 days if you don’t touch that and follow all the points stated by your dentist. 


Oral problems are one of the major health issues that are both painful and persistent. And the medical sectors are advanced enough to give the correct treatment to the correct person. But most to avoid those, we have to take care of our diet, lifestyle and take care of our dental area to stay away from. The doctor is often tiring and painful.