Looking for Language Exchange Platforms? Check Out the 8 Best Ones!

For every beginner, learning a new language can be difficult at the start, in today’s digital era there are many digital options available to learn a new language at your fingertip.

A wide array of learning materials is available online that connects you with a native language speaker and teaching sites, which gives you the privilege of learning a new language without spending too much.

So here in this article, I have explored the 8 best language exchange platforms that will help you find your perfect language buddy and you can learn and speak a new language fluently with the help of exchanging language with that person. Let’s deep dig into an article!

Benefits of using language exchange platforms

Learn anywhere and anytime

It is a great thing that online language exchange platforms, that you can learn any language from anywhere you want, and need not go to class or go anywhere to learn a language. Language exchange platforms on your fingertips you just need to open an app and find someone to chat with you in your desired language and practice it.

Opportunities to connect with native speakers

The main benefit of the language exchange app is to get the opportunity to connect with the native speaker of the language you are trying to learn. When it comes to learning a new language and mastering it then no study can beat learning a language from a native speaker.

As a native speaker has an innate understanding of idiomatic and the statements used for local or casual communication, you can get better practice while practicing with them.

Practice speaking and writing skills

You can practice speaking and writing skills with this platform as it offers conversation and written communication with native speakers. Consistent practice use of this language makes you perfect in grammar, pronunciation, fluency, and vocabulary.

Gain cultural insight and knowledge

Speaking a new language is just like a passport to understanding the different types of cultures and when you practice the language with a native speaker this cultural insight gets deeper. It helps to exchange your culture with others and expand it worldwide.

Some factors to consider when choosing a language-exchange platform:

When you’re choosing a language exchange platform, you should consider some factors while choosing these apps. In this section, I have explained the factors to consider while choosing a language platform, have a look:

Its safety and privacy features

The language exchange platforms prefer the safety and privacy of the user. All the following app I have chosen offers user verification, secure message exchange, and control over your personal information. The app offers a privacy policy to secure your data and information.

User-friendly interface and easy to use

All these platforms mentioned below have a user-friendly experience where users can easily access the app and learn any language easily. These platforms have easy-to-handle features, easy navigation, and easy to communicate.

Number of active users and diversity

The following platforms have a diverse community which allows you to find language-learning partners who align with your preferences. It also offers meaningful language exchange and cultural exposure to active users.

N number of Desired languages available

Language exchange platforms offer a wide range of language options and you can choose your desired language to learn and find language partners with whom you can practice your chosen language.

8 Best Language Exchange Platforms

If you are in search of a perfect language exchange website, we got you covered. Here I have explored the 8 top language exchange platforms that help you to upgrade your language skills.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is a free of cost brilliant and entertaining language learning app. Duolingo app provides training including, reading, writing, listening, and speaking techniques of your selected language which makes your learning easy and joyful. 

Duolingo offers bonuses and points to users who complete the task so it is entertaining for users while learning a new language. This app includes lesson guides in foreign languages such as Italian, French, Dutch, and many more languages including local languages, you can learn more than one language at a time.


  • Duolingo send your reminder for seating to learning 
  • learning with fun through games and quiz
  • Immediate translation available
  • A free platform to learn any language
  • user-friendly interface makes it easy to access the app


  • Do not focus on grammar deeply.

Uses reviews and ratings

4.6 out of 5 and no reviews by users indicate high user satisfaction.

2. Memrise

One of the language learning apps for Android and web applications. This app helps you to learn your remarkable skills and learning methods including reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. You can find here 200 plus languages to learn. 

This app needs to use flashcards to upgrade vocabulary and speaking practice. It motivated users by creating fun-loving games and quizzes and offering points after completing each level.


  • Focuses more on memorizing basic phrases
  • Users can learn unlimited languages 
  • Learn through apps
  • Offers to practice with a native speaker
  • offers different courses reading, and writing practices


  • Needs a premium subscription to download data for offline use.

User reviews and ratings

4.7 out of 5, based on user reviews it’s a great and effective learning app.

3. BBC languages

BBC Languages offers 30 different languages including new phrases and words. This language exchange app mainly focuses on 7 languages to exchange including Chinese, Italian, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese.

This app arranges learning lessons in 3 levels including beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. It arranges quizzes and puzzles make make learning more interesting.
There are plenty of materials available including audio, video, and PDF files are available and also arrange live sessions with speakers. The app is available free of cost.


  • offers a wide range of ways to learn to speak a language.
  • Helps to learn day-to-day dialogues in real-life situations.
  • Rich vocabulary available
  • uses cross-world puzzles to make learning fun.


  • The translation may not be available at good quality

User Reviewing and ratings

4.2 out of 5 and based on user reviews the app is easy to use and user friendly.

4. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone offers you a rich vocabulary and helps to use these phrases in real life. Rosetta Stone is a premium app you can subscribe $179 plan where you can get lifetime access to the languages included in the app.

As it is a newly launched app this app does not have user friendly interface. This app is preferably under the training of a native speaker.


  • Offers tips for improving vocabulary
  • Helps with reading and listening skills.


  • no options to interact with native speakers to improve their skills.

User reviews and ratings

4.7 out of 5.

5. Anki

It is one of the best language exchange apps, it works almost the same as Duolingo. This app is available for free and can learn many languages at the same time. You can learn many languages including Chinese, Korean, Russian, and many more. These app uses flashcard to learn new words and improve vocabulary.

This app provides video, audio, recordings, and PDF material to learn a new language. This app helps you to learn through quizzes and images which helps you to memorize new words.


  • Flashcards are used to learn new words and improve vocabulary
  • lots of Popular language courses are available.


  • The user interface is not so good

User reviews and ratings

4.2 out of 5

6. Hello Talk

Hello Talk app includes more than 150 languages. This app contains a translation of the text to audio, audio to text translation, with this feature learners even beginner-level language partners can understand each other’s communication.

Here in this app, you can chat with your language partner through text, messages, voice, video, and doodles. Hello Talk app allows you to share Moments like we share posts on social media, and co-learners can see your Moments.


  • More than 150 languages are available and 30 million use this app
  • This app makes communication easy with its features
  • Connect with native speakers for real-life talk


  • Bugs are available in this app that drains your battery quickly.

User reviews and rating

4 out of 5, Users review this app is this app used as a supplement for language learning rather than depending on it.

7. Babble

Babble is one of the best language exchange platforms which helps to improve your reading and speaking skills. This is a premium app, but available at a cheaper price. This app combines vocabulary and grammar making learning fun and exciting.

Babble app includes lessons that are easy to understand and a fun way to learn lessons making it motivating for learners so they become skilled at any language.
This app focuses on speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in any language with the help of visuals.


  • Helps to build communication skill
  • Visuals in this app make learning easy for learners
  • Excellent grammatical practice


  • Needs subscription to go to next level and complete course

Reviews and ratings

4.2 out of 5, this app is liked by many users, and the best part of this app is visuals and excellent grammatical practices.

8. Hilokal

Hilokal is aother best app for language lerners. This app offers audio calls to connect with language partners, it helps to improve fluency in language.
This app allows video calls and moderation sessions it helps to correct your mistakes with speaking, reading writing any language.

This app offers private language cafes and immediate translation services to fix your problem immediately. This app is popular for learning English and Korean language and they are thinking of adding more languages right soon.


  • Helps to improve speaking skills through audio calls.
  • Voice correction and instant translation facilities are available.


  • Do not have services for other languages except English and Korean.

Reviews and ratings

4.2 out of 5 users like it and think it’s the best new language learning and exchange app.


In the above guide, we have included the 8 best language exchange platforms with their benefits and disadvantages, their reviews, and ratings by real-time users.

Some of these apps or language exchange websites are free and some are premium, everyone has their own unique ways and methods to learn a language and they also provide the native speaker which helps to correct pronunciation and grammar and can improve their skills.

If are seeking the best app to learn a new language you can choose from the above 8 best language exchange platforms, select one that suits your personal need of learning, and become a master in any language you desire. Happy learning!