5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Franck Muller Watch

One of the finest and most complicated watches in the world is made by Franck Muller. Named after him, he’s the founder of the Franck Muller timepieces. He’s known to craft highly complicated watches, and his brand has grown prestigiously up to these days.

In 1991, Franck Muller met Vartan Sir Makes, who encouraged him to turn a small-volume production into the reputable brand that it is today. He succeeded with his enterprise because of his creativity and boldness. That’s why his exclusive timepieces, which are characterized by unique designs and complicated movements are known across the globe. Every Franck Muller watch is original and made with sophisticated styles. Hence, here are a few reasons why you should buy your own Franck Muller watch.

1. Master of complications

The main slogan of Franck Muller’s timepieces is Master of Complications. As a result, Franck Muller has become a global market for luxury watches. With a string of record-breaking watches despite the brand’s young age, it paved the way for its success.

All the mechanical watchmaking complications are developed at the workshops. Every stage is done masterfully, from a simple sketch to the execution of plans to production monitoring. You’re sure to get a piece that’s designed and crafted meticulously by the experts.

2. Unique designs

With the brand’s Cintrée Curvex shape, its timepieces have become easily identifiable. Franck Muller watches are commonly recognized because of their unique and beautiful numeral design and significant silhouette.

The dials on the models are very complex to produce, for they must be perfectly curved to follow the shape of the case and have the best precision, printing quality, and guilloche. Thus, all timepieces are a great example of sober and clean designs with timeless elegance.

3. The Watchland

Franck Muller has a unique watchmaking concept, called Watchland. It is where all the stages of making a watch are made, such as conception, watchmaking, assembling, case manufacturing, engraving, and after-sales department.

Watchland has an enchanting, friendly, and peaceful atmosphere perfect for crafting timeless watches from scratch. In addition, the site is open to the public by appointment. It’s one way of paying tribute to the craftsmen who work hard for each piece while also sharing the passion with those who want to learn about it and appreciate fine watchmaking.

4. Own watch fair

While other brands present their creations yearly at SIHH or Baselworld, Franck Muller has its own event wherein it demonstrates its pioneering status as an independent brand. It holds its very own World Presentation of Haute Horlogerie (WPHH) watch fair at its Watchland headquarter in Geneva. This exhibit showcases all of the brand’s beautifully crafted timepieces on a breathtaking and historical site, the Grand Malagny, where it is majestically facing the lake and the Mont-Blanc.

5. Noble art

For more than 20 years, the history of Franck Muller watches has been marked by numerous timepieces with contemporary styles and the spirit of watchmaking. With innovation, precision, and passion, this brand has successfully mastered the art of watchmaking.

Through its various workshops, all watchmakers have the privilege of assembling the movement of every wristwatch. The outstanding attention, patience, and care are shown to each watch component. Skilled artisans are sometimes required to work 20 hours on a single component, even if it won’t be visible on the watch. It’s important to note that the beautiful movement should look elegant both inside and out.

Where should you buy Franck Muller watches?

A lot of popular online shopping websites sell genuine watches at affordable prices. However, you must purchase luxury timepieces, like the Franck Muller watches, from authorized dealers and trusted brand stores that offer authentic items. Buying one is never cheap, so be sure to make a transaction with legit stores and don’t trust anyone who would sell you one with a super low amount. Do your research about the original price of the watch and where its authorized dealers, resellers, and stores are.

A Franck Muller watch is aesthetically designed with nice colors and can be used by both men and women on various occasions. They never lost the people’s trust as they are reliable at all times. Each model created is based on people’s preferences or needs. So, choose the best one that perfectly resonates with what you want.


If you are thinking of buying yourself a Franck Muller watch, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for so long. These things specified above are just a few reasons to convince you why you must buy one. Having at least one of this brand’s sophisticated timepieces is truly worth it. You deserve to reward yourself with something elegant and timeless from time to time, so better head to the nearest store or online to order yours now!