How to Travel With a Baby Under 1 Year Old?

If you love to travel and are a frequent traveler, but your baby is your traveling companion, you should follow some tips. You should also need to carry many things with you when you travel. Most people will say and thought that travel with a baby is one of the greatest challenges. But it is possible to enjoy your traveling after having children.  

If you decide on a simple outing to the park with our baby, we will require time for faking and planning. So, a lengthy trip like a trip to a foreign country then it will demand serious preparation. You should make the list that you need to carry and pack with you.

Don’t pack over and over because this will make your trip a little stressful. It would be best if you carried all the things that you fill. If you overpack, then it will be a burden for you to carry. So, you can pack something that you need and use for your trip.

Whenever you travel with your kid, whatever might go wrong in any situation, it can be cold, fever, stomach ache, or just a headache. If you have your own medicine, then it will help you in any cause. If not, you will waste your time by wandering at streets to find the pharmacy. So, you can do yourself a favor and bring all that you need.

Things to carry while traveling with your child:

You should make a complete list for traveling with your baby. Here are baby travel essentials that you should take before you travel.

1. Diapers:

Your list should contain diapers in the first place because this is one of the important, and you will surely need this for backup. So, don’t forget to carry it with you.

2. Blanket:

The blanket will be used for any purpose. Right from laying your baby down, cover yourself or your baby for a warm feeling. It is also used to cover the window in case of strong sunlight.

3. Disposable bags:

You should have a disposable bag to put the dirty clothes, used diapers, and waste. It would be best if you put all these things separately without mixing them with the clean stuff. So, use a separate bag for them.

4. First aid kit:

It would be best to carry lotion, pain killers, creams, small ointments, and pain relievers if your baby hurts himself. Then you can use all these. You can also take general medicines for diarrhea, cold, cough, etc.

5. Bottled milk:

Even if you breastfeed, it is best to carry a spare bottle with you. It will help you when your baby feels hungry more frequently or in a situation where you can’t breastfeed your baby comfortably.

6. Baby monitor:

If you head out for any shop to buy something and your baby is sleeping in the bedroom, you can use a baby monitor. It will help you to monitor what your baby is doing easily. With the help of this, you can relax.

Useful tips for traveling: 

  • You should rest before you start your trip because this will help you remain calm and the travel will be smooth.
  • Your baby should take plenty of fluid during the trip. You should keep your baby more hydrated while traveling.  
  • If you travel by train, then you can book a lower berth. In this way, the baby will feel convenient and sufficient to move around and play. 
  • You can keep changing the view or scenery of the baby and let him sit by the window. It will help them to keep them interesting and new. 
  • You can surprise your kid with some new and interesting toys if he starts to get bored or cranky during the journey. It is always a great idea.
  • You should avoid germs while traveling. So, remember to carry lots of disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers to clean your baby’s hand anytime. 
  • You should carry extra clothes for baby and you because babies can turn things messy while playing and feeding them.
  • You can proceed with your sightseeing during the baby’s nap time. In this way, you can move around nature in peace while the baby sleeps in the stroller.
  • Try to start your trip early as possible because infants are more active and in a better mood during the day. In the afternoon you can prefer outdoor activities, and you can relax in a hotel in the evening. 

By following all the tips that are mentioned above, you can easily handle your baby. These baby travel tips will surely help you on your trip. 

How can you feed your baby when traveling?

You are carrying adequate water and food for the kid while traveling is one of the important things. You should take regular while traveling by road and this will be helpful for the baby to relax.  

  • If you breastfeed, it is the most convenient because you are not to carry any gear. 
  • You can carry and pack the mini formula food packets, and it is a convenient way.
  • You can take boiled water and pre-sterilized travel bottles and nipples.
  • You can pack some of the travel-sized baby cereals packs, which can be easily prepared by mixing milk or water if your baby is on solids.
  • You can carry sufficient wet wipes because it is necessary to wipe the baby after finish eating. 
  • You can prevent any upset by drink the boiled water instead of drinking packed water. 

Foods you should avoid while traveling:

There are certain types of foods that you need to avoid while traveling, which will ensure you have a hassle-free trip.

  • Oily snacks that are packed ready-made should be avoided because they may lead to issues such as heartburn and obesity.
  • Avoid cool drinks and soft drinks because they can erode the enamel of the kids.
  • Kids will be more active and playful so, avoid carrying thin liquid that can cause a mess and spill. 
  • New and tried food should be avoided because this may not agree with the baby’s tummy. 


You can make your trip special, wonderful, and memorable by following all the steps mentioned above. All you require while traveling with a baby is effort and loads of patients. So, make your journey enjoyable by traveling with a baby checklist.