Learn Crocheting a Triangle?

Crochet is generally a needlework technique developed using a crochet hook, fiber, or other related material. Mostly this material is yarn or the crochet threat, but you can also use fabric or another material.

How to crochet a triangle?


To crochet a triangle, follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • Create a foundation circle
  • Do a single crochet
  • Work with the four chain stitches
  • Yarn over as picks up stitches
  • Draw throughout the seven loops
  • Work with the two chain stitches
  • Make another triangle stitch for crocheting the triangle
  • Repeat end of row
  • Repeat the step

Create a foundation circle:

It would be best if you worked chain stitches, multiples of three, then added one to complete the circle.

Do single crochet:

Work with one single crochet in the second stitch from the hook. Then you need to work with the one single crochet into each stitch of the previous row to complete this row.

Work with the four chain stitches:

Work the stitches directly from the loop which is already on your hook.

This set will usually contain a count of both the half-double crochet and two chain stitches.

Yarn over as picks up stitches:

Skip the first stitches. Then you should wrap the yarn around your hook. Insert into the next stitch, and you should catch the yarn on the other side. Repeat this step, and this step starts the actual triangle stitches.

Draw throughout the seven loops:

Yarn over the tip of the hook again and draw the last piece of yarn into all seven loops previously gathered into the hook. Now you can use one loop on your hook. This step completes crocheting the triangle.

Work with the two chain stitches:

From the loop, work with the chain stitches already present on the hook. This usually creates a gap in the individual triangle stitches.

Make another triangle stitch for crocheting the triangle:

Follow the above steps and create another triangle stitch.

  • Yarn in the tip of the hook then inserts the hook through the last stitch you have worked triangle and stitch previously into.
  • Yarn over the hook from the back and pull the yarn back in the front of the stitch.
  • Yarn the hook and insert it into the next stitch, then catch the yarn from the backside.
  • After the seven loops are completed, you should yarn over the hook and pull the yarn from the seven loops.

Repeat end of the row:

  • Repeat another triangle stitch exactly as in the previous step.
  • Work with the one chain stitch and the one-half double crochet:
  • After you chain once, you need to work with the one-half double crochet into the last single crochet of the previous row.

Repeat the step:

Now, you created a foundation chain. Repeat the same steps used for the triangle to stitch the row.

How to crochet a triangle around?

Crochet a triangle around which clearly explain how to crochet for beginners are listed below:

Make a foundation circle:

Work four chain stitches at the slipknot loop on your hook. Slip the first stitch and the last stitch together to form a ring that is used for crocheting a triangle.

Work six chain stitches:

Work on the secondary chain directly from the loop that is already on your hook. These six stitches will count as the first double crochet and the first corner of your first triangle round.

Double crochet three times:

Work with the three double crochet shapes into the center of your ring. Chain three times which helps to separate this set from the next.

Double crochet another three times:

Work again with the three double crochets into the ring center. Then again, chain three more times for the final double crochet in the set.

Close the first round:

Develop two more double crochets in the center of the ring. Slip the final stitch loop with the second double crochets in the third chain. This step is used to complete the first triangle round.

Go to the next round:

Work again with the six chain stitches off the loop on the hook. These chains usually act as the first double crochet.

Work with the three double crochets:

Work three double crochets into the first chain three-space of the previous round.

Double the crochet in the next corner:

In the next corner gap, you should do double crochet three times, chain three times, and double crochet three times. Last chain all the sets once.

Double crochet until the end of the round:

Repeat the previous step until the next corner. After reaching the first corner, work with the double crochets in the space. Slip stitch helps to join this final double crochet to the third chain.

Follow the pattern to complete this round:

Follow a similar pattern to complete this round as the previous round, following the same steps. The only difference is that chain spaces work with corner spaces.

How to crochet in a spiral?

There are many different ways how to crochet the triangles. This pattern helps you to understand crocheting the triangle in the spiral round. With the help of the base shape of the triangle, you can create a 3-dimensional shape as the triangular boxes and the blocks. The materials used for the Spiral crochet are a cloud, a 2.5mm crochet hook, and the stitch marker.

How do you join granny triangles?

For joining the granny triangle, follow the below step-by-step instructions, which are listed below:

  • First, match up the squares.
  • Knot the yarn into your hook
  • Then the chain stitches the three times at the corner of the top square.
  • Now you should double crochet three times in the corner of the bottom square.
  • Double crochet from the next space in the top square, which is followed by the next space in the bottom
  • Now make one more double crochet from the corner of the back straight.
  • Repeat the same with the remaining square in the row.
  • Lay the rows which are next to each other
  • Make another granny row around the finished item.


Crochet can be done using basic crochet shapes. Crochet in a triangle, Spiral, and joining the granny triangle are explained clearly. You can crochet using some basic material in which you can form a different innovative shape. The instruction should be followed carefully if you’re a beginner.